Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh yeah!!!

I already had a chance to play with the paper for the NSD - Oh yeah!!!
I am so excited. In less that 48 hours I will be playing with all the new stuff.
Prima is supposed to be here Friday - we will see if they make it in time.
There's also an order from Cherryarte on the way and the rubons are oh so cute. Plus, they sent some goodies as prizes. There might be enough for everyone to get a little something. Oh yeah!!!

Well, I just finished checking that my final assessment was scored for my online class and I am done. I got through 2 classes this semester. Can I get an AMEN. Unfortunately, tomorrow I get login info for my next class. Yep, I'm doing it again. I have 4 courses to finish to get two more endorsements on my license. Yep, 2 endorsements - I know CRAZY. Well, after this one then I'll have 3 more to go. Hopefully I can pick one more up during the summer session and one in the fall and I'll be done. Until the next certification day...600 hours are a whole lot of hours. Who would have thunk it. But, now I only have 240 left. Almost nothing LOL.

But, there's this weekend to look forward to since I don't have a life. Although I don't think I will get anything done...I know that I will have a great time. You guys are just hilarious. I just can't stop laughing at these big shindigs and I plan to torture you all - so you'd better be ready for some sneaky little things up my sleeve.

Well, I've got some more layouts in my head screaming to get out.

Write soon,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 more days...

3 more days till NSD oh yeah baby!!!
I actually got 2 more layouts done last night and a third one planned.
Then, I went to the store today and I saw some of the new stuff and I was like oh yeah baby.
We have new Memorial day paper - blue red and white - very cute and like always from one of my favorite companies CI. Then, there's also the 3 kits that Scenic Route sent for our cropper prizes. Can you imagine - 3 whole brand new kits with their Garden Grove. Gotta love it. Oh and the challenge items are here. Expect some interesting news when these are announced.

Well I already gave you the hot news Scenic Route is in the house and we got some awesome goodies from them -oh yeah baby - oh did I say that already?

Well, I've got to go I have some new paper calling my name and some hot samples to make.

Write soon,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NSD Week

Woo hoo!!!
It's NSD Week!
I am so excited. It's almost 11 and I still have enought energy to blog today and maybe enough to whip out a page or two. We'll see.

For Now, I need to update my count. I know, I know, I am so far behind.
But, here goes anyway...
LO 140/141 Pretty Ugly using dream street
LO 142 Beautiful using dream street
LO 143 School Photo using dream street
LO 144/145 Easter Egg Hunt
LO 146 Easter Eggs
LO 147 Bowling 101
LO 148 Friend
LO 149 Don't grow up - Basic Grey
LO 150/151 Eat w/ Fancy Pants
LO 152 Seven
LO 153---at the store and I didn't write the name down w/ Fancy Pants
LO 154 Tea Party w/ fancy pants
LO 155 Those Eyes w/ fancy pants
LO 156/157 Zebra Tales w/fancy pants
LO 158 Eleven w/ bo-bunny
LO 159 Eggs, Money, Hunt w/bobunny
LO 160 What you get for a dollar w/ crate paper
LO 161 Fast friends w/crate paper
LO 162 Simple Pleasures w/ sassafras
LO 163 Motor Head w/bo-bunny
LO 164/165 If Looks Could Kill w/ create paper
LO 166 Grandmas Girls w/bobunny
LO 167 Go - Need for Speed w/bobunny
LO 168/169 Old New Car w/ bobunny
LO 170 Florida w/prima
LO 171 I see admiration w/prima
Dee Count 171
Heather Count 128
Day Count 118
Woo hoo I am ahead.

I know I have another layout at the store for a display but I can't remember what.
So, I will need to add that out of sequence. Oh well.

My class is almost done and most of the testing for school is over YEAH!

Just a few more weeks and school will be out and time for some real playing will happen - oh yeah. I was actually thinking about doing a scrapbooking kid's club for a week during the summer. Is anyone interested? Of course this would be school age group only 5 and up. If you think this is a good idea, let me know. As an educator - I have credentials to back me up - so it will be an educational experience just don't tell your kids - that might scare them - but scrapbooking lends itself to writing quite well.

Well, if I want to get any scrappin done today I need to get off this blog and onto my pages.
But, I do plan to blog everyday this week. So keep reading for some info on our crop this news to share.

