Monday, December 29, 2008


Yep, I just couldn't stop at 1 new designer. It was just so close and we are in desperate need of some more designer help - so we took the two ladies who scored the most votes - Sharon P and Renee D. They will be a great new addition to our double dee rotation and the design team. Classes will be posted soon for both of them. So, be on the lookout.

I can't believe that another year is coming to a close. After 3 1/2 year in Florida I am more certain than ever that I made the right choice moving down here. My trip to NYC just reminded me off all the things I really don't like - like the TRAFFIC, the cold, the grey sky. I'll take my simpson's sky anytime. It just puts me in a better mood.

We finally had our christmas yesterday and the girls loved their bikes and Nik has been on his Wii all day long. As for me, I got to play with my new portable printer and actually printed over 100 pictures in just over an hour. I just couldn't help myself. Some of them - like the ones with my dad making funny faces in his hospital bed to the pictures in front of the tree yesterday - oh and the ones of the girls riding their bikes and of my niece playing with the kids really really came out nice.

But, I haven't been able to scrap anything because I spent the entire day doing laundry and emptying out my closet. My husband, promised that he would get the tiles done by the new year. Except, he got home today and didn't feel well and actually went to bed before 8 - so now my ENTIRE living room is covered with scrapbooking stuff and clothes. To tell you all the truth, I can't believe that I have so much clothes in my closet. Some of it I hadn't seen in months - okay - maybe years. But, I need it, maybe this will be the year that I will lose some weight and fit into clothes the size I was before I met my husband - yeah right. I am purging this year. For real, I plan to kiss it all good bye. I'm keeping everything in a realistic size for me. Because we all know that I can't be skinny - I am way too bitchy and you guys would never step foot in the store if you knew me during my skinny phase. I was way to mean. I think my life would be completely different if I was still that skinny little B-I-T-C-H.

So, cheers. Celebrate the ME that I am and the ME that you are.

Life is GOOD - Enjoy the moment. At this point, I really have to go I need to enjoy this moment - doing the laundry and packing my scrappin stuff for tom. crop. Yep, stop by tom and crop with me from 10 to 6 or just enjoy the 5 cent clearance paper. You really can't beat that price - I also added about 60 new papers and have more to add on a daily basis.

Remember I will be closed wed and thurs - so the sale is this tues, fri, sat, and sun.

Write soon,

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm home and cutoff from the world...

This is the pits - not driving really does suck sometimes and today is one of those days. I'm HOME ALONE and no car to go cause mayhem in - actually I am cut off from the world except for this laptop. My brand new cell phone decided it was not going to charge anymore - I don't why and I can't turn it on to get anyones number off of it to call in the rescue squad. I don't know anyones number by heart except for my families and they have heard enough from me in the last week. So, I've made a new resolution for this year and I will need everyone to be my partners in crime on this one. I think I am going to sign up for driving lessons. I really need to learn how to drive but I don't want my husband to know in case I chicken out - so I am asking for referrals - if you know of anyone who is patient - out in Lehigh - with flexible hours - and reasonable prices - let me know - but just me can't have my husband wondering why a driving school or driver is calling the house - I need it to be a surprise - but this person must be patient - because as you all have figured out by now I am neurotic. Yep, I sharing the truth - I'm a little obsessed about many things, like the store, and my children, my friends, and my dad, oh and a hundred other things. Sometimes It is clear why Nik is the way he is, he gets it from me. Oh well, nothing can be done about that now!

On a happier note, my dad is doing well, but his attitude is low today - he is a little anxious waiting for the results to come in, but he looks great, he is strong (Thanks Renee - I really appreciate it) and I can just feel it, he is going to be okay!.

As for the store, I am so excited to be back tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the new stuff that arrived. Plus Winter CHA is just around the corner and I am dying to see the new stuff coming out next month. Yep, a whole bunch new lines coming out next month from all the major brands and some new ones. SO, I'm giving you all a task. Let me know what you think is hot, tell me about new little companies you might of heard of - or awesome new lines you heard about. Tell me what you want to see!

Oh and I talked to Rebecca and she informed me that the CI paper was just as beautiful as I said. So, croppers get your pockets ready, because this paper is truly irresistible. I can't wait to pick some of it up to make samples for Saturday, so designers if any of you are in town stop by and pick up some paper for samples and double dees - Stephanie next week is your turn - hope you are reading this - since I can't call anyone.

Well, I've got to go, I am working on a double dee of mine own.

