Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm working on it

I am just overwhelmed with the response to the new classes. Our January calendar is currently available at the store and the February one will be ready Tuesday, we really are planning ahead...I promise. We have added some other things and changed some things so make sure you check out our calendar or get it online at
My team is so fabulous they have really pulled together to make next year a great success. As for the contest kits they will be available on Tuesday, January 2nd. The theme has been changed to winter and the colors are in blues. There will be a free make and take with this product ...coming soon. It's beauutiful. Can't tell you what it is.
We also just got in the hot new baby girl and baby boy Doodlebug papers...I am still waiting on the other two lines.
And yesterday, we got in the hot new KI Wild Thing Line. I am in the process of putting that in the computer now along with putting together the Christmas Kits for tonight. If you stop by tonight between 6 and midnight and mention this post you will get 20% off all your christmas themed products. Got to make room for Valentines Day.

Well, I better get those kits finished. All new stuff. These kits will also be available for purchase @ $25.00. No Discounts on these...sorry. They are already at an awesome price.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Planning Ahead

Hi everyone,

What a year this has been. I have been excited, thrilled, sad, miserable, amazed, and mostly importantly exhausted. Opening the store in just a short few weeks was the easy part, now the work has really begun. I have so many ideas, thoughts, plans but executing them has been a struggle. So as everyone thinks about their new years resolutions I plan. I plan some awesome classes, some incredible crops, some hysterical theme crops, and most importantly getting the best products at the best prices as soon as possible.
I am posting my plans in hopes that you will all help me to stick to them. Making plans is a lot like maing resolutions, you want to reach all your goals but things just happen. So, I am asking you all, begging really, that you guys help me get my goals met. I am going to post my plans in hopes that everyone will help me reach them. So, when you see me ask me if I have stuck to my plans, ask me how my planning is going, ask me what's next...push me, interrogate me, force me to be a better, more organized me.

My goals for 2007 include:

Monthly Theme Crops
new times 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
(January - The Notebook)
(February - Love Is In the Air)
(March - Spring Has Sprung)
(April - Mother's Day)
(May - National Scrapbooking Day)
(June - Father's Day )
(July - Summer Fun)
(August - Disney Days)
(September - Back to School Fun)
(October - Fall Fun)
(November - Christmas Chaos)
(December -Goals for 2008)
(Goodie Bags are theme related and at a cost of $30.00 for half a table and $35.00 for an entire table)this includes Dinner.

Weekly Crops till you drop new times 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
cost $6.00 for 1/2 and $10 for whole table

Monthly Calendar Class
Jan - December 2006
Feb - January 2007
Mar - February 2007
Monthly Technique Classes
Jan - Buttons and ribbons
Feb - Stamping
Mar - Brads and bling
Apr - Dry and Wet Embossing That Is
Got some ideas e-mail me
Monthly All Things Altered -
January - Paint Can
February - Clock
and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Classes include two advanced scrappers classes "sketch it your way" and a "Designers Challenge".
Jen W will be joining myself and Jenn as class instructors next month and we have two other secret instructors lined up...we will keep you posted.
Alas, we will continue to offer our monthly contest/challenge at the reasonable price of $9.99 and we will also offer a hot new kit that includes even more product and awesome embellishments at a cost of $19.99.
WOW that was a mouthful.
I'll keep you posted.
Ask me...keep me on my toes.

Saturday, December 09, 2006



I forgot two more names Micheline L. and Sherry B. So if this is you, stop in and come get your credit.

Also, we have a hot new idea for christmas. Instead of the actual wish list form we are providing bins for you to put in everythting that you want. You put your name on it. Then, you send in your family and friends. They give us your name and we provide them with your bin. They can shop for as much or as little as they can. We will hold the bins until December 26th.

We will also be providing this service for birthdays. Just come in 15 days prior to your birthday and pick your stuff out. You know the rest.

You should be getting our newsletter today with some coupons so be on the lookout for that.

Keep Scrappin'


Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's starting to sound a lot like christmas...

Is it really December?
I am amazed.
Where did the time go?

I am sending a quick blog today to thank all of my loyal customers..THANK YOU.
I also want to announce who has reached their $20.00 credit this month...Kathi W., Monica P. (her 2nd), Jennifer S (her 2nd), Pat K, Juli H., and Helen H.. Kathi and Helen have already stopped by to get their credit...the rest of you get here asap.

