Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yep, tomorrow we are closing our doors for good - but we are squeezing one last sale out. From 8-11 am and 3-6 pm we are doing our final sale. Come in and get 60% off every single item in the store.

We still have some fixtures available.

Cash only sale.

Write soon,

P.S. Space is already limited for the crop on the 9th. We only have a couple of spots available. Call now to reserve your spot.

Monday, December 28, 2009

OMG...we are making a dent

Can you believe it?
We are starting to make a dent...
You can actually walk around the store and not trip over the racks.
But, we still have a ton of THICKERS and I know that there are plenty of you alphabet lovers out there- so come and get it and at $2.00 each you can't do better than that.

I've also made a wall of paper the 4 for a $1.00 wall. So, come in and check out what other deals you can get. It must all go. Really!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Okay, this is it - really

Well, my husband is oficially driving me crazy.

He thinks there is just too much stuff left and that there is no way for us to store it all.

So, we are adding another 2 days to our sale. Tomorrow and Tuesday we will be open from 11 - 5 pm and everything is even cheaper. Everything is 60% off but it's a cash only sale. So, come in and help make my husband happy - help me get rid off it.

If you purchased a rack this weekend don't forget to pick it up Wednesday between 3 and 6 pm. We need to have the entire place emptied out on Wednesday.

Write soon,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I couldn't resist...

Okay, American Crafts just launched some brand new thickers and I just couldn't resist ordering...eventhough you know. So, is anyone interested??? I have to cover shipping on them so they will be something like $3.50 - if you are in, just email me I got 6 of each of them - which translates into 5 of each to sell. There are 8 different ones and they are oh so cute. They retail for $5.00 each - so you can't beat the price. I will have them with me on the 9th if you are interested or email me to make other arrangements.

Oh, and I also did that with some prima - so I will have a LITTLE stash to get rid of.

Write soon,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Okay, I can hear you loud and clear...

I will be opening tomorrow. Yes, one more day.
We will be open from 11 am - 5 pm. And, everything is now 55% off if you pay with cash or a giftcard only.
We still have some fixtures - so if you are interested, please give me a call or stop by tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!!

Write soon,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's going fast...

The back room already has one entire bare wall. The spinners and displays have been changed to include new paper since no one saw it before. The kits have been organized, with the sample for each right in the crate. Some new samples have been made - with some of the new paper. The glass shelves have been freshened up and the prima wall has gotten a face lift.

We are also giving away free magazines with each purchase until we run out. They are not new magazines - but they might be "new to you." So, stop by. The minutes are just ticking away.

Also, some of you have asked about the inventory - no Betty is not buying me out. What is left will be boxed and stored. So, if there is a kit or paper that you must have - you need to come and get it because you will NOT be able to pick it up later.

Write soon,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanks so much...

You all have been so wonderful.
I told my husband he doesn't need to worry - because with all these people praying for us I know that we will be okay. Right????

On a more personal note, I just want to say that I am so proud of my son, Albert. On Wednesday, our first day of the Going Out of Business Sale, he drove me into Fort Myers. He took me to breakfast and told me that this was just the beginning. That in a couple of years I can open the store again since by then Dad will be fine and the kids will be older and we will have the start up all over again. Although, I was upset, I knew that he was trying to comfort me and that he had thought this out. In the moment I was upset because the wound was still fresh. But, I am so proud of him. So, no matter how bananas he makes me, I know that he has my best intentions at heart. That he is really trying and that I did raise him right - which sometimes when you have teenagers you don't feel often since they are from Mars. But, gosh darn it if he didn't make me proud.

As for Betty plans, everything is on track and deliveries should arrive just in time for the big launch on the 9th of January. I am so excited. I am like a kid in a candy store. I can't wait to get my hands on all the new stuff. I can't wait for the crop especially since I will get to spend some time with some of you. I have made some incredible friends these past three years starting with my incredibly loyal and talented designers and ending with my big theme croppers like Diana, Patty, Juli (and let's not forget Randi - who came from out of state) to my Naples clan - Jennie, Chris, Tracey, and Michelle. Thank you for being my loyal customers and friends.

I hope to see you all on the 9th.

Write soon,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's got to go...

Yep, it all has to go...so come and get it. We have 3 days left on our Clearance Sale and everything is now 50% off of everything.

We still have some prima, october afternoon's farm fresh and christmas line, Bella Blvd's christmas line, both of prima's brand new paper lines, Kaiser's lilac field, and rewind collections, a ton of american crafts embellishments, bazzill dot paper, webster's pages, creative imaginations, fancy pants, mm mistletoe, pink paislee's valentine and christmas lines, and that's just the tip of the iceburg...

Come in and check it out...

Also, if you are coming on the 9th you'd better hurry the list is getting longer everyday. Just a few spots left to guarantee you get the best new product out there first. So, email me at dee@deescrapbookstore.com or call Betty's at 239-939-0355. Space is very limited.

Write soon,


P.S. I want to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by with well wishes. It is really appreciated.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You!

I can't believe the outpouring of support. You will not believe how many emails I have received in the last 24 hours. I can't believe it. I am so blessed. All of you have been so incredible. The well wishes and the prayers are awesome. With all this praying I know that everything will be okay - I can feel it.

On a less personal note - I have begun to take names for the crop on Saturday, January 9th at Betty's - email me and let me know if you are coming.

Don't forget about our clearance sale tomorrow - starts at 10. Hope to see you all in the next few days.

write soon,

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big News

By now, you should've all gotten the email about the pending close of the store. Yes, we must close the store. Unless one of you is independently wealthy and wants to buy it. :)

But, I do have some great news for you all - Betty's will be sponsoring us every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a free crop - where all the latest and greatest things will be available for you all to buy. Betty and I have been in talks and she has been talking about adding more scrapbooking product to her store and she is willing to work with me. So, it looks like we are just weeks away from some brand new beautiful paper in a beautiful new store - with an ac that doesn't freeze up and red lobster just across the street. What a great mix!

So, save the date. January 9th @ Betty's. I will be there too to make sure this is a seamless transition.

Well, I hope to see all of you at Dee's this week - I will personally be there to kick off this huge sale on Wednesday. Spend and be merry!

Write soon,

Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's been a week already?

Really, wow?
How did that happen?

Oh that's right, life gets in the way. It's crazy. No matter how much I want to do a million different things there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. No matter how much you want to do it.

This week has been especially crazy. John has been having some pain and waiting to hear the results from the doctor can be very stressful. But, one thing about the waiting is that I scrap like a loon to calm down. Really, that's what takes my mind off of it. This week, I did a whole bunch of layouts. So, I figured, that I would brag about that first - so here is my count:

Book 11
LO 519 - I raised a good man
LO 520/521 - just nuts
LO 522 flawless

Book 12
LO 523 love ya
LO 524/525 I am proud
LO 526 Crazy Cool
Lo 527 all grown up
Lo 528 Why?
LO 529 So long ago
LO 530 made up
LO 531 us
LO 532/533 40 - that's love
LO 534 slow down!
LO 535 birds of a feather flock together
LO 536 friend
LO 537 can buy me love - for a dollar
LO 538 field day
LO 539 universal
LO 540 Melody Ross
LO 541 Disney
LO 542 giddy up
LO 543 Time w/ Titi
LO 544 It's starting to look a lot like christmas
Lo 545 friends

So, with just 25 days left this month - I really don't know how far I will get. We will just have to wait and see.

Oh, and that doesn't include all the Prima samples I left at the store this weekend. There are about 10 from the designers and myself - some of it with their new paper as well as their flowers and some are just with their new embellishments and other papers available at Dee's. I must say, Prima just keeps outdoing themselves. I really am dying to see what else they will come up with next. Some items, are already sold out, but there is still plenty for you to choose from. The butterflies are my favorite. Check out my sample at the store titled close with the butterfly in it. My next favorites have to be the centers or maybe the medicci's or the fancy sheer lollipops. Oh, okay the truth is i love it all - they still managed to back order a whole bunch of stuff. But, it's all gorgeous - I thought my husband was going to have a meltdown when he saw all the things that I picked up to make samples - but it was all just too pretty - I needed it all. Plus, some of the items came in before and I didn't get any of them - that's how beautiful they were. You will love it! But, you'd better hurry - because I am not sure how long some of it will last - espcially after I went shopping. I made a dent!

But, I do plan to have a whole bunch of new samples available this weekend. So, if you haven't had a chance to drop by come in and check out what the girls and I did. Their talent is amazing.

But, yesterday was a little crazy. Since, I decided to play hookie on Friday and go to dinner with my husband. Yep, I was supposed to come in on Friday night and put out all the new paper out but my darling husband got my son to spend his Friday night watching the kiddos so that we could have some time alone. It was an ugly night out but we had dinner at Pagelli's again so I was happy. Then, we did a little christmas shopping. We had time alone and boy did we need that. Then, last night I got home and we watched Star Trek. Yes, Star Trek. I can not lie I am a huge trekie fan - but getting the clan to watch the movie with me just wasn't going to happen - so I had to wait for the video. But, my husband watched the entire movie with me and loved it - so I think I won him over. Plus, Tyler Perry was in it and John loves Tyler Perry. The movie was awesome. It was action packed and I cried. So, it had all the elements of a good one in my book.

Today, I worked on my classwork. I just wrapped up week 10 and I have 4 more weeeks to go. I can't wait!!!