Write soon,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daddy's home

My daddy's home. It looks like we are going to have our traditional christmas after all, if we can keep our dad away from the food. Yep, he loves to eat, but after a week without food he is on a mostly liquid diet. Now we just have to wait for test results to come back after the holidays, but I feel good about it.

As for the store update. I am happy to say all 3 deliveries for this weekend's crop have arrived. Another Yippee. I have been making things up for our crop all month. It's going to be hard to decide which ones we are actually playing - because it would be impossible to do them all.

I'm so excited!

Stop by and say hi to Rebecca and don't forget to stop in on Friday for our 25% off your entire purchase sale on Friday. I'll be in then getting ready for the crop and making some samples.

I will see you all soon and merry christmas everyone.

Write soon,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ha, Ha, Ha

I know this may seem odd, but I've been laughing my butt off since I got here. My dad loves games shows (he always has - hence my love of the newlywed game version used during the girlfriends crop). He spends hours watching those shows and guess what he has access to them from the hospital. One of his all-time favorites is the family feud. Yesterday, we spent the entire day with my dad watching gameshows. We could not believe some of the crazy answers people come up with it. For example, one of the questions yesterday was: name animals that you would find in the desert. What's your answer? Well we rattled off camels, snakes, etc, while the person on the show answered rabbit and guess what 2 other people gave that answer...rabbit???

Everything everyone answered yesterday was just a little off and my dad and I all cracked up about that thinking that when you must be on the show your brain goes into dumb drive.

After we goofed on several people on the shows and had a jolly atmosphere going I got an anxious phone call from my son saying that he just couldn't stay in the car any longer. Anyone that knows my son, knows that spending more than 2 hours in the
car while he is awake would be a challenge and being in a car over 24 hours would be impossible, so I did what any other mother would do in a situation like this - I tried to bribe him. I asked my son to think of something that he really wanted and that if he was good the rest of the way, I would get it for him, thinking a game for his psp, etc. My son being such a smart kid, thinks about it for about a minute and then he tells me his answer "a plane ticket to go back home". He is not a fool, he knows that once he gets up here he is going to have to repeat the process with dad on the way back home. I didn't raise a fool. Of course that's not a plausible solution, but he has been good so far and on the way back it will be the day after christmas so he will be exhausted and will probably sleep through the first 12 hours, so that's half the battle. But, as I told that story to my siblings and my mom and dad, I thought about how different all my children are. It's amazing. But, so are my sisters and I, and my brother is like an alien compared to us.

As the years have gone by we have begun to look more alike but we have such different ideas on so many things... yet when it comes to things like my dad getting sick we are of one mind. We come to the same conclusions and feel the same way, think alike, respond alike, even eat alike. It's weird and funny when you think about it. Weird in the way that I never ever thought we would agree on what's best for my dad and yet we did and funny in that it's like we are reading each other's mind and finishing each others sentences when it's months sometimes between the time we talk to each other.

I've always known that my parents did a great job raising us but it's moments like this that make me love and appreciate them even more. I know that they are the reason I am so strong, and funny (oh yeah baby), and honest, loyal, sensitive and compassionate (I cry at home makeover and romantice movies), they made me crafty (I crochet - is that the one with one needle? - I macramay - I scrapbook, etc), they made me love school and books, well,they made me ME, with all my quirks and crazy notions.

I am hoping to follow in their footsteps and be able to raise 5 children who have common sense, school smarts, are loyal, and honest, hilarious, and so much more.
This is what I wish for them and I plan not to stop until I've achieved that cause they also taught me to be stubborn and headstrong and dedicated. SO, watch out Nikolas because moms on a mission. HA!

Write soon,


Thursday, December 18, 2008

News on the NYC Front

Dad's doing well. We are hoping he will be out of the hospital for Christmas Eve, keep your prayings going and thank you for the well wishes. I figured I should respond to things brought up here because I heard that some people don't read the comments.

So, here are some of the highlights I should share from the comments:

Yes, we have wireless internet access. We just have it secured because of our location across from a hotel where people are always trying to connect. We are happy to share that info with you (confidentially of course). Just ask!

Also, I think that the under 5 dollar thing would be kind of cool, too. Thanks Heather and thanks for the well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

Today we only spent 8 1/2 hours in the hospital - they kicked us out when visiting hours were over, but I have come to some conclusions about the hospital stay. Being in a hospital that long can make you into a hypochondria. You begin to pick up every illness when you are there - my knee hurts, I'm tired, my throat hurt, I'm hot then cold, etc. But, the thing I feel the most is hungry. I don't know what it is about a hospital that makes me hungry - but every stitch of food someone talks about makes me hungry, I have eaten more in the last two days I've been here then all of the last week put together. It's strange but true. Anyone with me?