I also wanted to announce that our December Challenge/Contest Kits are now available (we actually have 2 left) so you better hurry. We have November's competitors up and we are waiting for the other 3 staffers to pick their favorites...but it's pretty close right now.

As for classes: we only have one left for this month (the card class was Friday...nice group) What to do with Chipboard and Paint with Jen E. (come in and see the sample it's gorgeous) and three huge crops...the Christmas Crop (December 23rd), the Mommy and Me Crop (December 30th) and the Great Girlfriends Crop...we will be doing a Girlfriends version of the Newlywed Game that's sure to be hysterical...I am working on the questions right know.

The Christmas Crop includes a goodie bag full of Christmas products that are NOT on the peeking...that include paper, chipboard, metal, brads, etc. A must see.

The Mommy and Me Crop only has 1 set of spot available so call and sign up right away. The cost includes a mini-album, 20 sheets of cardstock and 10 sheets of patterned paper.

The Girlfriends crop includes an album and a goodie bag full of girlfriends related have to see to believe.

Well, I better go I have to get some samples done with the new heart and flower shaped paper from Bazzill and their new Bling cardstock...It's hot.

Also the new K & co glitter rub-ons are in (some of them) and the 2007 designing with calendar from Autumn Leaves just to name a few things. Come in and check it out.

Must go,


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Heather is gone....

Hey everyone,

But,she will be back. I have asked her to come back out ...and she said yes, she would come back.

But, it loooks like we are going to get another Hall-of-Famer in our midst pretty soon. I am working on getting Angelia Wigginton here in February to help celebrate our 6 month anniversary. Heather said she is only 1 of 3 women who have been on the four major magazine design teams and she is one of them. WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.

I am actually going to give her a call today and see if we can get this set-up today. Look out for the details. We will post them as soon as we can.

And for anyone who wasn't able to attend the classes we purchased additional kits from Heather that you can buy at the, come in and ask about them. They have pictures and detailed instructions and the little tin for the vintage class is so cute. Also, if anyone is interested in sending Heather a thank you card, I will be sending her a personal thank you in the coming week and I will be happy to send your also.

Also, I want to thank eveyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Can't wait till next year.

I also want to remind everyone that we are taking names for the Girlfriends Crop and the goodie bags are getting better by the minute. Their is something in there for everyone.

I also am taking names for the Mommy and Me Crop. This is not just for kids bring your teenager or your adult daughter it will be a great time for all. The goodies for this crop are also amazing and it includes an 8x8 album of your choice.

As for the Christmas Crop we are hoarding all the goodies so you will not have any of the items in your stash. So, shop away.

Anyone interested in a low-budget job with great perks? Then, Dee's could be the place for you. I am looking for a creative spirit that loves all things altered. If this could be you call me we are working on setting up an An All Things Altered Group and need a dedicated Designer for a monthly club class.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention that we are also having a FLEA Market at the store. Table rentals are $10.00 but you MUST MAN your own table on Saturday December 2nd. Come one come all. Great Stuff.

You must also check out our class calendar it is just brimming with stuff to do.

Also, we got some gorgeous glitter paper from Fiskars for Valentine's Day...a must see. We also got the cutest monkey paper and Vegas paper. Oh and some great Disney paper...a must see.

Also, Shannon's card class is filling up fast for Christmas Cards. You will complete 4 cards and the cost is $20.00. It's on December 1.

For those of you who think you are up to the challenge we also have a Designer's Challenge class coming up. It is for medium to advance scrappers only.

We are also offering a series of "What to do with...." classes for our seasoned scrappers who want to learn techniques and multiple uses for a variety of paint and chipboard...move from the basics to the hot, hot, hot.

I also wanted to remind everyone about the Thanksgiving Challenge/Contest. Don't forget to get your entries in by November 30th. We still have 3 kits available if you are interested. They are really cute and Jen did a great job putting them together.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by great people. Thank you all.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is someone out there?

I can't believe it. I actually got a response from someone on my last! That's 3 since we went online. I really thought I was just rambling on to myself, but it seems a lot more people are reading these and just haven't responded until now. Well, don't I feel special! I just wished they would have responded with an e-mail, I love to respond one to one it is so much more personal. As it turns out I had misspelled Quickutz (which has been corrected) but that's what happens when you are constantly on the go. Life is hectic. But a thanks go out to the person who showed me the error of my ways.

