Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Okay ladies the time has come to tell you that I have lost my damn mind.

In case you weren't sure, it's OFFICIAL!

Can I get a loan???
Sell my home???
Okay, sell the kids...they are already broken anyway.
I really do want to keep my children.

Today, we have a guest straight from Chicago that is going to give you a heads up on just how insane I am...NUTS.

Hey everyone--it's Kellie. I made the last minute decision to buy a plane ticket and tag along to the show with Dee. We had a great event with Creative Imaginations when we got in Thursday night. There were lots of great make-and-takes, yummy food (esp. the chocolate fountain), and some awesome new paper lines. Dee placed the order and we were off on a shopping spree of MAJOR proportions.

We've had two days on the show floor and I don't know how Dee keeps it all straight. She has ordered from some new companies like Pink Paisley and Jenni Bowlin. And the love affair with many of our favorites continues. I don't think I can pick a single favorite because there are too many awesome companies and paper collections. I think October Afternoon and My Minds Eye would be in contention if I had to pick. Since I don't, I'll let you know that My Little Yellow Bicycle and Luxe Designs have some really fun lines as well. Dee said she was done with winter and Christmas paper but the little penguins and polar bears were too cute to resist at the Reminisce booth. (I think she was afraid I was going to take off with the samples if she didn't just buy it, so she caved. he he he)

Oh, I was supposed to tell you how crazy she is and let you know that she has in fact lost her mind. Yes, she's lost her mind. But don't worry, we'll scour the showroom floor tomorrow and maybe we'll find it. If not, don't worry. We'll leave it and bring home some AWESOME new goodies for the store. That's it from me..and now more from Dee.

Hey I am back...I kicked Kellie out of the way to once again regain my thrown as the heavyweight champion of the Scrapbooking federation of wrestlers.

I do have to tell you all that I met the owner of Scrapbook Goodies at the show and she was very guys have to stop by there and check it out...I think we have two different visions so go check it out.

Alas, I must say that the goodies have been a whole lot better from most of the companies this year. I must say my advice to Basic Grey did not go on death ears. They gave out one of each of there papers when you placed an order so I have a chunk of new paper to give out for the crop including BRAND NEW paper that will not even be released to October- HOT!!!

But, they weren't the only ones the goodies from American Crafts are incredible. Believe me if you have not signed up for the CHA crop next month - you will be sorry. The amount of goodies was just obscene. As for the product - their travel line was incredible. But , the fun doesn't end there, that's just the tip of the iceburg. Bobuuny as always gave me some great goodies and Sassafras has also agreed to sponsor us for the crop. Doodlebug was on the there new product is not ready to ship yet. So, it might make it - it might not. But, you will still get it. So, expect some awesome stuff...I know I do. Oh and let's not forget the Slice Aprons. But, it's not over yet we still have tomorrow. So, you might get another sreaming email tomorrow. Yippee. We could still win a slice or a little yellow bicycle, wouldn't that be fun.

Oh well, I've got to go, I've got a snickers and a diet coke with my name on them.

Miss you all,


oh and KELLIE

Friday, July 11, 2008

OMG - I forgot something.

Hi Everyone Again,

I was just going to log off and I remembered the reason I first started the blog today - the goodies that we got for our Anniversary Crop. We got rubons from Making Memories for everyone in various themes. We also got a box from Bazzill with minialbums, brads, packs of paper, acrylic buttons, and so much more. But, the box of the week is the box from American Crafts. I am so surprised with the box of goodies from them. The box was HUGE. It had everything from photo corners to letter stickers, to foam leaves in autumn colors and paper and ribbon rolls. We are talking WOW. If the boxes keep getting bigger you will need handtrucks to carry your stuff out. YEAH!!!

Talk soon,

CHA is just around the corner!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just can't believe it...finally the sneak peeks are out...well atleast some more of them, because I was getting a bit anxious. But, now that I have seen some of them...I am really worried. I might have to get a second on my mortgage to get all the stuff that I want. It's unbelievable. The stuff coming out is just incredible. Like My Little Yellow Bicycle. I was really thinking of skipping their Love and Halloween Collections and just getting their gorgeous Sharon Ann Collection. But, after taking a closer look at their other collections...damn them if I don't want them all. So, you guys better come in and get some halloween paper...cause at these prices it will probably be the only halloween line I will be getting in.

Then, there's always CI - they are spectacular. Their school lines and their harvest - thanksgiving line is AWESOME. Can I get a loan???

But, the love doesn't stop there I just saw the sneak peak from Fiskars and I really want to SCREAM. Heidi Grace is BACK. And Li'l Davis - you guys know that they bought them over right? Well, they are back and the line is absolutely delicious.

But, that's not all Ranger has NEW STICKLES coming out. Notice all the capitals- I am SCREAMING these things out :-)

Oh and the new line from Daisy Bucket with the TREES is spectacular. I'm seriously drooling right now.

Trees are hot - bling is hotter.

The singles from PRIMA are amazing and the dinosaurs are incredible. Oh and the flowers...
But, the rhinestones from Kaiser are stunning - I am in a butterfly stage.

Oh, and the Princess collection from Imaginisce is Priceless. Every little girl in town needs some of this in their albums.

That's just the tip of the iceburg. I have seen so eyes are bleeding.

Oh, but the fun is not over.

I want to send out a big shoutout to Renee Dorrian who was published in Creating Keepsakes this month. Yippee. I think it was page 123 - she made it with some of our 10 cent paper- isn't that hot.