Well, I have had some other ideas about the store, but they all have been about the girlfriends crop and I can't share those yet. They are a secret!

Also, I talked to Diana today and she said that the 3 entries looked good! I can't wait to see them. She said she was going to take pictures for me and emailed them to me tomorrow. THANKS Diana! I really can't wait a whole other week to see them. Don't forget everytime you make a purchase from now till next Saturday - you get to vote for your favorite. So, happy shopping and tell me what you think - what you liked, etc I want to know.

Well, I've got to go, I have to call the kids and say my goodnights before they fall asleep.

Write soon,


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We are almost there...

I am so happy to say that my dad came out of surgery and really looked good. Yippee.
I want to thank everyone who has been praying for him. Thank you.

Moving on to a happier topic, I am so excited to announce that several shipments are on their way to us just in time for the crop. I am super excited about that. I can't wait to play with all the new stuff. I also just talked to Ines and she has not only one but three double dees she is working on for this weekend. So, if you haven't stopped by this weekend will be wonderful with awesome new layouts. If you are not sure which designer she is - remember the layout with the Sharon Ann Christmas paper that we completely sold out of with the bling on the ornaments that was hers as well as the one that sold out with the webster's pages and the one with the CI red christmas paper and the paper tree on it. So, ladies get ready for 3 awesome double dees and remember when they sell out they are gone for good so don't wait too long.

While I was in the waiting room for 13 hours I was thinking about things that we could do for next year and I came up with another of my brilliant ideas (well atleast I think so - maybe you won't agree, but it doesn't hurt to think out loud!)
I was thinking about a one pager for under 5 challenge. I read this scrapbook magazine from europe somewhere and they have these less then 5L challenges - and I think we can do that. I was thinking about doing another monthly $5 challenge. Where everybody gets a kit for less than 5 and everybody creates something with it that month and brings it the following month to share with the group and pick up the next less than 5 kit. I think it can be done and with the economy the way it is we can be frugal and still get cool layouts done. This way if you join both clubs you'll be guarenteed to get atleast 2 layouts done every month - that's a guaranteed 24 layouts a year. That's awesome, something new and something old, a cheapie, and a challenge.

Tell me what you think about that idea. I am excited to know.

Also, tell me what you think about the new designer submissions. I am dying to see their projects. I wonder what awesome ideas they came up with.

Well, I've got to go. I've been up since 5 am and I have a pint of choc choc chip ice cream with my name on it.

Write soon,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Girlfriends Crop Mania

Hi everyone,

I am in NYC and all I can think about is all the cool stuff I am going to get for the crop. I was just going through my CI order and damn they have some awesome product. The journaling/dicut tags and the antiquities paper, oh and the doily, oh and lets not forget the renaissance paper. SO much to play with and I don't have any scrappin stuff with me.

Today, I flew in to NYC and guess was snowing. Do you guys know what that means to me...aaaauuugggghhhhh. It's one of the reasons I moved out of here to begin with. The temperature was just not for me. I don't mind the visit as much as the snow--- it's messy, and dirty, and grey. It's awful and what makes it worse is that I don't have any scrappin stuff with me. Everybody knows what airport security is like - you can't even travel with a cutter bee and scrappin without a cutter bee is just not scrappin.

But, I digress. Back to the crop. I have so many ideas in my head. I don't know if you all will have a chance to get anything done. I have the cutest challenge in mind and if I can get on the plane with coquito (a tradtional puerto rican holiday drink) I will share it with you ladies at the crop. It was delicious last year when my husband made it, but my mom made these and they are superior.

I am in NYC for my dad - he is having surgery tomorrow. So, please add him to your prayer list. We really need all the prayers we can get. We are all just sitting and waiting that's the worst part. So, what do I get to do instead of worry, I blog, I shop, I plan, I make list, games, you name it, I've done it. I'm getting a little stir crazy. But, that only means more fun for you. One thing I was thinking about was our sale. I was thinking about how if you spend $150 you get 50% off so it's actually only $75 - during the holidays it is so easy to sneak that sale under the radar...especially since men hardly ever give you a gift card to a specialty store. Instead they think a Michaels card is the best they can do - you can shop with a % off coupon all the time you can't do that at Dee's all the time. This is just another one of those tricks I had up my sleeve before I became a store owner. I kept secret stash, I sold albums, I saved the change from the groceries I was pretty set-up when I finally got my husband to take me the local specialty store in NYC that was over an over away - but so well worth the trip. I loved walking down the aisles and touching, matching, seeing all the pretty new things - all the glittery stuff, all the different color combinations. I can't believe that after all these years I still can't live without all the latest papers, the cutest ribbon, and the coolest embellishments. My hottest new favorite has to be the diecuts with glitter and the journaling diecut paper. Awesome.