So, now that I have caught you all up, I going to scrap with some of our new stuff - including the eskimo kisses from basic grey and the new crate paper. It's beautiful.

Check it out this weekend - I'll have it at the store with me. If not, stop by and enjoy our sales this week - tuesday we have a stack of paper for just to choose from at ten cents each and a special Limited Edition Double Dee from Ines for $12.95. Look out for the email. Lots of stuff going on this weekend. We also have our His/Her kits available with brand new kaiser paper - love it!

Write soon,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Deals

Yep, we too have black friday sales:

Come in and pull a tag with your discount - upto 40% off your entire purchase!!!
Then, go shopping. No, surprises, no let downs - you know what you've got and your budget - shop your little heart out.
Today from 2 - 5 pm
Extended sale hours tomorrow from 11 am - 4 pm only.

Write soon,

P.S. We do not have enough croppers for tomorrow night's crop - so that is cancelled. But, we do have enough for next Saturday's prima crop - space is very limited. Remember this is a free crop! We only have 4 spots available. First come basis. 11 am - 7 pm.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As promised, the count...

drum roll please......

LO 487 it's s"no"w fun
LO 488 i will love you to infinity
LO 489 pool wars
lO 490 today:a clean room
lo 491 1 (one)
lo 492 fast friends
lo 493 summer fun
lo 494 pool pout
lo 495 girls
lo 496 Go!
lo 497 be loved
lo 498 us
lo 499 grandma gloria
lo 500 you together
lo 501 old jail shoot
lo 502 goofy
lo 503 happy birthday
lo 504 love
lo 505 you stole my heart
lo 506/507 it's cold outside
lo 508 the last time
lo 509 christmas magic
lo 510 it's my birthday
lo 511 celebrate
lo 512 40, 40, 40
lo 513 happy birthday
lo 514 your soul
lo 515 happy
lo 516 my girl
lo 517 i'm proud
lo 518 you two

Can you believe it??? and i've still got some more in me. I swear that if I didn't scrap I would probably be in a loony bin or a maximum security prison. Scrapbooking has truly saved my life. I guess you've probably realized that I must have a lot of issues that I need to scrap that often. And the answer is probably yes.

But, it is a safe alternative to all the other things out there!!! Especially lately, I've had to scrap to stay sane and work through a lot of stuff.

For the last few months I have been keeping a secret: This summer my husband called me early one morning in agony. He had this horrible pain in his left side and he just couldn't take it anymore. After several more macho calls I finally convinced him to go to the ER. Many hours later the verdict was in - he had passed a kidney stone on his left side. Unfortunately, that was not the end of that. We were so excited to hear that it was a kidney stone until the hospital rep let us know that that wasn't the real issue. There was something wrong with his right kidney. What??? His right kidney??? That can't be right? So, after several more visits to the specialist it turns out that he has cancer in his kidney. He is having an MRI and then we will see about surgery. The thing is because it's inside his kidney they can't tell me what can exactly happen until they open him up. But, we got a warning - a sign I truly believe. My husband hasn't been to an ER in the entire time we've been here. The fact that he went in for the kidney stone gave us the chance to catch it early. So, we are hopeful. I am damn adamant about him being okay. He has no choice.

I know it took me a long time to reveal this information. But, at this time, it seems quite likely that he will have surgery in the next few weeks and my time at the store will be even less while we work through this. I really didn't want to affect your visit to our store by dampening the mood. So, now that I have told everyone, I won't have to keep repeating it and crying all over again.

I hope that you will continue to support our store and keep us in business during this trying time. I promise to continue to provide quality products at great prices. Kicking it off with our prima crop on december 5th. So, if you have not signed up, give us a call or email me at dee@deescrapbookstore.com. Space is already very limited.

Thank you for all of your support in the last three years.

And don't forget to keep us in your prayers.

write soon,

Saturday, November 21, 2009


You probably are wondering what now...why what...are you still talking about why you scrap. Well, the answer is yes. I am still talking about it. But this will probably be my final installment on the subject - this is the hardest of all reasons to scrap. But, what the heck - this is supposed to be cathartic - it's supposed to make me feel better when I journal it out. So, here goes:
I've made a huge error - I have not met a goal - I have failed at something - yep, it's true. Many of you only hear about the great stuff in my life. I have been asked so many times how I do it - how can I have a day job, a business, and am still married with 5 kids. The truth is I am not even sure. I don't know how they put up with me. I am bossy, pushy, argumentative, difficult, demanding and so much more. But, who can live up to those standards all the time? I can't meet up to those standards.

You are all probably wondering what is this big thing that she failed at. What huge, big secret has Dee been keeping from us. Here it is: My birthday came and passed and I did not get my driver's licence. I know it doesn't sound so bad - most people are shocked or think it's weird that I don't drive. But, I can't help it. It really doesn't matter to me that I don't drive. What does, is my inability to bite the bullet and take the test. What could have caused me not to meet a goal - when I am such a Type A personality? Why haven't I done it? What is my excuse? All week long I have been thinking about this - how am I going to admit that I couldn't do it? How could that be? I had actually posted it on here to force me to do it - because after all I could lie to myself but not to you guys - I would get it done.

So, naturally, I was going to do it. OOPS! That didn't happen. I actually avoided it even more - everyday saying that today was the day until I had no more days left. I am 40 and drivers licenseless. But, never fear my type a personality got me to thinking how could I fail at this? what is it that is stopping me? After, much thought, I am sure that I am afraid. Really, I am scared. But, not only of failing as a driver but failing the test. What happens if I take that test and I fail. I can't fail a test.
For as long as I remember I have not failed a test - through middle school, high school, college, my masters, both of my endorsements - I truly can't remember once - my evaluations are always high - having won the map award the last two years as one of the best teachers in the county - even being the teacher of the year at alva last year. I am good at taking test because I love what I do, I love to excel, I love to get the A - (Don't worry - I know this is a sign of a much deeper psychological issue). But, still for all those things I know what is expected of me. I have the background knowledge, the degrees, the work ethic to know what is expected and I get it done. But, this type of test is not something you can study for - you don't know what someone else is thinking...what they had to drink...what's happening in their lives...you don't know. And that my friends is what truly scares me. The not knowing - I am AFRAID of the unknown, of what might happen because I don't have enough knowledge in the subject. I am not ready. So, my husband has bought me driving lessons for my birthday and I am going to face head on my demons. I will be afraid no longer (well, maybe I will still be afraid of the unknown - but not of driving). I will practice and practice and I will get it done. So, although I have failed at this - I don't plan to let it stop me. I am going to do it.

So, there you have it - it might seem odd that I said this is one of the reasons I scrap - but with everything in life - you must take the good with the bad. I think generations to come will be astounded by my fear of driving - who knows what they will be doing - flying perhaps. LOL. Journal and document your fears and worries because after all we are all human and our families get that. Give them a real glimpse of who you are real and raw.

Write soon,

Monday, November 16, 2009

40 and Fabulous

Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Forty so far has been fantastic. I had a great weekend. Time with good friends, tons of gifts, starbucks, and new prima bling. How can that be wrong? I am so looking forward to the rest of this year. Although, I did hit 40 without a driver's license (oh well) I am planning on doing it. John has found a driving school for me and I just need to call for the first lesson. So, after 10 of those I am going to take the plunge. This has to be the year. I have no choice, it's not an option. If I can go to school and deal with 18 - 5 year olds I can do anything. Okay, do I sound convincing. I'm really trying.

As for everything else. My husband is just fantastic. Although he makes me crazy and I want to strangle him most of the time - he is truly amazing. I had the best birthday ever. I slept in, I got my favorite Seafood Barbecue Lunch/Dinner, I got to scrapbook, I had a photo shoot with my girls and my oldest came over and joined in as well. My other boys are acting Camera Shy and promise a photo shoot soon...

This weekend I spent using up all my giftcards. I hit Target, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, LongHorn, and still have some gift card money left. Oh yeah. So, this was the birthday that kept on giving. Wish I could do it every week without having to get older of course.

Oh, well.

I am excited to say that I will get to celebrate a little more at our Prima Party on December 5th though. There new mid-year lines have already shipped and include some beautiful papers, flowers, and more. Plus, all those swirls that flew out of the store at the crop will also be back in the house - so if you missed out this will be the day to come in and get it before it's all gone. The crop is FREE from 11 am to 7 pm. So, email or call us to sign up. Space is limited. Croppers will get 10% off their entire purchase including prima products. The girls and I will be putting together some samples for you all to scraplift if you like. Instant ideas can it get better than that?

Well, I've got to go. I need to get my pages in my book so that I can update my count. I am sure that I have hit 500 already. Now, we are down to the wire - let's see how far I get.

Write soon,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A big deal...

okay don't get me wrong, scrappin the everyday moments is great but documenting those big milestones is just as important.

While I have photos/layouts of the kids just sleeping with books on their laps, of faces full of chocolate, and mani/pedi days w/ the girls, I also have photos/layouts for all the big deal stuff. You know what I mean, the photos of the kids in front of the christmas tree every year, the ones of every single bday party, every single cheer performance, every single holiday program, end of year awards, etc. Those are important. Those matter.

My little one is a "cheerleader." She loves it. It's in her blood. It's part of her personality - of her charm. It is who she is. So, every single performance is a major event - the hair, the socks, the sneakers, etc. Those are unforgetable moments for her. Moments that she will treasure forever. She truly is amazing. Luckily, I scrap, I scrap it all.

