Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh what fun!

Hi Everyone,

I know! I did it again, I went overboard. I just couldn't help myself. The amount of new stuff already here is unbelievable and we still have over a week left. What am I going to do?

I really need to crop and get some samples going. Anyone interested in our little crop this Saturday? If you are, call us.

But, I have decided that every month we will have a customer of the month and that customer will get 10% for the entire month and have a place in the crop room to display their works of art for the month. I know, it's too late for April. So, In May look out for the details and find out how you can become the Scrapper of the Month and get on our walls...our brand new crop walls.
That's right the Crop Room has been painted, and the shelves are on the walls. But the best is yet to come.

To tell you all the truth, I really can't wait until the end of the school year. I need to be creative, I need to liven things up. I need to do my Spring Cleaning....okay Summer Cleaning...I'm working on it. I have all these awesome ideas in my head, I just wish that I had all the time in the world to get them done. But, never fear Super Mom is on the job and before you know it, it will get done. I think I can...I think I can...Darnit, I can! This is a PG blog.

So, expect lots more changes. Don't worry I am not changing my lines, you have to stick with what works and I don't carry stuff I don't like. I just can't do it. I really can't sell stuff I don't love. Unfortunately, I love it all.

Well, I've got to go there are a couple more things I need to get ordered. Yes, I know, way to much!

But, expect great hourly sales and the hot news on who our Guest Designer is.

Speaking of guest designer, here's your big clue this week: she was published in Scrapbook Etc. latest magazine. Look out for it and don't forget, that in order to win the blog challenge, you must read the blog. Just a note to the wise. How competetive are you?

Oops, I almost forgot, if we had a weekly page in an hour midday Saturday class for $5.00 how many of you would be interested? Drop me a note and let me know. I think it would be fun. I have been polling the customers and I've got 5 yeses (is that a word?). If I hit 10, I'll commit. Get in before it's too late.

Gotta go, there's some paper in this catalogue (that I'm reading) that's calling my name. Yippee.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Prima, Prima, Prima

Hi Everyone,

I just got a chance to look through the Prima stuff. Damn is their stuff good. But, the CI Honeydew Collection has to be my favorite and it matches the Prima flowers. What is a girl to do? Get it all...

I am really tempted to take it all home and roll around it.

My teenagers have this new saying: they say things are "sexy". Like a great hamburger is "sexy" and the salmon was "sexy". That's how I feel about the Prima it's just "sexy". Never mind the fact that some of it is packaged in panties and bras. I don't know how long I can keep this stuff upstairs. I actually want to stop everything and go crop right now, which I can't. Once I am done here, I need to order something else I feel in love with. I just couldn't help it. I just got their catalog and it's been screaming to me to get it, now! And, I still need to update the website. We only have 1 space available not three. And, we have some classes this weekend. OOOOHHHHHH, I've got it. The class this weekend is on Fibers and Flowers and that must mean that I need to put the Prima Flowers out for that. Yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking with it. Sounds like a plan. Everyone signed up for that class has first dibs on the flowers. Yippee. Maybe, I can focus now and get to some real work. I will talk to you all soon.

Everyone else will have to wait until class ends at 3:30 to get some. Happy shopping! Maybe I should order some more. Sounds like a plan. Anyone interested in croppin tomorrow night for $6.00 for half a table. We have tons of room and I really need to crop...I have all these ideas floating around in my head....must crop, need to crop......LOL.

I really gotta go,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's almost that time...NSD

Hi everyone,

What a great day. I just finished the final order details for our big National Scrapbooking Day. We have gotten so many new things and so many new things are on the way that I don't know how long I can hold it in. Keeping all these secrets is starting to stress me out. So, I have decided to let you in on some of the stuff that's going to be happening.

Well, as you already know, you will be getting a goodie bag from me (with paper from a company I have never had in the store before, we have had some of their product, just never the paper)...I know risky, but it looks fantastic and it's not gender specific...which is important because some of you don't have kids, or only have girls, or only have this choice should make everyone happy. No, it hasn't come in yet, but it's already shipped. We are also having door prizes this time...some awesome new things are included, too. But, this time we are adding some FREE Make-n-Takes...that's right, FREE! You will also be getting a goodie bag from 3 different companies...yippee. One of the companies is Imagination Project who has sent 3 different things for each of you. The other company is American Craft, and I still haven't received that, and the other is from the " secret company". The "secret stuff" has arrived and it's stowed away from prying eyes. will love this. It sweet and simple but you guys will love it.

As for all the new product that has arrived, we have the product from Heidi Grace...beautiful. We also have the new Prima flowers and 3 more lines from Creative Imaginations. Still hiding.

Then, we have Autumn Leaves, K & Co., Bazzill, and a few other things on the way. Yippee.