Well, my mom just forked over some old issues of scrapbook trends that I don't have so I will have to bid my goodbyes - I am going to see some eye candy.

Write soon,


P.S. Check out the new additions to the calendar for next year. I am so excited. I am even have the challenge kit planned in my head for January. I might not be able to hold on to January to play with some of the stuff.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The girlfriends crop is my favorite time of the year...

The christmas break always reminds me of the girlfriends crop. I love to plan for this crop. While Christmas is about the kids, The girlfriends crop is about us. Hanging out. Laughing. Sharing. Just us.

I am so excited about all the challenges and games for the girlfriends crop. The kit is awesome. I just finished putting the order together. Yeah!!! You will love it.

I also finished getting the challenges planned and I am so excited. I can't wait to see what you ladies do. Last year the little people on the name tags were so cute. You ladies were so creative. I was so impressed. Everybody did a great job. I also am working on the new questions for the girlfriends game - more laughs there.

Yep, I am looking forward to the girlfriends crop!


Now, I am working on the calendar of events for next year. I have added the challenge kit party for the year and a couple of other activities. BUT, never fear we will have plenty of new stuff this new year.

Some ideas include -

Jen S. monthly class on 2 page layouts

Ines monthly class - which she is still developing

My monhtly crop - The theme crops will keep several of our favorite crops like the christmas extravaganza, the summer CHA crop, NSD crop, and the girlfriends crop and some new ones that will get your mojo going.

We will continue to have our monthly freebie friday crop and our monthly super saturday crop will now be free, too.

We will also have a monthly free Sunday crop.

Kellie - is probably going to do a monthly altered project.

But, the fun is just starting because our new designer will also have a monthly class depending on who wins, etc.

I am also looking for a card gal again to do a monthly class - so if you are a card gal come in with some samples and let's talk about it.

Oh, and so much more!

So keeps your eyes and ears open - lots of cool things coming up!!!

But, if you have an idea, a request, this is your chance to ask - ask now or hold your opinion forever. Let me know what you think!

Write soon,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

The scrapbooking bug...

yep, I've got it. I am in love with all things scrapbooking. From magazines to paper, bling to flowers, their just isn't a scrapbooking thing I'm not in love with. But, is that a problem ...well atleast for my husband it - not so much!

Why, you ask?
Because I actually use the stuff. There is something to be said for having all the most beautiful paper in the land, ribbon, etc. But, using it is where I get the biggest high. I love repurposing paper or using something super old in scrapbooking years (3-4 years) and making it beautiful. I get a thrill.

This week I've had several sleepless nights and I have been doing just that, challenging myself to do things differently.

For example:

I made a layout with christmas paper and photos of my brother. I know it doesn't sound right but you can't tell it's christmas paper from looking at it. I also made another layout from christmas paper with photos of my dad and my daughter. Oh, and a picture of my niece on christmas paper, too.

I accepted Rebecca's challenge and made several layouts with the new prima lollipop flowers. I also used "boy" themed journaling blocks on a girl layout.

Another challenge was using one of the diecut papers in a different way. I am so proud of myself that I got all those challenges done (check them out on the slide show) and I got a chance to scrap an old photo of my dad with my daughter. Yippee.

So, using my stash is not an issue. But, I hear that several of you have stash challenges. So, I am stepping up to the challenge. Starting in January we will be having a monthly challenge party. I will be putting a challenge kit together for you and issuing a challenge. You come to the party and pick up the kit or for local gals the challenge can be dropped off (cheap delivery charges apply depending on total number of dropoffs) and you will get a whole month to put it together. Then come to the next month's challenge party with your projects and share them with the partygoers. Everyone who shares a challenge project, layout, etc will get their name tossed in a can for a chance to win 50% off the new challenge kit. So, you will get to share and see other things people did with them and get further inspiration.

The challenge kits will range in price from $5 to $15 a month and include a challenge. It will also require that you use it in conjunction with some of your own personal stash. A win win celebration - you get to use some of your old stash and then you get to celebrate and show it off at our challenge party. Can it get better than that. I'm thinking the first friday of every month for our challenge parties - how does that sound???

OOOh, it's getting late and my husband is going to be here soon and I need to get my stash put away before he does.

Write soon,


Monday, December 08, 2008

Oops, was I all over the place....