You should too - scrap all the big moments in your life, in your children's life, in your work life (yes, there is such a thing - right diana?). So, scrap those big moments!!!

Write soon,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stress relief...

This weekend we are celebrating my 40th birthday and christmas in a big two day bash. Which is so awesome. But, like any party, it takes a lot of work to plan and execute these things - all the new product and the classes, and schedules, and challenges , etc. It's a lot of hard work by me and the entire team. But, there is always a silver lining.

Last weekend Amy M came in with a little cutout quote that she received and that I wanted to share with all of you:

Research indicates that scrapbook writing (or what we call journaling) can help to relieve stress, enhance your immune system, heal inner hurts, and help focus oneself in an empowering way.

Did you know that?

It makes sense. It is a stress reliever. It has literally saved my children's lives. I would probably be in a 6x10 cell screaming "I'm going to change my name" "or is a little peace and quiet too much to ask for" or "Did you hear me?" or even better "Because I said so". Any of these sound familiar? You know they do.

But, really it has helped me through so many things. Some layouts causing tears of happiness, while other tears of understanding. It has been a form of therapy - a lot more expensive form of therapy - but therapy none the less. LOL

So, there you have it - another reason to scrap: to stay sane. Choose sanity - scrap instead.

Write soon,

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Just a week away....

In one week I will be forty. The big 4-0. Fortunately for me I am like fine wine I get better with time.

Honestly, I am just happy to make it to 40. Every decade marks the beginning of a new life for me. In my 20's I was young and single - hanging out at the clubs, smoking, and drinking. My 30's were about settling down and raising my children in my own home. So, what will my 40's be about??? What will happen next? What will my next adventure be??? Who knows???

Yesterday, my two little ones were "battling" with their new swords and shields while I was eating breakfast. I told them that they were so cute and that I would take photos later because I was already late to the store. They were quite understanding and agreed to pose later. I went to the store, worked late, went out to dinner, etc, etc. Arriving at home many hours later. My children got ready for bed and then ran in to remind me that they needed to pose for the "gladiator photos." Wow, my babies wanted to pose for pictures of those everyday moments. No, not of the gladiator shots but what they are willing to do to get out of going to bed on time. What they failed to realize is that I am not a newbie - I am old pro at this. So, after just getting 5-6 shots off they went to bed - no 2 hour photo shoot for them. Much to their dislike. Oh well.

But, those are the moments. The everyday moments that take your breath away (believe me getting my two little ones to agree to anything is short of a miracle). So, there you have it - another reason to scrap - to capture those everyday moments that might not really make sense to anyone else but mean so much to your family - like Nik's pictures covered in magic markers, amanda'a half shaved phots, mikaela's eyebrow escapades, albert in his messy shirts, jj's silly grin, the kids falling asleep in the back of the car on the way to nyc, and they just go on. Scrap them and record those everyday moments that only your family can appreciate and let them feel through your layouts all the love that you pour into them when you create them. Isn't that why we scrap - out of love.

So, bring it on 40's more everyday moments that will take my breath away. I can't wait...


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Somber mood...

All week - i've been feeling odd. Like something was wrong. Just a bad omen feeling. But, I just couldn't put my finger on the reason for distress. Was I just going crazy. Then, in conversation it came up.

This week it makes 6 years that my mother in law passed. She was one of the good ones. Although she had her moments - we all do. She was fair and decent, she was a good cook and loved the kids to death. She would fly to nyc for each birth and spend several weeks at my home taking care of the kids while I recovered - cooking, cleaning, washing clothes. Basically, she did it all and if my husband even looked at me cross eyed she would straighten him out. I was a good woman period and he'd better apologize and behave. She was a good women. But, cancer ate her up. In 8 months she was gone. It was sad to see her become a shell of the person she was. I was sure that she was going to make it. If anyone was going to make it it was her. I was so sure and still 6 years later it seems unimaginable - unbelievable. But its true.

This weekend I will pull her photos out again and remind the kids of the beautiful person she was. But, this year it will be different. Because I think I am finally ready to scrap those photos. No more boxes for them.

Another reason that I scrap besides as proof of the good times (evidence) - out of respect and love, to honor those who came before us and left a mark on our lives.

Take the time out and do that - honor someone else. Remember the good times and share them. And hug those dear to you closer, love them deeper, and cherish them more.

Respectfully yours,

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Glee is in the air...

Yesterday, while picking up my glasses (they were finally ready) we did a quick run through Walmart and my little one found the GLEE CD (okay I found it, and pointed it out, and suggested that she tell daddy about it - hahaha). She just had to have it and what the hey we needed to get it - it was a matter of life and death. Why is it that when it comes to kids getting stuff, it has to be a matter of life and death?

Well, after listening to it about 50 times in the last 24 hours, my daughter replays her favorite song - a remake of Diana Ross' You Keep Me Hangin' On. She loves 60's music. After I took a closer look at the cover I realized that the songs spanned the decades. They reminded me of the tunes I grew up on. That's why I have connected with the show - the music. I am just happy after every episode. So, no matter how horrible I thought it was, my mind subconsciously has related these songs to happy times in my life.

Music - okay loud music was a part of growing up in my home - I could hustle as a kid and my sister and I competed at every family party (remember Puerto Rican families are huge so parties were an almost weekly occurence). I listen to everything - I think my IPOD is having an identity crisis as it plays celine dion after LL cool j that followed Marc Anthony (spanish song). But, darn it if it doesn't prove that there were good times.

My kids can sometimes drive me up a wall. Which of course means that they will complain about every little thing and how horrible I am and sometimes I wonder if when they grow up they will remember anything besides the bad moments. Will they remember all the hand-picked teachers, the $$$ spent on tutors, the countless hours spent in emergency rooms, the tears I cried when they cried during their vaccinations, the visits to nyc, chicago, puerto rico, disney, sesame place, great adventures, universal studios, the two busch gardens???

Oh yeah, that right I have the photos to prove it - that's why I scrapbook - it's evidence. So, the next time they yell out that I am so mean, maybe I'll pull out that layout with me holding their tiny little bodies on the day they were born. That's a good one. I am going to file that one. I know I am going to need to use it with these little ones. So scrap it - it's evidence of good times had - you just might have to use it.

write soon,

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another sponsor...

yep, we got another sponsor for this crop - Creative Imaginations. They rock - they always send a ton of stuff for goodies. Thanks Chris!!! You are awesome. I already got confirmation from UPS and it has shipped.

Prima also arrived and i heard that it's all beautiful - if you find any slobber on it it was rebecca drooling all over it. She is hilarious. She must have it all - but she is going to have to wait - it won't be out on the floor until the crop and remember we are not opening until 3 pm on the 13th - so bail early and come spend your money here we will have plenty of goodies to tempt you with. We are also expecting over 20 new collections just in time for this crop - so if there is anything you need this will be the time. Oh yeah!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some of it - especially the prima, CI, and bo bunny. Are you drooling yet??? cause I know I am....

well if I don't get off the computer soon I won't be able to finish my online class assignments on time - yeah - I've still got a whole bunch of stuff to do. It's going to be a long night.

write soon,

Monday, November 02, 2009

Spots are filling up fast...

so don't delay. Ines' prima class is full and Rebecca and Kellie are almost full, too. Remember, if you want to take an additional class please let me know so that we can prepare a kit for you. We will have a limited number of extra kits for each class at $15 each. If you have signed up you should have gotten a confirmation with the classes you have been registered in. If you have not received a confirmation I have not received your request - please contact me immediately to remedy this situation.

I am so excited - the prima goodies arrive tomorrow and the ci kit items arrive on friday. Oh yeah and american crafts is also en route - but remember all the pretties will not be out on the floor until the day of the crop - November 13th. We have special hours that day as well. We will not open until 3 pm and it's going to be awesome! SO, whether you are signed up or not don't forget to stop in and shop, shop, shop. Oh yeah!!!

Write soon,

Sunday, November 01, 2009

the moment you all have been waiting for...

some minor class descriptions:

Remember if you are attending saturday of the birthday crop you must email me your class request at dee@deescrapbookstore.com. Classes are capped at 6 and are on a first come/first serve basis and will be filled in the order they were received. Please list your choices in order from 1-5. You will receive a confirmation with your classes.

Kellie - is doing a layout class w/ a card made out of the scraps using fancy pants
Rebecca - is also doing a layout class using mm mistletoe
Sharon - is doing a stand-up accordian album with Pink Paislee Mistletoe and Co.
Ines - is doing a prima inspired layout
Renee - is doing a decorative banner project w/ slots for interchangeable photos

Remember these are technique classes - so there will be several techniques introduced - including distressing inks, perfect pearls, embossing, dimensional glue, stamping, alcohol inks, and so much more - imagine the possibilities!!!