Oh, and finally, I will not be leaving for CHA until Thursday, so I will be in on Tuesday and Joyce would love to hang out with ya'll on Wed ( I am spending the day with my kids - the guilt) until Saturday. I will be back on the job that following Tuesday with plenty of GOODIES for our CHA Crop. This year CHA is going to be HUGE.

And don't forget about our CHA Crop on Friday, August 8th. This is going to be a huge event. I just got a little hint of the make n takes from Brittany and Sharon and let me tell you - they will be awesome. Noper. I am not giving any hints out:(

Kellie is going with me to CHA and it will be a girl's weekend, so those of you going give me a call so we can make plans - like Beth, Geri-ann, Colleen, Stephanie, and Rita.

I will have my cell and charger this time - Hopefully.

Talk to you guys soon.

Tomorrow is the Let Freedom Ring Crop and I have tons to do. But, the paper is gorgeous and so are all the 10 new lines in the store - Pebbles Zoo and School lines, Scenic Routes Appleton and Liberty Collections, New Pearl Colors from Kaiser and Cocoa, Tudor and Thrillseeker.
Then, their the new teal, lime, and green diecut papers from CI and there bling and glitter brads. Oh and my favorite the Daydream glitter papers and boutique brads from Doodlebug - these are gorgeous and I don't expect them to make it past this weekend. So, you need to stop by and pick up some of these gorgeous, also, the fancy pants papa is finally out on the floor and the Cream collection from CI. There's more. so, come by and check it out.

Also, if you have any special items you would like from the new CHA releases tell me now so that I can make sure to order them. But, I don't think theres anything I am not getting. LOL.

We will talk again soon - before CHA I am sure.


Friday, July 04, 2008


Hi Everyone,

We are upto 9 sponsors now...can you imagine. Here are the names again:
Prima Marketing, Inc
Fancy Pants Designs
Flair Designs
Creative Imaginations
Making Memories
American Crafts
My Little Yellow Bicycle
KI Memories

We already have 7 confirmed YESES and I have a feeling that the number is going to hit max very soon. Only 13 more spots available and then we will only have room for classes. I am also in the process of fixing up both the crop rooms and expect both of them to be done by the time of the anniversary crop. This is going to be our biggest bash ever. Believe me it's going to be incredible. Some of our sponsors are some of the biggest scrapbooking companies in the country -these are big nams, great donations, awesome prizes. I am just so excited!!!

I have also been looking at the sneak peaks and let me tell you I am in love with quite a few lines. If the show looks as great as the sneak peaks this will be the best show ever. I even got some special invitations to see new product releases before the show. Yippee. I just can't believe me.

Some things I can't live without:

pink paislee

I am still waiting to see something from KI, Scenic Route, Pebbles, Fancy Pants, PRIMA, Sandylion, Rouge de Garance, kaiser, MYLYB, Bazzill, Making Memories, and so many more. A lot of companies have not released any sneak peaks...everything has been hush hush. I do know that the theme for CHA-S is kids crafts - and I heard that their will be new lines from someone for Hannah Montana paper and High School Musical. I can't wait to get my hands on those all my kids watch them - what the heck I've seen several Hannah Montans episodes...but that's out secret.

Well, gotta go - I hope everybody had a great 4th of July and don't forget we are open tomorrow from 10-5. We also still have room for our crop next weekend - and we have quite a few deliveries come in with new paper - as always our croppers get first dibs. I am so excited to have brand new paper in...several companies have launch midyear mini releases plus we are getting and awesome new pet line from KI - it is so will love it. Come in next saturday and check it out - the store will be open to 11 pm for those shopping emergencies!!!

See you soon.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Info on the Anniversary Crop

Hey Everyone,

Already since yesterday's email we got two more sponsors.
The total is now upto 6:

Prima Marketing, Inc
Creative Imaginations
American Crafts
Fancy Pants Designs
Making Memories

Also, we got in the goodie bag stuff from Creative Imaginations and I am completely shocked by the amount of goodies sent. I can't even believe how much stuff they sent us. The box included everything from paper and chipboard to stickers and epoxy. Believe me if that was the only thing going into the goodies bags you would love it. I can't wait until I get the rest of the goodies.
I am so excited. I am hoping to beat last years sponsors and get 12 this year. So, we are half way to our goal. Yippee.

CHA is also right around the corner and I have finally started getting little sneak peaks. I just placed my first preorder and the paper is just so cute!

I also saw some great back to school paper from Creative Imaginations that was just to cute to pass up.

Oh and let's not forget URBAN LILY is back. Anyone who has been at Dee's knows that I carry paper from oversees and my favorite has always been URBAN LILY but at the winter show they were not there. I was so sad at the news. I really love their stuff, even if some of you don't get it (YET). It has finally started to get some attention and I actually sold out of 2 of the sheets today...yippee again. So, I thought they were out of the paper business as these recessionary times have been so difficult for everyone. But, today I received an email from them with a sneak peak that has me DROOLING. I can't believe it. So, save the anniversary dates because that's when all the good stuff will be here and ofcourse the croppers will have first dibs. And with the stuff that I've been seeing...ooh la la.

Well, I've got to go I am supposed to be making multiple photo layouts. My 19, 9, and 13 photo layouts were a big hit. Jen's dog layout was also a big hit and the two Jen's mini albums from Fancy Pants (they are almost all sold out - the paper used URBAN LILY and Rusty Pickle).
Come in and check them out - very cute - 1 is boy theme the other is girl themed. But, pets would also work well and travel cute grandma brag books too).
Let's see how many photos I can put on the next two pager.

Good night,