Onto some hot news, the card class was just wonderful. Shannon is such a nice lady.
We still have some spots left (3) in our doodling class tomorrow so if you can make it, call me tonight before midnight at the store (Crop Night). As for Heather Preckel Day, I only have 3 more spots left for the Flower Pot Memories Crop and I have 1 in the Creative Inspirations Class, 4 in the lets get vintage class, and 4 in the Fabrications class. I need to know by Monday night - I have to e-mail her with the final numbers. If you are interested and have not been able to stop by, respond to this blog or e-mail me at

We just got in all the KI Joyful Collection...cute as always.
We also got the Tool Taxi from Fiskars and their Christmas paper is on the way.
We also got some dance and travel papers and the bazzill blooms.

I want to thank all of our customers who just are so wonderful. I love to hear all the great things, but if their is anything that is a problem. Please let me know...customer service is very important to me.

On that note, I also want to tell everyone that we are having a Cricut Pre-season sale. We will order yours with a $50.00 deposit for the special price of $229.99 plus tax...and all cartridges at a cost of $70.00 per cartridge. So get your orders in before this sale is over on December 8th.

I also wanted to thank Jen for her great work with the contest kit for November.Their is a great picture on the website so check it out.

See ya,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hot News

Have you stopped by yet?

I am just so exited about all the new stuff going on. The excitement is just building. Only 8 more days until Heather's crash landing. I really don't know what to do with myself. She is such a terrific person...and getting to live the dream. I was just reading her blog and you can tell how nice she really is on it. That's what I want...that readers can feel it through my words...all the love, all the passion, all the jazz. We already got in the transparencies from Hambly Screen Prints and you wouldn't believe how gorgeous they are. I can't wait to use them myself. I think I am signing up for that class for myself. It's so right now. You can't help but be pulled in. And who called this trend, my designer Ellie, since the first day she walked into my store, she said that I had to get them and now I see why.

As for anyone who has been in the store and heard my ramblings on the know I have been dead on with all of them and this week I am making some more predictions. Read along and let me know which you agree with and which you think are just awful? Then, we'll sit back and laugh about it in 6 months.

For one I LOVE the CRICUT I think it is going to surpass the Quickutz.
Altered anything is hot, CI, Maya Roads and Imaginisce are proving that once again, wait to you see their new altered dress forms, tins and swirls....HOT, HOT, HOT. Oh and all the metals from Imaginisce ...anyone working on anything heritage must have them now. You'll see them in the store very soon BEAUTIFUL.
As for colors I predicted the black and whites, then turqouise and brown, followed by the pinks (which are the hot color right now), and my next color choice is a toss up between blue/green and very elegant colors like silver, grey, long as there is GLITTER, GLITTER, wil be all the rave...I have a great glitter line coming, can't wait to get my hands on it.

I also feel that we are going to extremes...I see a split between people who are about all things flat....hence the overlays from Hambly and those who are all about 3D....hence Maya Road's tins and swirls.

Let's see who wins out.
Only the future will tell.

As for the store, we are bursting at the seams. I don't even have one spare rack to put paper on. I'm working on that though, so look out for more changes. I have gotten great reviews on the ABC wall. Now, you need to come by and see the Class Samples, Crop Corner and Contest Corner. I just heard about this PUB CALLS and I posted a contest by Piggy Tales (which we currently have in the store...HOT). We also got the Pink Martini Designs and beautiful blossoms from Bazzill. Too much to tell.

Come by and don't forget to sign up for our big Heather Day as well as Shannon's card class on Friday night and Jen's doodling class on Sunday afternoon.
Oh, and we have just announced some great crops during the break... A Xmas Extravaganza , a Mommy and Me Crop, and A Girlfriends Crop that is going to leave you laughing till you cry. Stop by for details.

See ya,


Monday, October 23, 2006

It's almost November

November is just around the corner and so is Heather Preckel Day. I am so excited about our visitor next month. She is so down to earth, so much fun, you guys are going to love her. Plus the fact that she is an incredible designer....don't be too surprised to see me in her early morning class, the one with the Timeless Love sample. Wow, I can't believe that you get to do three projects in each class. I also love the overlays. I have actually ordered some of those overlays and they should be here any day now....yippeee. They are available in all colors with all different cool designs and their blog has some great samples.

But I digress, we have gotten so much stuff in that we have added another peg wall in, so that we can spread it all out and you can see all the products and in all their colors. I am also expecting Piggy Tales and Pink Martini this week...yippee. I am loving all the new independent companies...they are a little more expense but they are rich, beautiful papers and pieces.