Write soon,

P.S. Kits will be available for sale for all the classes. So, if you get locked out of a class - you can purchase the kit for a $15 fee. Instructions will be included.

count update

As promised here is the count update and I am so close:

Book 9 cont'd
lo 434 beautiful
lo 435 ride
lo 436-437 trouble duh
lo 438 egghunt
lo 439 love
lo 440 smile
lo 441 kids at play
lo 442 mommy in training

Book 10
LO 443 prettifuls
LO 444 My girl is in middle school
LO 445 Cherish
LO 446 My girls
LO 447 After
LO 448-449 romance
LO 450-451 Pagelli's
LO 452-453 without a title
LO 454-455 gentle
LO 456-457 family forever
Lo 458 It just flew my
LO 459 Friends
LO 460 1st Day
LO 461 turtle love
LO 462/463 Cheer
LO 464 Earth love layout
LO 465 Sweet
LO 466- Another Earth love layout
LO 467 My man
LO 468 Tiger Arroyo
LO 469 the two of you
LO 470 Love
LO 471 I wonder how we became friends - scrappin
LO 472 remember it all
LO 473 Pool Fun
LO 474 Fresh
Lo 475 Right Now
LO 476 you are the reason
LO 477 Mommy in training
LO 478 school photo 09
LO 479 life saver
LO 480/481 the most expensive photo shoot ever
LO 482 swim

Book 11
Lo 483 water baby
LO 484/485 water play
LO 486 that look

I am so close - but this is not going to be the weekend. I am hoping to get there at the birthday bash. That would be so awesome. Then, I can change it to 550. If I can get 550 layouts done this year that will be a lifetime record. I don't know if I could ever beat that. But, I know that I am going to have fun every year trying to get there. Oh yeah!

Anyone out there close???
You've still got time!!!
Get it done!!!

write soon,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Count continues...

It's been a long time since I've updated my count. Mostly because once school starts I get a lot less done the first few months until we all get into the rhythm of school. Secondly, because I always sign up for some online class that whips my butt. Finally, because all those new germs get me sick. Right now, I am battling a chest cold that has me coughing up a lung for that last few days. Yuck! Fortunately I slept most of the day and I only have the cough left - but damn does it hurt to cough. But, on to better things.

Well, it's supposed to be time for that count, but I just looked back on my last count post and I left off on book 9. And guess where book 9 is - at the store. So, I won't be able to do it after all - but I will be at the store on Thursday and Friday. So, I will update the numbers then. But, I am listing the layouts as a tease. I am really close to my goal. So, I might need to bump that number up. I now that if I had not challenged myself this year I totally would not have gotten have of these layouts done. So, put it on your too do list for 2010 and be inspired.

Book 10
LO prettifuls
LO My girl is in middle school
LO Cherish
LO My girls
LO After
LO - 2 pager without photos
LO - 2 pager Pagelli's
LO - 2 pager without title
LO - 2 pager without photos
LO - 2 pager w/o photos
Lo - It just flew my
LO - Friends
LO - 1st Day
LO - turtle love
LO - 2 pager Cheer
LO - Earth love layout
LO - Sweet
LO - Another Earth love layout
LO - My man
LO - Tiger Arroyo
LO - the two of you
LO - Love
LO - I wonder how we became friends - scrappin
LO - remember it all
LO - Pool Fun
LO - Fresh
Lo - Right Now
LO - you are the reason
LO - Mommy in training

Well, I've got to go I am working on that dreadful class.
Write soon,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What did I do...

that's what I think everytime Nik has one of his crazy moments. Yesterday was one of those days. (Now you get why I have to watch Glee.) He went awol because I found out that he has several assignments that he is missing and he had to get them done by tomorrow - Friday. So, he decided that he was going to act up so that he wouldn't have to do it. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that today was only Thursday and now that it's repent day he must do it. But, as always its almost 6 and he is lollagogging (i know that I spelled that wrong). Sadly for him that means Chuck e cheese is out for tomorrow. He has lost his psp 2 and the wii is the next hour. So, it's going to be a long night. But, he is going to get it done. After 9 years he still hasn't realized that I am the boss. Why is it that they feel the need to try it? Don't they realize that we pulled all these tricks before they were even born...oh no they don't. He will have to learn that lesson again today. Hopefully, it won't take him 40 years to realize I'm the boss. That's a non-negotiable.

I've gotta go,it's almost time for the wii to disappear. Oh - how sad - too bad.

Write soon,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Love Wednesday

I know that sounds crazy - but once I explain you'll understand why or maybe not. It's my two favorite shows. I love So You Think You Can Dance and Glee. Okay most of you have heard of So You Think - but I am pretty sure some of you have never heard of GLEE. Let me tell you it's the sleeper hit of the year.

Really, I am hooked on this show. Anyone out there watching it?

This is a high school drama (okay maybe not age appropriate for me - but still) that is more like a weekly musical on life. The show is just awesome and I am hooked. It has everything from the mean nasty teacher and the pregnant cheerleader to the gay guy whose not so in the closet and the secret love of a teacher for another fellow teacher. The only bad thing about this show is that it ends in an hour. Really, I feel like I am magically transported back to high school cursing out the mean popular girl and laughing at them when the "good girl" gets her payback. Don't I sound like I am reliving it? Fortunately for me I had your average high school experience - I got good grades and was thin and cute and a bit of a flirt - so I had plenty of friends and I still got grades good enough to be a part of the honor society. So, I was a kid half nerd - half popular. Thank GOD!!!

But, the best part has to be the music. The songs range from hip hop to 60's, 70's, 80's - just name it. The music makes you want to "bust a move". Take a look at it and stay a while - the music is awesome - have a couple of laughs.

Well, I have to go it started and I don't want to miss a thing.

Write soon,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New glasses...

Yep, next month I turn 40 and that means my eye checkup was way past due. Okay, the fact that I couldn't see the parents who were waving at me from down the hall was the actual reason - but I'd rather keep that to myself - okay just between us. LOL.

That's not all of it. I took mini me with me and that girl is just like her mother. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But, I just can't believe how it happened. I was talking to a friend today and I was so happy in 11th grade when I was finally wearing a size 0. I was always the tiniest kid in my class - okay don't laugh for real - I was a size 0 at age 16. Yes, I was wearing glasses since I was in middle school. But, the rest of me took a really long time to grow up. But, it seems that my daughter has skipped all of that. She's 11 and wearing a Young Miss 13 - what does that translate to??? I don't even know. But, it gets worse, she's near sighted like me. She's already wearing a b cup - okay that's another secret just between us - she would kill me. But, still - how did that happen?

I am really feeling old. When, did that happen?

It's weird but I am actually looking forward to turning 40. I think it's going to be awesome. I told someone the other day - Jen P at the store on sat - that it only gets better and it's true. My life is so much richer now than 10 or 20 years ago. I have real friends that have stuck around through the craziness and newer friends like suze q who is a kindred spirit. She is just hilarious. I laugh so much when I am around her. To some of you she is known as my monday friend. She was one of my parents last year. She is just an amazing woman and it helps that she puts up with me. Which means that together we are like high schoolers. Age is just a number. SO, forget about acting your age and just act or perhaps scrap - life is too short.

Write soon,

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm in looove...

Okay, I know you hear this a lot. But, really it's true - I am in love. No, I am not talking about a man. I'm talking about paper of course. I must admit that I work with a lot of the new paper that comes in and I am known for falling head over heels with it all. But, last night I was looking over all the layouts I did lately and besides the 5 double page layouts with Webster's - I also made 6 single layouts with the earth love collection from cosmo cricket. The subtle colors and the chipboard pieces are just awesome. I just can't help myself. Really, it's beautiful. I will have my book on Friday and you can see what I did with it and what I did with the webster's pages. I got lots of compliments on several of the layouts. Gotta love that.

I spent the entire weekend wrapping up the last few orders for the christmas crop and I must say - I want it all and more. It was really hard having to cap my spending but I must, must, must. I also have several of you who have not paid your deposits yet. Please do so - maybe I can squeeze another order out....

Remember, we still have some spots available - about 3 for sat and 3 for sunday. So, call up some friends and sign up. It's a guaranteed good time.

We are just waiting for it all to arrive - how fun....

Write soon,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Community News...

Some Random Musing and Community News...

- I heard FEDEX Freight is hiring 67 people for the next few months and if you prove yourself it could become a permanant job. You can apply online and they start you off at $16-$17 an hour.

- Gateway Charter Middle is looking for a 7th grade Science Teacher

- I am sending out a shout out to Randi S who is a blog follower from Out of State. She will be joining us for the Birthday Crop - GO RANDI - See you next month - Woo Hoo!!!

- The birthday Crop is shaping up.

- The Jens have picked out their projects and as always - you will not be disappointed. They are just awesome.

- We are working on getting together to get our samples completed and posted on the blog and then sign ups will begin for classes. Remember if you want to add additional classes - spaces will be available but limited - so don't delay.

- Space is limited for the crop - with 2-3 spots available each day.

- The kit stuff has shipped already - you guys are going to love it.

- I really need to update my count - I have about 25 more layouts since I last posted.

- I am taking an online class and it's kicking my butt. But I just have 11 weeks to go - hahaha.

- We are having a halloween crop on the 31st for FREE.

- We will have candy for trick or treaters - so come shop and bring your little one for some candy.

- We have a FREEBIE Crop this Friday and next Friday too from 5- 11. So, we will be open late and we have a coupon just for friday so come shop and save - 40% off one item. Some exclusions do apply.

- I will post some samples I made witht the new websters pages ribbon I fell in love with - I made 5 double page layouts with it last week.

- I had my eyes checked today and my eyes still have not recovered from the dilation. I am getting new glasses and so is my daughter. Can you believe it? She's 11 - which is how old I was when I started wearing them. She is also near-sighted like I am. That poor child - she is so much like me - it's sad. She could not possibly be more like me - makes me want to kill her sometimes. I know how my mother felt now.