I am keeping it all hidden away until the crop. Yippee.

We are also having several games. Which includes one on the blog. So, keep reading, you could be a winner.

Also, Diana just let me know that I made a booboo with the e-mail and it never went out the last two weeks. So, I figured out what I did wrong and you all should have gotten it. I am on crop overload. Sorry, everyone. Also, I changed the amount of the discount but I have not excluded the Technique Tuesday stamps. So, you can go on a stamping spree...go crazy. We have also made our 40% off area bigger in the back room and have added even more stuff...unbelieavable savings. But, I need to get it out so that I can fit in all the new stuff coming in.

I am so excited. All of the games are new so get ready to earn those prizes. Also, bring 2 different pictures of anything you like (please bring duplicates, your photos may be harmed in the making of this game). This is an awesome challenge. That's all I'm saying.

Also, we still have 1 space available. So, if you haven't signed up yet, this is your chance. So, hurry, before we are all sold out.

Finally, a clue from our guest designer...she is the proud mother of two girls and has been a CK - Hall of Famer (and no it's not Heather Preckel), and she has 2 cats. Not telling! I have started taking my blood pressure medicine again...I am so many things to do, so many things can go wrong...but darn it if it isn't all worth it. The final product is always so good.

Oh, and don't forget it starts at 9 and that's when the fun begins. Breakfast will be served shortly after. Something, we be going on the whole time....and you should be shopping to your hearts content. The sales will be to hard to pass up.

Well, dinner has arrived, that right arrived. I don't have time to cook I'm planning a crop. Gotta love that excuse. I don't know why my husband hasn't traded me for a newer, smarter, funnier model. I really think I am early menopausing...night sweats, hot flashes, dizzy, chills, leg cramps, cycle out of whack. Any advise, help me out ladies, what are the signs, what do I have to look forward to now? P.S. I am driving my man crazy! I need help.

Oops, easily distracted. Pizza's getting cold.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am so excited!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about the Mommy and Me Crop. The paper is just beautiful. It is from Heidi Grace and you all know how much I love her stuff. I think she is just incredible. And her latest 3 lines are just awesome. The paper is so cute. It's flocked, has glitter, it's embossed, double sided - all that hot stuff. I picked one of the lines for the kit for next month. The colors are totally summer influenced. Yippee.

Next month's kit is going to be so hot. You are going to have to come in early next month to make sure you get one. Because, you know once they are gone, they are gone.

Speaking of gone, my parents left Monday, so it will probably be another month before things get back to normal. At one point we were up to 15 people in our house...4 bedrooms...big 'ole mess. Lots of fun.

The tool for our designer's challenge this weekend is fanstastic. It was featured as one of the hot new tools in one of the magazines, I can't remember which. I was so excited to see it this week. If you are a brad fanatic this is the tool for you. It's still not too late to sign up, give us a call by Saturday night. The paper is also awesome as are the embellishments.

The time has come for another hint about our 1 year anniversary guest designer. No, I am not telling you who it is (HEEHEE), but I am giving you another clue, she has been married for 18 years and has 2 kids (okay 2 clues). I couldn't resist. She is also so modest. What talent! I really don't know how much longer I can keep this secret to myself.

As for the NSD Crop, I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. The paper and all the embellishments are completely incredible. I think this will be our best crop kit ever. Next month, is really looking bright. We have 3 spots available for the crop (since a group agreed to go upstairs). I also have a new challenge layout and a whole bunch of new games, contest, prizes, and door prizes. Even better than the Lucky You Crop...
way better. It's like having a party every month. The sales are also going to be outrageous. As always we will have a whole bunch of new stuff arriving just in time for our crop. And the goodies from Imagination Project have arrived. Yippee. (I think that's my hot new word). The Secret ones have shipped. And the American Craft ones are almost ready to ship. They have been very generous with us the last couple of months. But, they do have some incredible product. It's hard to stay away. And the thicker stickers are just awesome. I think they are my hot new find. The fonts are just way too cool....I am beginning to sound like my teenagers...what's happening to me?

Did I tell you that we (okay Jen) have updated the website and it coordinates with our new and improved crop room? Okay, it's only half done, but the paint is on the wall. Yippee (there I go again). You guys are going to have to come in and see it for yourselves. We are still several steps from completing it but we have started the process. Yippee (I am on a roll.)! We plan to debut the completely finished crop room for our NSD Crop. So step by and check out the progress.

We are still adding to our 40 percent off also needs to go...all of it...Call it our tax relief sale. So, stop by check out the changes and tell us what you think. And, take advantage of the sale.

Gotta go,
I have massive loads of laundry to do! Unbelievable how fast it piles up. I think my kids think a magical maid does it overnight..HA! Don't I wish.