Well my lunch is over got to go.

Let me know what you think about the changes...and sign up fast before all the spots are gone.


Sunday, September 24, 2006


I can hardly believe it!
WINK News just left and they were just wonderful. Lindsay is so sweet. She actually made me cry! She also spent a ton of money on supplies...seeing she is a month away from her wedding to Nick.

The funniest thing happened about a minute after the second taping...someone called to find out where we were and said, we would see them today. They made my day.

We are also trying to see if we can get Judd Cribbs to come out to our Pajama Crop next month...wouldn't that be hilarious. I hear he really loves all those fun little segments he does.

Well, the fancy pants finally made it here on Wednesday and although it was beautiful I am upset it took so long. It actually should have been here last week, if it wasn't for the fact that they didn't confirm the address and they sent it to another DEE Scrapbook Store in Kentucky. Can you believe it, there's another one.
Never would have "thunk it".

We also got the new stuff in from K and Company and that is gorgeous! We also got in the New Paper Salon. But my favorite is still the Huge Chipboard from Fancy Pants. I love the all stitched-up line from Paper Salon and the decorate it stamp from them...I also love the photo cube from K and Co. and their little jewel chipboard it's awfully cute...what am I talking about...I love it all. We also have a lot of stuff coming in next week...including more Queen & Co., the new cherryarte, new Pebbles, etc, and the CHA Released Colorbok albums. I'm in heaven.

Wow, since the last time I blogged, we also got the new Crate paper, Scenic Route, the MME stuff, and American Crafts. It's hard to believe it's now 7 weeks since we opened and we already had to buy more racks...10 more to be fit 300 more sheets of paper and 2 racks from MME that fit another 128 papers.

When did this all happen...I still can't believe it. Well, I better go, it's almost time to open the store for the day and I still have to clean up the mess.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey everyone,

It's hard to believe that it's been a week since my last entry. That just lets you know how busy the store is and how many new goodies have been arriving on a daily basis. I have also gotten a few great comments about how unbelievable it is in here and "how they can't believe how much the store changes every time they come in". THANK YOU. But, their are still more changes in store! We have had such a huge reception that I went a little paper crazy and now I had to buy even more paper racks. Can you believe it? It's been only 5 weeks. Wow!

The lastest arrivals took me into Friday evening (11:53 p.m. to be exact) but, it's finally all in. The new MME lines came in and I can't decide which one I like better. The transparencies are beautiful (Bohemia Collection), all the little tags (Signature Collection) are incredible. My favorite is the one that says "if found please return to ..." tag. This has my son written all over it. As for the gems(Bohemia), wow, at 1.29 thats awesome. Their other two lines are great, too. The diecuts for Front Porch and the vintage colors are cool. Everyday tango also has these great looking papers for altering, including a teal colored page that has a huge circle pattern in it and a heritage feel. We also got the new Scenic Route in. Both the lines are gorgeous, but if you are into that graphic/altered look you will love their Capetown Line. They also changed the packaging on their chipboard. Cute. And anyone who knows me knows I am really into the chipboard now. So, I'm just drooling. And at double-sided a steal. But, I will have to state the truth, I am currently in love with the new doodle inspired rub-ons from American Crafts. And their new Play lines are HOT (more double-sided values). You know me always being thrifty. Got to, so I can have more to spend. OOPS, did I say that outloud...don't tell my husband...he thinks I have gone over the deep end. Well maybe just a little bit. LOL.
I also want to thank all of our customers who have been spreading the word. Your referrals are greatly appreciated. I really am grateful. Thank you for making our first month a great success....keep telling your friends.

I wanted to thank our three shoppers who have already gotten to their frquent buyer credit. Ellie H., Jennifer S. and Jennifer E. Ellie is actually approaching her 2nd $20.00 credit. One more strong visit should put her over the top. Good luck!

And to those of you who are thrifty shoppers, ask me about tips on getting more for your money. I have samples in the store on how to get more out of your stock and plan to put a flyer together on the subject...or maybe you want to share an idea with fellow customers...I'd be glad to add them in. As for the crops, we have a big one coming up on the's a 12 hour one and it is being catered by Jason's Deli. Great prizes and goody bags. So, don't forget to sign up atleast 48 hours in advance. You can also e-mail us to put you on the list, but we need your food order as well. Remember 48 hours in advance.