Well, I've got to go. My eyes are still wacky and it's really hard to focus for a long time. Pass on the news about the jobs. If I can help just one more person that would be awesome.

Write soon,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oops, change of plans...

Okay so this weekend was supposed to be our pajama crop but due to some unforseen problems we are changing it up. Remember our FREE Prima Crop last month well we have decided to repeat that crop but with other brand new product.

The FREE crop is from noon to 7 pm (really - 7 is all I can do).
Wear your pajamas.
I will provide samples with paper from the 7 new collections that have arrived. You can come in and crop, scraplift, be inspired, you name it. I have several samples already completed.
We will order food - we are going dutch.
You will be guaranteed a good time.
I have several ladies already signed up - let me know if you are interested. Call and sign up asap. Space is limited. I would like everyone to have a whole table to play.

See you then,

You must go here...

Okay, so everyone knows how I feel about the food in NYC. It's awesome and it's the only thing I miss about being up north (besides the family) but I have finally met my match.

This Sunday, was my 12th wedding anniversary and John took me out to dinner. We decided to do something different - we always go to Bonefish - it's kind of romantic and the food is okay. I convinced John to head out to Coconut Point - he had never been out there. Can you believe it?

Well, anyway, when we went I spotted this little italian place by TGIF and we got out to check it out. It was a cute little place but my eyes wondered over to this cave like entrance further down the strip. A little place called Pagellis. It didn't open till 5pm but what the heck we could kill a half an hour quick. But, they offered the bar upto us. I haven't had a drink in a really long time. The last few times I have become intoxicated after just one drink (I am a light weight). I become very hot and sweaty and have to lie down. But, what the hey we had 30 minutes to kill. I asked for a Midori and Orange Juice. Once I took a sip, I knew we had made a good choice. The drink was smooth and the service was smoother. She was a very nice lady named Mary - who later on comped me with a Sambuca (another choice drink). We were then escorted to the table. Where the candle was lit and the atmosphere was calm, relaxed, and romantic. The sweet waitress came over with hot bread and olive oil and herbs. Oh my. This was the beginning of my love affair with this restaurant. The JoJo Pollo was excellent - the sauces for the appetizer just complemented each other. The calamari was exquisite - you must try the lemon butter sauce. It was the best meal I have ever had and believe me I can eat and I have eaten all over the eastern seaboard including some amazing little bistros in NYC and mom and pop italian restaurants in pennsylvania, as well as some luxury restaurants on the edge of the water with romantic sunset views. But, this has beat them all. I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of contentMENT, not full, or disgusting full but fulfilled. I highly reccomend this restaurant. So, if you are up for some delicious food and a great atmosphere head over to Pagelli's in Coconut Point it is around the corner from Scarro's - down the strip from the marble ice cream place. Check it out and let me know what you think. I hardly ever recommend a place - I don't think ever have recommended a restaurant here - but this place is worth it. Go out, have a Midori and orange juice or a sambuca either will impressive you.

Write soon,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wow, all the pretties...

Wow, we have got a whole bunch of stuff for you to play with this weekend.

The new Jillibean is here, Cosmo Cricket's 3 new collections are here and already very limited, the new Pink Paislee has also been a big hit, and finally the Plastino Collection from Bella Blvd is beautiful. Come check out our "Spinner" with new ideas. I couldn't make up my mind which was my favorite so I took paper from all the collections and have ideas in my head that will put your head in a spin - I will get something done tonight. Today, it's our 12th anniversary and we are going to dinner and then I get to scrap for the rest of the day. Oh yeah. Always my favorite thing to do when hubby takes over the house and just lets me relax.

But, that's not all - last week we got in a whole bunch of webster's pages new ribbon and I couldn't help myself - I made 4 double page layouts with their paper because I just had to use their brand new ribbon. Of course, I don't have photos yet - my husband just got me ink. I am hoping to finish the layouts tonight and have the hubby drop them off this Tuesday - so you can take a peak.

The garage sale was a huge success and several people brought in stuff on Saturday - so we are extending the sale for a few days - until Thursday - so come in and check it out - there are still plenty of goodies left.

The birthday crop is also going well - we are filling up slowly but surely. Don't forget that if you have signed up, I need the deposit asap. I have ordered most of the product for the kits and you will not be disappointed - it's all beautiful. I don't know if I can keep it all a secret. It's so exciting!!!

You guys are desperate to find out, too. I have had a lot of questions about classes and product - have I ever disappointed you - the kits are always incredible and this one is no exception. Oh, and all the classes - some of the ideas being thrown around are just amazing and the product and the techniques- I am sure their are plenty of stores envious of all the talent in this place - wait and see. If you love the different weekly kits - picked up some cheap dates and double dees - that's nothing compared to a limitless budget - imagine the possibilities. Well, I'd better go, I have some layouts I want to get ready for Tuesday.

Write soon,

Monday, October 05, 2009

The birthday Crop

I am so excited for the birthday crop. This weekend some of the girls came over for a mini get-together to fine-tune this event. I was so excited with the feedback and the ideas I heard floating around. These ladies are so super talented. You will not regret signing up for this event. Plus, the goodies got a big thumbs up from the girls. I actually sent a list of a whole bunch of paper collections that I was getting in so that they could choose from and I was told that each line they checked out was better than the last and that they were all gorgeous. Which of course I love. I tell everyone all the time - my goal is not to have ugly paper. My pretty paper radar is pretty good. I am known as the paper hoar and I can't do that if I'm picking crappy paper. SO, you will not be disappointed with the goodies. I am super excited about the whole thing. Yippee!!!

Don't forget deposits are due so that I can get all that pretty paper in.

Write soon,

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Time is flying by

I don't know how we got to Sunday so fast. I still have 200 things I need to get done before I go back to work. So, this is just a quick little post to show off the American Crafts goodie box that one of you could win:

This basket retails for $500 with thickers, cardstock, papers, rubons, ribbon, chipboard and more!!!

Don't forget this weekend is our garage sale - hundreds of items!!!
Great deals - paper as little as 10 cents and everything from printers to sizzix alphabets, storage and a whole bunch of other goddies.

Well, I still have 199 things left to do.

Write soon,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crop this saturday

I don't know if I put this on the email this week, but we have a crop this saturday and we will be open. We have enough signed up to stay open to 11. So, let me know if are interested in coming so we can add you to the list.

I should have the samples done by then. I've been a little crazy working on the tons of emails for 2 days including several emails with shipping information. Like the CI order that is arriving on Monday and the Webster's Pages delivery that arrives on Friday - oh la la all the stickers and embellishments including the gorgeous ribbon and cameos and more - those alphabet stickers will be guaranteed to fly out the store on saturday. Remember we are closed this friday but sat we are open from 11am to 11 pm. Come check it out!!! Oops almost forgot the Pink Paislee christmas has also shipped - if not friday - then monday. Plenty of pretties.

write soon,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not bad...

I did so good with my 5.99 kit samples that I sold out today. So, I am working on another kit for you all to drool over. The samples are still available at the store for you - I used some pretty christmas paper. But, this one is going to be a variety of different albums. But, just like the first kit - you can make 3 minialbums with one kit. At 5.99 you can't go wrong.

I will post samples here when I am done with these albums. I might get them all done tonight if not, wednesday - cause tomorrow is my hubby's birthday - he is turning
45. So, for you followers say "give me 45" tomorrow and get 45% off one item of your choice (excludes all kits and prima.)

We have 12 of these kits available so we should make it to the end of the week.

Also, those of you who have signed up for the birthday crop - the deposit is due by October 1st. So, don't forget to call the store with cc info or stop by and pay it in person to guarantee your spot.

Write soon,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two out of 3 ain't bad

Yep, I've got two out of 3 minialbums done already with the mix-it up kit. I haven't finished all 3 because I have been working on some other things but I will have the third one done tonight - they have been pretty quick to put together. So, although it's almost 6 I am pretty sure that I will get it done today along with all my laundry.

Yesterday, we headed over to Best Buy and replaced our conked out washer with a whirpool high efficiency top loader that fits 3 baskets of laundry at one time. I washed a week and a halfs towels for 6 people in 1 load. It's unbelievable. They are dry, folded, and in the linen closet already. It's beautiful. The kids comforters were next - 2 comforters and 2 sets of sheets at one time. Woohoo!!! I might finally get caught up with the laundry by the end of the week - come on I am realistic - two to three loads a day is all I can manage now - I keep forgetting to put them in the dryer every hour. Oops - if they could only invent something to do that....I would be first in line. Plus, I have to save some time for scrappin.

On another note, I will be at the store tomorrow since there is no school. So, stop by and visit me and use your 40% off coupon. I will also be showing off my 3 minialbums. Instant inspiration. I also have some new prima layouts I got done...come check those out. Also, for those of you who get the scrapbook trends and or cards if you have not picked them up they are at the store.

Well, I'd better go, I think an hour has been up since the last load - I might need to get it in the dryer in this lifetime.

Write soon,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where did the time go....

I can't believe that a week has gone by since I last blogged. It is amazing how fast time goes. Sorry ladies!

As for what's happening, I must tell you that I am in love with the chipboard albums from Fancy Pants. I am working on one for a christmas gift with some of the new and old CI christmas paper and it is so easy. I always hate to put these things together - because they can be a real pain and lately I've been all about the layouts but I've decided this year to give some homemade presents (haven't we all) so I decided to give them a try and it has been easy going (unbelievable - huh?).

This is what I did and see how I got my moneys worth.