Sorry Heather did I confuse you - the challenge was posted on Saturday's blog.

This is what it was -

It's a journaling challenge...

Tell me how he gets it (your man, boyfriend, significant other, spouse, etc).

How does he get you?

What makes him the right man for you?

What little things make you certain that he loves you....

I thought about this hard and long and here is a little bit of my response.

He gets me-

when I don't feel like talking
when I want to sleep late
when I need him to hold me
when I just need to be left alone
when he comes home with a pint of chocolate ice cream without me asking
when he picks me up and takes me to dinner - just the two of us - for no reason whatsoever
when he listens to me - really listens to me when I NEED to be heard
when he ignores me when I rant and rave like a lunatic
when I launch into one of my nesting zones - where everything must be in it's place right now!
He just gets me!

Use some of mine, add some, change some, start fresh. But, journal it and use it in a scrapbook page - put both of you in a layout - forget the kids - don't you think they would appreciate a page where they feel your love for him (each other).

Then, send me your response. You can be anonymous just let me know who you are so that I can add your name to the pot when I pull out a winner.

Write soon,

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's me again

Hi Everyone,

So, I lost my mojo yesterday and I didn't get anything done at the crop. What is a girl to do?

It is so easy to get frustrated and walk away from scrapbooking and get nothing done. Just let it go, it's too hard, or I'm not creative enough, or I don't have the right "stuff" or enough "money". Their are plenty of excuses. But, it takes a stronger person to get through the hump and keep on going. We are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, women (oh and some men too) - we are capable!

This weekend I had someone ask me about the pile of layouts on the back table and if they were all recent and mine. Yep, most of them are mine and I did make them recently. How do I get it done, with 5 kids and a day job and the store, etc. Excuses for not doing it I've got plenty of, but I am the family historian. I need to do it for me, for my children, for my sister, for my husband, for my friends, for those who came before me or those who will come after. I know I am getting sappy, sorry.

But, the reason I got back into scrapbooking in the first place is sappy. I was watching that Oprah episode where she talks about the woman who was dying from Cancer and had made videos for her daughter for all the special days in her life, advice on life, love, men, etc. It made me think, wonder, worry. What if I died tomorrow what would my children now about me and what I loved, what I enjoyed, what we did together, what made us laugh, what I cherished most. Would my husband understand that he was the love of my life? Would the kids know, why anything and everything? Will my parents live on forever in my pages? Can you just smell my mom's roast pork through the pages, or hear my dad pretending to speak Chinese? What if...

So, I began to scrapbook our story and I've never looked back - Of course, I've lost my mojo at times, but this reason always seems to bring me back. It reminds WHY, I do it, why it's important.

So, if you are having a loss of mojo, read this, remember this, your story matters and no one can say it the way you can.

So, go on tell your story!

Write soon,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hi Everyone

Sorry, it's been so long since my last email. Life - it's hectic - imagine that! LOL.

Can you imagine, I RSVP'd for a wedding WEEKS ago and as life would have it my kids misplaced my invite with all the relevant info. I knew it was this weekend I just assumed it was Saturday - I had the entire day planned out. I was going to hide my grey, get a much needed manicure and pedicure have somebody work for me at the store and surprise I found out Wed at almost 5 pm with a chicken in the oven that the wedding was Friday - imagine my surprise since I had a crop scheduled for Friday. Oops - so I have been running around like a chicken without a head to pull it off. I am happy to say that the wedding was beautiful and we had a really good time.

On the drive home my husband and I talked about our wedding. Wow, it's been 11 years already! Yep, it's moments like this that guarantee that we will be together another 11 years (22,33,44 years but who's counting). He gets me, he really gets me. My madness, my quirks, my ME moments, my aauuuggghhh's,etc. But, that's not all, I get him and his quirks, and madness and aaauuuuggghhhh, too. That's why it works. Because we do get it. And that brings me to your newest challenge. Tell me why he gets you - what are the little things that he does for you that make you feel loved. The winner will be picked at random from all the entries submitted by the deadline which is December 19th and then I will announce the winner right here. The winner will get to choose their product - 6 sheets of patterned paper, 4 pieces of cardstock, and 2 yards of ribbon. Approx retail value of $10 just for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Get to work!!!

As for HOT scrappin news we have the new Splendid Fancy Pants and the All Fall Fancy Pants collections in and some Prima stash and let me tell you I love their stuff all the time - I just can't stand them!!! You never get everything you order. Yuck!!!

Well, I've got to go - scrappin time- yeah!!!
I'm working on my own how he gets it layout.

Write soon,