I am also looking for a part-time clerk/scrapbooker. For Wednesdays and Fridays. Okay pay but great benefits.

As for new stuff, I am expecting Fancy Pants this week, One-Heart...One Mind and a copule of other things I can't remember right now.

My pet peeve today has to be Crate paper...can you believe that I got an e-mail yesterday (saturday) that thier was a problem with the shipper and the product did not ship as per his conversation with Jen on Tuesday that it would ship out on Monday. Can you believe that? It's the second time they have changed the delivery date. Real cute! I don't know why they aren't just honest with customers. Their are just too many companies that are willing to ship on time to bother spending time and money on companies that lie about it. Oh well, at this point I just feel that some places I can't order from and only Crate paper comes through this week...I might never order from them again. Here's hoping, because their paper is gorgeous.

Well, I've got to finish my 2nd stoer sample today. My goal 5...yeah right.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Just thinking out loud.


I can barely wait till tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on the new MME stuff...from the gorgeous double sided paper to the chipboard titles and the bling bling (jem brads) that coordinates with their paper lines.

It was shipped UPS, so it should be in the building by 1:30 and Jen will be inputting the items as soon as she can, hopefully, by the time I come in, all the items should be ready to walk out the door. I can't wait to get my hands on them. They look beautiful.

And the technique tuesday stuff should be here any day this week as well as the crate paper. The scenic route paper should be in on Thursday, and it's gorgeous. I also got a whole bunch of their chipboard and their rub-ons. Your going to love it. American Crafts is also on the way.

My pet peeve this week...Fontwerks, I have e-mailed them various times (4 to be exact) and called them twice, I sent over my documents and I still haven't heard from them. I sent them a final notice of my order. I will not be contacting them here's hoping that they will acknowledge my order and get it out to me asap. Keep your fingers crossed.

I actually got 4 layouts done at Saturdays crop. Can you believe it? Two with the new Autumn leaves papers, I just couldn't resist it.

The wall is up and it looks good. I still need to get more hooks for the rest of the stuff coming in like the rub-ons and chipboard from Scenic Route. So, I'll be hitting home depot before make sure you get access as soon as possible.

Don't forget our crop this weekend is on Friday from 6 to midnight for 6.00 (half a table) or 10.00 (whole table). As always, 10% off your purchases when you are here for a paid crop.

Well, I've got to go, I'm e-mailing American craft to confirm delivery date...their new rub-ons are awesome.



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Hi, Can you believe it, we got their (Cosmo Cricket) chipboard yesterday and it's gorgeous. The naked cigar boxes are HOTTT!!!! I also got confirmation that Scenic Route will be here Thursday and that MME's 9 BOXES will be here on Tuesday...YIIIPPPEEEE. Technique Tuesday also billed me, but I haven't received the tracking number so I'm not able to confirm it's delivery. Fancy Pants is still claiming that I will receive it early the following week...let's hope that's true, because their large chipboard swirls are to die for. And their paper is absolutely gorgeous. My husband is in the store today adding more display space, we are running our of room for all our new "gizmos" and gadgets. We are also going to color code that area since we got such great review on our system. We have rearranged a whole bunch of other stuff as well. It looks great. Hopefully, I will get a chance to work on some of the new layouts for the store tonight, including those with the new scenic route chipboard. Unfortunately, I am going to have to wait for the paper to come to do to those.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

We got a surprise arrival today..the brand new 7 gypsies is absolutely gorgeous...still waiting on their certified stamps. We also got their class kits. They are scheduled for October, so be on the lookout for that...they will be done by our brand new design team.

We have 3 more designer kits available..and your chances are 50/50 of being hired as a designer/instructor for our team. Think about it, this is a chance to be noticed, get recognized, get some groupies (just kidding) just never know unless you try it.