First, the mixed up kit has enough chipboard in there for 3 different types of albums - a small square one, a small rectangular one, and a mixed up shapes one. Or if you feel adventurous you can mix them all up. But, the answer is always the same you can get 3 mini albums out of one. Woo hoo.

Next, the chipboard is the pop out kind which means you have a template to use to trace from. This means that the paper will fit easier and a lot less distressing, filing will need to be done - who doesn't love that????

Finally, choosing the paper was easy - CI's christmas lines are awesome. I love it. It has several diecut papers, a glitter one, and several flocked ones and the script and musical notes one is gorgeous.

Putting the paper on the chipboard I thought was going to be the real issue - since my 7 year old used up my glue stick and put back in my bag without me realizing it was empty.(anyone else ever have that happen?) So, you should have seen my face when I went to stick it down and it was empty and I was miles away from the store. I twirled my bag around and opted to use my brushable glue - what the hay, it can't hurt - I have nothing else. And although I had tried their glitter and their other glues I had never tried the brushable glue. What was I going to do? Let me tell you, I went for it and I love the look of it. It's durable, easy to apply, and is undetectable.

But, the story doesn't end there. I've decided that these two are an awesome mix - so I want to share it with you. I have the mix-it up kits at the store right now for just $5.99 each and if you want to try the glue out we can special order it and get it to you by the end of the week for just $3.99. So, for $10 dollars you will get enough chipboard to make 3 albums and enough brushable glue to finish all 3 projects. That's what I call a christmas present that keeps on giving!

The base for my sample is done and I hope to have the sample ready for you all to see on Monday. Come in and check it out or check out our blog - I will post pictures here. Let me know if you want the christmas deal. The paper is already available at the store for you to purchase - we can also pull some of this if you like and believe me I think you will like!

Well, I'd better go finish up the last minute details on my christmas project.

Write soon,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Need to get up early...

cause I have so much stuff to put in the computer - 7 whole boxes. We were short on staff today so we couldn't open but my dh was able to sneak over for long enough to receive the packages from the UPS man and taunt me with the number of boxes - 7!

I can't wait to get in tomorrow. I've already informed my hubby that I will be leaving early in the morning - because I have some URGENT business to take care of - my scrapbooking stash is calling for replacements - including some new princess thickers - adorable. I can't wait.

Then, I need to get the September kits together and I can smell some PRIMA in them, ahh the places you'll go...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


work, work that's all I have been doing for the last few weeks and it has felt so good to focus on school but the last couple of days I've been home by 5 because I have had urgent business to take care of at home - prima stuff is calling to me - just waiting for me to scrap with it and last night I got a couple of layouts done with some gorgeous prima paper, prima flowers, and prima bling. But, that's not all, I have an idea for another prima layout that hopefully will become a reality tonight. Then, I was talking to my friend suze and I remembered that that I have AC Thickers arriving Friday and some bobunny. OMG what's a girl to do. Those are like comfort foods for a scrapper - whatever the problem, the issue, the stress, there is always a box of goodies that has just arrived or on its way to keep me from losing my sanity. So, scrap on and scrap your worries away - I do.

Well, I'm off to make that layout I imagined in my minds eye.

Write soon,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On another topic...

As you all know we have been running a skeleton crew at the store for weeks now and we are in desperate need of help. We are looking for someone to work Fridays and here and there as neccessary. So, if you are interested get back to me at dee@deescrapbookstore.com or call me at 334-4333 or stop by the store - I will be in from 11 - 7 pm on Saturday only. Great Fringe Benefits!!!

On even another note - this email of some of our cheap dates goes out to Tara in Ft. Lauderdale. I hope this helps, if there is anything else I can do just let me know

Write soon,

P.S. Oops I almost forgot American Crafts is scheduled to arrive on Friday - a huge box of stuff - 58 pounds as well as some bo-bunny and some CI - so if you can't make it to the Prima Party atleast stop by and check out all the pretties - you will love them.

listening to chilldren talk

always make me so old. Their problems, their conversations, their thoughts are just so simple - it is really heart warming. Only if these days were so simple. With this economy and life itself it's hard to think about any little thing is just so sweet.

In the car on the way home this afternoon my two little ones were talking and this is how it went -

Amanda "my brother got me a a high school musical book from the library"
Nikolas "I took it out for you but I need to take an AR test on it"
Amanda "I'm already on page 4 - I want to take an AR test on it too"
Nikolas "I'm on page 6 - I took it out for you but I still need to take a test for AR - I know what I will do I will read it to you. Tonight, me and you I will read to you"

Problem solved, the earth continues to spin, and my son is doing something awesome for his baby sister. He picked a book that he knew his sister would love. Then, he worked it out so that they could both take a test on it and meet their goals.

Sometimes, not often enough, I feel like I am doing right and today was one of those days. It really shows me that I am doing right by them. Who can ask for more than that? So, hug your loved ones a little tighter because sometimes simple doesn't exist. But, for those moments that it beams on you, it's priceless.

Write soon,

wow, they look so much prettier in person...

yep, they all do. But, my hands are down in admiration over the eline stuff. I can't believe the deal they are. I was telling the girls today that the boards with the samples we saw were half the size of the actual product. For just $1.50 you can't go wrong. Don't fret, we have so many colors and styles that the only thing you will need to worry about is how many of each you want. The bling color combinations are phenomenal and so are the embossed flowers. But, then there's also the paper and it's all gorgeous and the coordinating flowers. I have to tell you that their product just keeps getting better. I can't wait until my next delivery - yep I still have product that hasn't arrived - and I know that it will be just as awesome. So, come pick up your favorites before they are all gone...because once they are gone they are gone for good. Don't forget it will all be out tomorrow and you will be able to get your grubby little hands on all my goodies. They are not guaranteed to last and we got hit pretty hard today - so hurry in. Saturday, we will have some samples for you all to take a look at if you can wait that long or if you can't make it till then. We still have room for our freebie crop saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Should be a heck of a prima event.

Well, I need to hit the hay before I pass out and sleep through the alarm.

Write soon,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The hours are just ticking ever so slowly

and the rain is making it worse. It's one of those days where you stay in bed - catching up on a lifetime moments movie or curled up reading a good book. Oh that's right I did both. LOL. Now, I am putting in some much needed computer time and the next thing left is to scrap or nap. It's a hard choice I am not sure which way it's going to go - especially since I need to use up some more of my prima stash to make my purchases tomorrow a neccessity!!! Oh well, it looks like it might be a prima night - oh the horror - having to use up some of my flowers and bling the travesty against humanity - oh that's right I love all things prima. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those lovelies - I know that the samples for saturdays prima party are just going to be awesome!!!

Well, I've got some prima layouts to get done...the horror!!!

write soon,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the countdown has begun...

in just a couple of days all your prima dreams will become reality. I will have prima paper, prima bling, prima lace, prima flowers, prima, prima, prima.

But, that's not all Creative Imaginations christmas line is supposed to be here this Thursday, Bo-bunny is supposed to arrive Friday and the fun just continues. I can't wait!

Don't forget we will be open till 7 pm on Friday so that you can come by and pick up your pretties. But, remember the prima product will not be in the computer till 4 pm. Don't miss out - some of these are guaranteed to walk right out the door.

Here's my count update:

407 Kindergarten christmas program
408/409 October - fall in florida
410/411 my animal lover
412/413 my pedicurist my toes scary
414/415 look at whose three in nyc
416 sweet
417 I used to be normal
418/419 camera shy 7
420 goodbye
421 lions club initiation
422/423 super cutie
424 family fun
425 al 16
426 you still give me butterflies
427 kindergarten graduation
428 cute
429 prekindergarten graduation party
430/431 turning 34
432/433 nik's prek crush

I am so close to my goal - who knows what I might get up to. It's kind of late now - 10:34 but I still might get a couple of them done today. Only time will tell. I am feeling rundown again - so a nap might be in order. But, tomorrow is Sunday. Yippee!

Write soon,

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Prima on the mind...

Yep, if you are wondering what is coming in I've got some sneak peaks. It's impossible for me to post the entire 140 skus that have shipped (in multiples of 6-10). That's over 900 individual pieces. OMG!!!!!!!

So, I didn't just want to shock you with all of them. Here are some that are sure to fly out the door. Remember that most of these are coming in in a variety of colors - anywhere from 2 to 6 different colors. Also, some of these are e-line items which means that they retail for just $1.50. SO, if you are shopping in a budget - these will be a must have for you - don't miss out - who knows when they will be back in stock. Also, some of these have lots of preorders so if you really must have one of these you need to come in and preorder this weekend. The order is expected and confirmed for Monday.

I am planning on being at the store on Monday afternoon to get everything in, prepare all the pre-orders and sell, sell, sell. In other words, if you come in Monday evening you will be able to get your hands on all the pretties first. If my plans are a go - I will be in the store for a few hours on - atleast till 6 maybe 7 pm. So, check the blog for details. I probably won't know till that morning - but as soon as I do - you will too.

Write soon,

P.S. Let me know what you think of the sneaks, want more????

Monday, September 07, 2009


I love getting an extra day off. My husband, being the great guy that he is, always lets me just chill when we have extra days like this. Today, was no different. I slept till 10:30. My dh slapped lunch together and made a barbecue for dinner. I scrapped the entire day and completed 14 layouts - that's right 14 layouts in one afternoon okay from 2 to 10 - like 8 hours. I needed it - I go back tomorrow and I need to be refreshed and scrappin helps - I should be nice and refreshed for tomorrow. I am so excited. I have a whole bunch of testing to start tomorrow, but I will be alright. Busy day - I needed to reboot.