For today, our hot news is prima is supposed to have shipped yesterday and the box is supposed to have a little something for everyone. We'll see.

Write soon,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow, time goes by so far...

Yep, it's been a while since I blogged - about a week - I can't believe it.
Where does the time ago.
NSD that's where it goes.
I've been so crazy with all things NSD that I haven't gotten a chance to do much of anything else. Thank God that we have 2 crops this weekend - because I have some crazy amount of scrappin to do. I made about 5 layouts with the new crate - which is just delicious and a few more with the bobunny. These are 2 companies that you can just get so much out of their stuff. Two pieces of each are enough to make a gazillion things. Really. I am going to try to take photos and post them so that you can see what I mean. We have a ton of things happening for NSD. I am also hoping that Scenic Route will send us some goodies too - what a coup that would be. Well, I'm outta here - I am emailing Scenic Route to see what I can squeeze out of them.

Write soon,

P.S. Scrapbook Trends and Scrapbook Cards have both arrived so if you preordered stop by and pick them up for 40% off.
And American Crafts Thickers should arrive tomorrow - I am really looking into that. Yeah!
The rainboots are awesome...
The punches are supposed to ship on Monday - let's see what happens...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay, this is just a minor blurb.
I just finished my final assignment for one of my classes. That's right - I am done - my ESOL class is finished- OMG!!!
One more class to finish - and get this - it's due on National Scrapbook Day - picture it. Oh well, I've got a ton of things to do for that class and for NSD so I will be losing my mind the next few weeks but I plan to party on NSD like it's 1999. YEAH!!

So, I might be a little lax on the blog and with new layouts/count but I promise I will make it up to you.

So, please forgive me if you don't hear from me everyday - It's almost over!!!

I'm going to eat a candybar. ...damn i deserve it!

Write soon,

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Heather Count

sorry not much to share today - except I love all things fancy pants. darn it!

Dee Count: 139
Heather Count: 102

I hope to get some stuff done tonight besides shopping for new stuff.
So write soon,


Monday, April 06, 2009

Mothers all over...

I watched Oprah today and I was astounded to see that I am not the only overwhelmed mom in the world. Actually, after some of the horror stories I heard I am doing pretty good.

Actually after listening to all these moms say they haven't taken a bath in 5 days I feel pretty good. I manage a bath everyday. Wow, I'm amazing.

But the fact that I have 5 full hampers of dirty clothes and a sink full of dirty dishes brings me back to reality. LOL.

Well, spring break has started and I have just gotten news that Scenic Route should ship Friday. I am so excited!!! I can't contain myself. Some of it is part of our theme crop kit. Yeah.

So, if you are a scenic route girl head on over to our crop next Saturday to pick it up. It is beautiful - like everything they do.

I am scrappin tonight - so I should have some samples to post later on or maybe tomorrow.

I have easter photos to scrap from like 3 years ago. I'm getting caught up.

As for my count today is day is
31 in jan plus 28 in feb and march had 31 and today is the 6th so that means it's day
96 and I am on layout #139. I'm still ahead. I'm going to do a Heather count and see where I am at there.

Well, if I want to scrap I need to stop chit chattering and get to scrappin.

Write soon,

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Okay, here's the count

LO113 Who heart U? ME w/ the challenge paper from Best Creations
LO114/115 Lucky Me Moments w/ Best Creations
LO116/117 Luck O' the Irish w/ Best Creations
LO118/119 Naples Zoo '06 w/Best Creations
LO120/121 The Tree w/ CI
LO122/123 My Wild Animals w/the challenge paper from Best Creations
LO 124 Ride w/ more Pink Paislee
LO125 Lake, Park, Fun w/ pink paislee
LO126 Crazy Cousins w/ pink paislee
LO127 Family w/ Bobunny
LO128 All Mine w/Bobunny
LO129 Family w/ Chatterbox
LO 130 Friends for Ever w/ Dream Street
LO131 Sights to See - That Face w/ chatterbox -updated 5/30/09
LO132/133 Summertime w/ Cosmo Cricket
LO134/135 Happy w/ Cosmo Cricket
LO136/137 Love Hate Relationship w/Cosmo Cricket
LO 138/139 Take a picture w/ monkey paper from Reminisce
Write soon,