Well, we did get our Basicgrey delivery. We received their new lilykate and Romani lnes, their naked chipboard, the monograms, the small diecut alphabets, and my favorite item of them all ...4 different gorgeous rub-ons. They are hot! I have a feeling that they will be put to good use at the crop this weekend. Yippee.
My pet peeve today is due to Fancy Pants Designs. After placing a substantially large order and being told the items would be here in two weeks (two weeks ago) I received a phone message that the chipboard would be arriving today and the paper would arrive next week... in their warehouse..which translates into another two weeks for me...they claimed 10 days...I'll let you know how that works out.
As for Crate paper, I am still waiting on confirmation of it's arrival Tuesday, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Tomorrows arrivals include Cosmo Cricket...their chipboard and their naked cigar boxes. WHOA!!!
Let's see if it arrives as scheduled.
Don't forget, we are closed this Tuesday is going to be a hot day for us. Yippee...Deliveries expected include MME, Technique Tuesday, and a couple of other things I can't recall from the top of my head.
Well, it's almost midnight again, so I've got to go.
Hope to see you all at our crop on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey Everyone,

I just confirmed that Basic Grey will be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Those of you who have boys will love it or if your just a basicgrey lover...this will knock your socks off.

Technique Tuesday has also shipped and Cosmo Cricket's cigar boxes are expected Friday.

My pet peeve today is that I received the rack for the new MME products, but the papers won't be here until Tuesday. AAAAUGGGHH! But, it's all going to be here... from their gems to their CHIPBOARD titles and as always their double sided papers...9 whole boxes of it.

I am still waiting on Crate Paper (supposedly here on Tuesday), Q and Co., Fancy Pants Design, more Prima chipboard and flowers, Creative Imaginations (beautiful Mickey Mouse paper), more Autumn Leaves, Imaginisce, One Heart One Mind, 7 gypsies, Scenic Route, American Crafts, and several other companies that I can't remember at this time.

I actually had time to make one sample today. I'm hoping to be able to do more at this weekend's crop. As always, I will be here for the entire crop. You guys need to come in and sign up or call us, we have plenty of room and it's only six dollars for half a table and ten for an entire table. I also give a 10% discount on all purchases made during crops (not valid during free crops).

I want to thank all of you who have told your friends about us. To thank you all, I have made new flyers for September with a 10% off make sure you are one of the next 25 shoppers to receive your coupon.

I also want to thank Jessie and Jen for all they do. It's hard to believe that it's only been 3 weeks and we have a website up, a blog, online shopping, a packed store, and a great crop area. It's so funny to think how different we are and yet we work so well together. Jen, the quiet and sophisticated wife and mother, Jessie the young single mom, and Me ...well what could I say about me...I'm a nut. But, one thing is for sure, we really love scrapbooking. Jen and Jessie get just as excited as I do when a package arrives, I can hardly keep them away from the new merchandise. Well, at three weeks its all new, but you know what I mean.

Well, it's getting late and I really need to get to bed, so I can be ready to put all that new basicgrey stuff in the computer, it should be available for purchase between 4-6 p.m. tomorrow.

Also, don't forget we have changed our store hours for September to 10:30 - 6:30. We will also be closed on Mondays. Sundays is up in the air, so if you want us to keep opening on Sundays, keep coming in or e-mail us and say that you are a sunday scrapper. If we get enough of a response, we will stay open on Sundays, it's up to you, let your voice be heard.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you about the Autumn Leaves stamps that came in...the swirls part 2, flowers, etc. Beautiful.

It's almost midnight...I really gotta go.



Welcome to the blog for DSS! It has been an exciting 3 weeks since the store opened. Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word and for your fabulous comments about the store, it means so much to me.

We are getting new shipments daily, let me just share a bit of what we have gotten recently.

The Heidi Grace line is here!! My personal favorite is the sparkle chipboard!

Autumn Leaves Blink and Blackbird line are here! I have a pic of them paired up with matching cardstock:

Aren't they just beautiful!!

Ok, now let me tell you what else has arrived recently...

  • Daisy D's Gypsy Harvest Collection
  • Bo-Bunny Country Kitchen
  • Heidi Swapp~Velvet Rub ons and Jewels
  • Making Memories Rinestone Brads, Velvet letters and sayings
  • Prima Patterned Paper and FLOWERS (see pic below)

Ok, now for what is on the way...

  • My Minds Eye all 4 CHA released collections
  • Fancy Pants chipboard and flowers
  • One Heart One Mind
  • Crate Paper
  • Basic Grey
  • Cosmo Cricket chipboard letters and cigar boxes (Paper is already here)
  • We have set a date for our first "theme" crop, it is Dee's Pajama Party on Saturday, October 21st from noon to midnight. See our calendar for full details and to check out our CLASSES. So far we have scheduled for September:
  • Scrapbooking for Beginners
  • Mini Board Book, All About...

We always welcome feedback, so if you have ideas on classes you would like to see or product that you "must have," just let us know!

Happy Scrappin' ~ DEE