Well, I'm off to bed - so I can stay refreshed.

Blog soon,

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What do you think???

Changed the site a little with the help of thecutestlittleblogontheblock.com. They are easy and FREE and look how cute it looks. I love it. Let us know what you think???

A keeper or a lose it. Let me know.

Write soon,

P.S. Now, if I could just figure out how to add music - we'd be rockin' Tips ladies???


Yep, I had some fun scrappin last night. I LOVE crop nights. I was so inspired too. I got a whole bunch of stuff done. So, I am updating the count. Yep, I am on my way to getting to my goal of 500 maybe I will even raise that in a few weeks. With all the pretty new stuff I have just become a croppin loon. I even did a two-pager with 10 photos with some of the new amber road from pink paislee. I love their new alpha stickers. They might not look like a lot in the packaging but once you use them - they look awesome down and for $1.99 they are a steal. Stop by this Friday and preorder some prima and come take a look at the samples I made with it.

the count
386 be happy
387 lots of love
388/389 document: beautiful
390 i love you giraffe
391 adorable
392 fly
393 what a mess
394/395 you made me love you
396/397 big cake
398 my babies
399 girly nails
400/401 4 the love of shoes
402/403 baking with grandma
404 elmo chicken dance
405 happy
406 why

Yeah, I am almost 80% of the way and I've got 3 months to go. I am way ahead of the game. Any takers??? Been scrappin like a loon lately???

Anyone feel like they can deal with a 7 day challenge. Here goes:

Get one layout done every single day for the next 7 days and get a chance to win a PRIMA goodie bag. Yep, a prima goodie bag. A random winner will be chosen from all those completing the task. Post on your blog or email me a photo of your layout every single day this week from tomorrow Monday, September 7th till Sunday, September 13th to go in for a raffle for a prima goodie bag.

Remember there's no use buying it if you don't use it - so use it!!! Besides, it gives you a reason to keep on buying.

Oops, I don't want to forget that space is already limited for our Birthday Crop. So, if you are interested come on in or call us with cc info to guarantee your spot. A $40 deposit is required by October 1st. It will be a memorable event.

Write soon,

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Guess who just emailed after weeks of waiting...


Yep, guess what's in a box with all your names on it. So, as always if there is some Prima you need to get your hands on right now, come in on saturday and prepay for your preorder to be guaranteed your goodies...you would not believe how much stuff is ready to ship - I need another job to pay for it all. Oh that's right I have another job. hahaha. I am so excited. I can't believe I got a response back because I hear it's been crazy over there. I was one of the first orders on the first day and I was still waiting. So, fortunately, our time is now and we are getting paper, felt, words, pearls, studs, bling, lilies, hydrangeas, essentials, and so much more. Remember ladies the only way to guarantee that you get it is to pre-order it. The order should be here in time for Fridays Freebie Crop next week. So, you might want to sign up for that crop at your earliest convenience, because I am sure that after being here until 11 pm not much is going to be left lying around. And then, who knows when the next order will ship. They take weeks and they are expecting products to arrive in their warehouse all the way through until November. So, you'd better get your fix now, because it might not even hit the floor. Oh yeah.

It always feels like Christmas when Prima blesses us with an order. Although I have said it before and I will say it again their customer service sucks I get crazzzy when I hear from them. It's like being 7 and unwrapping the big gift and knowing its the big gift and the silly grin you get on your face when you get it. Like it's the best thing in the universe. Yep, I love that feeling. It makes me giddy. I want to wrap/roll myself in it (like indecent proposal). You still remember that toy till this day - the toy you might still have or used until it broke apart or have passed on to a child or grandchild....

Well, I'd better go, if I don't call with that cc info I might never ever hear from them again and have my order put back in the bottom of the pile - oh no. Save your pennies and come check them out. Friday will be awesome. We still have room for that crop too so call us or email and come in and roll with it.

write soon,

P.S. I've got some scrappin to do. I feel so inspired now...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oh yeah...

we've got a bunch of scrappers for saturday night. I love it when we get a good sized crowd -the tunes are catchy, the conversation is flowing, the laughter is contagious and the good times keep on rolling. Since school has started I have put in, a minimum of an extra 20 hours per week and the last two weekends we have had crops that have kept me going. Really, this year I feel more organized, more caught up, more ready then ever to face the little ones every day. But, I really think that the fact that I have scrapped both weekends has helped me get throught the first couple of weeks without going insane. I have to admit that I just love the personal aspects of it. Really, good conversation, great tunes (100.1 rocks) and laughter have been the highlights of these crops. I am so blessed and greatful to have such awesome scrappin friends and so many of you have become even more than that. You've laughed with me, cried with me, sung with me, and listened to me and I consider myself so blessed. Thank you for reading my inner madness and being who you are. You all have really enriched my life.

Random idea: I am always listening to song verses and thinking they would make great titles so I am hoping to post some here and then having a chance to actually scrap them.
Today's verse: "tonights going to be a good night" (blackeyed peas). Love the song - think a crop night, a girls night out, a male strip revue...

I'll leave you all with that thought - wouldn't that make a great theme crop :)

write soon,

P.S. I got some more layouts done this week to share - so come check them out we will be open till 11 pm on Saturday. See you all then!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yep, we are staying open to crop tonight...

I've got 4 ladies joining me tonight, so if you can make it or just want to pick up some things come on in we will be here till 11 pm. Plus, I actually got some layouts done with some of the brand new kaiser and have them with me if you want to take a peak. We also have a new double dee for the week from Sharon that is really adorable. Oh, and let's not forget the beautiful paper we just got in from CI - and the glitter alphabet is just so cute. Some this stuff is already limited. One more if you ordered any of the scrapbook trends or cards magazines they are here now - so come on in and pick them up. If not I still have one of each available and at 40% off you can't go wrong.

Write soon,


Friday, August 14, 2009

Crop tonight

hey ladies,

it looks like we are cropping tonight. I got four on the list - so we are staying open till 11. So, if you haven't gotten a chance to come and check out all the latest arrivals or my latest creations come in and check it out. I am gaga over all the new stuff. I have a million ideas in my head and just a few hours before I go back to work on Monday. Oh, boy! So, what I get done will probably be the only things I will get done for the next month. Don't miss out.

Also, don't forget our store hours are changing this week.
We will be open open monday - saturday 11 - 4 pm. Plus, we will be open on our crop nights till 11 pm. let us know what you think...

write soon,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Important News...

1. I will be closing early today - some urgent business I have to take care of - so I am closing at 3:30 pm - today only. We will be open tomorrow until 5:30 or 11 if we get enough croppers.

2. We are updating our store hours next week to 11 am to 4 pm Monday - Saturday. Yep, we are going to try Mondays again - if it doesn't work out then we will go back to Tuesday through Saturday. Does it make better sense? Let us know what you think.
Nothing is written in stone!!! Plus, we will be open late, till 11 pm, on Crop Nights.

3. I just got confirmation that the craft mats shipped and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday. If you pre-ordered them please stop by this weekend and prepay them to guarantee that we hold it for you. We only have 7 that shipped - so don't miss out.

4. Our monthly kits will be available next weekend!

5. We still have room for our crop tomorrow - so if you are interested don't wait too long - if I don't have a group of 4 I will need to cancel.

6. We are working on a big all day workshop where you could get 3- 6 project done in one day. Save the dates November 13th and 14th. It will be awesome!!!

If I remember anything else I will update this post with it.

Write soon,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More new stuff

Yep, some more thickers just came in - the daydream font in several colors as well as the tiny alpha in black from my little shoe box. So, come check them out along with all the other new stuff we got in this week - the TC friendship, all the websters, and the cupcake bday from doodlebug have all been super popular!!!

My count:

I know it has been a long time since i updated my count but here it is:

LO 350 oh brother
LO 351 sci-fi night
LO 352 scary
LO 353 nails
lo 354 bathing beauties
lo 355 El beso de Judas
lo 356 everything that I need to know I learned from my dad
lo 357 the locks
lo 358 Remember this
lo 359 1st grade awards
lo 360 the new house
Book 7
lo 361 priceless - 10 tiny toes
lo 362 shine (webster's pages)
lo 363 little monkey
lo 364/365 all boy
lo 366/367 Spring fling
lo 368/369 spring
lo 370/371 egg hunt
lo 372 @11
lo 373 christmas day
lo 374/375 a friend
lo 376/377 time flies
lo 378/379 my mother's tree
lo 380/381 Beach Lovers
LO 382 the ice cream zone
Lo 383 the glow
LO 384 beauty
Lo 385 my girls

Yep, I hit my first goal and now I am just 120 layouts away from getting to my second goal. This will be a real challenge since I go back to school on Monday. Then, the first month is absolutely insane. oh my. So, let's see if I can make it - keep your fingers crossed. It's going to be one heck of a ride.

Write soon,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow, amazing...

This weekend was absolutely incredible. I tried really hard to make this a great weekend and it's so awesome to have such a great turnout. You were all amazing. The laughs, singing, and prize giving went really well. I have to thank all of our sponsors for being so generous. I also have to congratulate Jennie on winning the BIG prize - the Bobunny couture bag and all the goodies. Also, to Patty for winning the card challenge - great card!!! Oh, and the classes were just amazing - Vicki was absolutely incredible and has just taken sw florida by storm. We actually filled every single class and more. We don't have a single extra kit lying around. The amount of techniques she can pack into one class was just incredible. I think every single person left learning a few new tricks. Just amazing how one person can be so knowledgeable and informative. But, that's not even all of it - she has a super great personality and just sucks you in - you can talk for hours and feel like you've known her all your life - like a long lost best friend. But, the best had to be listening to her sing I like big butts from Sir Mix-a-lot. Hilarious

So, what is a girl to do because once a year is not enough - well have I got a plan in mind. Keep checking our blog for the details but mark your calendar. This November 13th and 14th we are planning a HUGE BLOWOUT CROP to celebrate my 40th birthday but that's not all we are also planning a designer event like no other. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON. You don't want to miss this!!!

Write soon,

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oops, class supply list sorry...

Yep, I am losing it - thanks Darla for reminding me - below is the materials list for the classes - I have many of these items available for sale at the store - so if you are missing something call me and I will set it aside for you (sorry the sale does not apply to these items - they are new for this event).

Saturday, August 8th
Vintage Class @ 10:30 am
Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black and brown ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, foam squares, pencil crayons, chalk and or water colour pencils to color stamps.

7 Gypsies Class @ 4 pm
Tools used in class- Vintage Photo Distress Ink, Peeled Paint Distress Ink, Fired Brick Distress Ink, Broken China Distress Ink, black alcohol ink, Ink Blending tool, craft mat, Circle Punches- 2”, 1 ¾”, 1 ½”, 1”, ½”; stapler, baby wipes, sandpaper, Bindery Punch, Threading Water Border punch, Crop-a-dile, Cuttle Bug and script embossing folder. (if you have any of these items, please bring to class. I have limited numbers to share)

Sunday, August 9th
Beyond Flowers @ 11:30 am
Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black and brown ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, foam squares.

favorite things class @ 4 pm
Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, sandpaper, corner rounder, 1 ½” and 2” circle punch, foam squares, stapler.

Oh, and I wanted to say I got a goodie box from Sharon our sales rep full of goodies for our Anniversary Croppers - so we have now oficially beat last years sponsors.

Write soon,

Yum, yum, yum

Okay, there are so many pretties back here - that I might not get anything done today - I want to sit and keep scrappin'. But, to work I must go - don't you all want it to look pretty in here??? I know that I am excited about it. I spent the night working on sketches for the store - so although we won't be able to move into the new space before tomorrow the old store is going to look very different - a minor face lift before we go. I guess I am a little ADHD - I get bored with the look and need to start all over again - so it should be interesting what I wind up with. Don't forget to come check it out.

Please note we have special hours this week:
Thursday - 9 am to 4 pm
Friday - 3 PM to 11 PM !!!
Saturday - 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday - 11 am to 6 pm

We still have room for Sunday's crop, so if you are interested - get back to me and I will make sure that I put your kit together. We are completely full for Friday and have 1 space for Saturday - last minute cancellation - so if you want in make sure that you call with cc info to reserve your spot.

Write soon,

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

CHA Sneaks

Hi Everyone,

With a little help from my friends (thanks Kellie) I was able to get one day of cha photos up for you guys to see the sneaks of whats in and coming in the next few weeks. More to come soon. Check the link out (cut and paste it into the web adress line):


Also, the box from Webster's came in with brand new paper and even a transparency. Oh yeah. We are at 13!!! We have tied last year and prima has 2 boxes in transport to us. One is scheduled to arrive tomorrow the other on Friday. Yummy!!!

Write soon,

P.S. Let me know which are your favorites!

Designer Mojo...

Yesterday afternoon was our very first designer crop event. All 7 ladies plus myself(unfortunately Sharon had a family emergency and couldn't make it after all) scheduled our very first sample palooza and that is what we got. I am so excited for everyone to see the incredible samples that they did. It was a marathon - the diehards left at almost 12:30. Can you believe that?

We got all of these done:
Jen E 2 + one that needs photo
Renee 3 + 2 pager she is finishing up tonight
Jen S 6 + one that needs photo
Ines 6
Kellie 6
Rebecca 7
Dee 8
that's over 40 layouts if you count the photoless. Plus, we shared some of the BRAND NEW THICKERS that are arriving today for Fridays crop and you would not believe how many titles the ladies made with the same alphabet pack. We even did layouts with each other's scraps. I did most of my layouts from scraps the girls had left from their samples. I love when I can get something done with the scraps. Athough all of the samples are not made from paper that we have right now for the crop - we do have most of it and all the thickers we used. The paper we don't have we expect within the next couple of weeks. So, be on the lookout for all the new stuff that will be arriving almost daily. Also, don't forget we are not opening till 3 pm on Friday - I have to pick up Vicki at the airport and we have some last minute details to finish up here.

Finally, I am expecting some more goodies to arrive today - I will update after ups man comes to vist - which is after 11 am. He is really not going to like me today - I think the box from American Crafts alone is 60 pounds!!! Oops, almost forgot I was told Prima sent a second goodie box - scheduled to arrive Friday - but with their crappy service I won't believe it until I see it. Keep your fingers crossed if it arrives it should be a good one.

Write soon,

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Another update...

Yep, it's time for an update. Here are the sponsors:
1. Cosmo Cricket - Arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin - Arrived
3. American Crafts - Arrived
4.Pink Paislee - Arrived
5. Fancy Pants - Arrived
6. Prima 1 bx shipped
7. Scenic Route - Arrived
8. Bo-bunny - Arrived
9. Dream Street Paper - Arrived
10. Creative Imaginations - Arrived
11. Sassafras ???
12. Moxxie - Arrived
13. Webster's Pages - shipped
14. Making Memories - arrived
15. Bo-bunny - arrived - something different for every single day!!!

We have received 12 of the goodies from sponsors so far. Unbelievable!!! We need one more to beat last year's number - and I was assured that the Webster's Pages shipped yesterday so we are neck and neck! Let's hope that Prima kept their promise ??? You all know how I feel about their customer service - if you haven't heard me complain -this is what I think ifrjiefjroejfrefrjwepfXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! I can't even type such filth. Let's see if they can redeem themselves!!!

Write soon,

P.S. Don't forget we are open till 6 pm tonight.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yep, my husband thinks I am dreaming.

I have a dream I scream out...you have a fantasy my husband says...are you rich??? NO, i answer back...but I have you. My husband smiles and kisses me.

That was our discussion after he saw the "NEW SPACE" - he thinks like always that I am completely insane but I see it. I totally and completely see my new dream happening. Okay, the space is bigger but that's all it has going for it - it is a total mess - hence the address is still a secret because it would scare some of you away - but in my vision it is a whole different place with great shelves and lighting and awesome walls and displays - oh and so much more but apparently my husband thinks that this can only happen in my mind. But I disagree - so it might not be 100% what I want by Friday but it will still be a good solid beginning for our new space and it will be awesome for everyone else. And the dream continues - so as expected the sales will continue - I need to make money for all these changes so come in and check it out and help in your own way to make this dream come true - plus the deals are great - look out for the email. We REALLY don't want to carry anything over there...

Write soon,

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm back...

I am exhausted, excited, thrilled, exhillarated, amazed, and so much more.
Although the show was smaller than past years - about half the size - just seeing the incredible samples was amazing. I love looking at samples - some of these companies have the best designers in the world. It is amazing how then can turn a piece of paper into a work of art.

Random Thoughts
Webster's Pages are beautiful and the alphabet and trim will fly out the door
American Crafts thickers are HOTTTTTTT - and will be here for our Anniversary Crop
Best Creations SAMPLES were incredible and most of their paper is on its way here
Fancy Pants Glitter Cuts- Ahhh
Teresa's Friends line
Moxxie's Queen of the Crop
Found a WHOLE bunch of new small companies that had amazing new products
Basic Grey - Ohlala
SEI - yep, I even ordered some of that - Awesome
Christmas Paper was in abundance and beautiful
Bo-bunny stuff is always incredible and I went crazy there
Prima, Prima, Prima - what can I say there...
Pink Paislee - I want it all - oh that's right i am getting it all

We also picked up some more sponsors along with all the great giveaways we got for our Anniversary Crop.
We have sponsors now:

1. Cosmo Cricket - Arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin - Arrived
3. American Crafts - Arrived
4.Pink Paislee - Arrived
5. Fancy Pants - Arrived
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route - Arrived
8. Bo-bunny - Arrived
9. Dream Street Paper - Arrived
10. Creative Imaginations - Arrived
11. Sassafras
12. Moxxie - Arrived
13. Webster's Pages - Terri H - THANK YOU
14. Making Memories - arrived

So, if everything arrives in time we will have beat last year's record - oh yeah. We are only waiting on 3 deliveries. OMG. Plus, American Crafts provided 1 pk of BRAND NEW Thickers for every single CHA Cropper on Friday Night - the goodies are plain incredible.

Oh, and to top it all off WE ARE MOVING - so the anniversary crop will be held at our NEW and improved store - it's larger and open and OMG a total mess - so we will have a crazy week but darn it if it won't look great. I have a theme in my head and when I get ideas in my head I am completely nuts until they get done - so get excited - I promise it will be a weekend to remember!!!!

Look out for our WE ARE MOVING SALE. Coming SOON!!!

Write soon,