Saturday, December 22, 2007

Challenge Entry

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry it's been so long, but school is over and I am BACK. So, stop by and seee me.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have received some entries for this month's challenge and they are just wonderful. I can't wait to get the rest of them. I've already cried, so make me laugh, oh okay make me cry too.

I am actually so excited about next weekend's crops I don't know if I can wait that long. The paper is awesome and the games are hilarious. I was talking to someone earlier and I was telling them how I laughed so hard last year and how I got nothing else done. So, if you are signed up, don't plan to get much done, but do plan to laugh your butt off. Just coming up with the questions has been a hoot. Wait till you hear them. We are almost all sold out, with only 2 spots available. So, if you plan to attend, you'd better do it soon.

We are also closed on Monday and Tuesday, and the crop room is closed for the rest of the week...we have to get ready for the crops. I am also expecting 5 - five deliveries this week....yippee more new stuff. Oh, and I actually got a layout today. Woo hoo. 20,000 more to go (seriously...I am a photo addict).

As for the mommy and me crop, the paper is just adorable. It is really cute. It really is all about the kids. I can't wait till it gets here. Yep brand new paper.

Well, I'd better go, I've got 20,000 more layouts to get to.

Happy Holidays,

Dee & The Girls

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yep...It's me again!

I'm just wondering if anybody reads these.
I posted a challenge for a free theme crop and I got nothing. How could that be?
Don't you want a $30.00 gift package?
Let me here you deepest thoughts!
Tell me how you going to be an even better person next year...H--l tell me how you will seek revenge on your worst enemies (just kidding), but let me know what your thinking.
I really want to know, and you could use it on a page about you. After all, we don't have any pages of ourselves, the kids, the trips, the animals, but us...who the heck wants to see us. Well, I do and so will your grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. I have seen pics of my grandma as a teen that are some of my favorites...leave a little bit of yourself embedded in your pages. They will love it...guarenteed. Don't have kids? maybe your an aunt, big sister, etc (I have some great party stories about my aunts...oops can't divulge all the info -they would kill me) but what teen doesn't like to have fun. Imortilize yourself on your pages and on our walls. We would love it.

Life is short...enjoy it, then scrap it!

Well, I've got to go, my hubbies here.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

As promised

Hi Everyone,

I promised I would blog again this weekend, so here it goes, all the latest on my intense life as a mother, scrapbooker, business woman, wife, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Seriously, don't you have those days where you feel you could just stop time because everything is happening way to fast. Well, this weekend has been it for me. I feel like time is just flying by or is it that I am just trying to do to much too fast. What is typical? What's a day in my life?

Well, after seeing tons of pages on this very topic, in various magazines, I am certain that typical is very different for everyone. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a busy career gal, or just a college gal...there are just no 2 people alike. I mean they may all begin at 6 am (like mine do), but they can take some great turns or some sad ones and we just weave and bob with what God has served us up. I know that whatever it is I can do it. But just once in a while we all wish we could just stop time and smell the flowers, or the dirty diaper, or the sweaty boss. You get the picture. So, after dissecting all my latest magazine subscriptions I have come up with a list of my own "smelling the flowers" time. Read Below for all the details. Please feel free to idea lift any of them...maybe I'll see you out there...doing more, seeing more, being more.

1. I plan to date my husband more!
2. I plan to help Nikolas be the best that He can be (not what I want him to be).
3. I plan to spend more time with my kids (time really does go fast) that involves no yelling.
4. I plan to scrapbook more (really you would think I get done tons of pages...NOT).
5. I plan to be more organized (with school, work, the store, life).
6. I plan to take more trips (with and without the kids).
7. I plan to be healthier (Note: I didn't say skinnier I said healthier).
8. I plan to get closer to my mom (and let go of all the issues...I'm all grown up now and I should act like it)
9. I plan to make this a great year at the store for me, ya'll and the girls (Anybody have the winning lottery numbers)
10. I plan not to sweat the small stuff.
11. I plan to be more fiscally responsible.
12. I plan to enjoy it all (the good, the bad, and the ugly!)

Are you up to challenge?
What are you planning for the New Year? Forget resolutions that start on Jan 1st and end on Jan 3rd. Plan with me. Either respond to this blog or e-mail me and the best, most honest, response will win a free theme crop coupon for next year. You've got to the end of the month. Think hard, be honest, and plan well.

Sincerely your friend,


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Have you been good?

Hi Everyone,

I know. I know. I've been neglecting you all for some while now. But, for some reason I can't blog from home. And when I am here I am too busy putting in all the new stuff in the computer. And if you've been here lately, you'll know, we have gotten so much new stuff it should just be illegal. Including some of my favorite paper from Bo-bunny. It's awesome. You just have to come in and see it. Oh and the glitter paper from Creative Imaginations. But, I can't have all the fun, I need to share. But, I am not telling. You need to read the last newsletter to find out what it is. All I want to know, is if you've been good. So, read that newletter for all the details and stock up on all the new stuff. It's going fast.


P.S. I promise I will blog again this weekend.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Tag Sale

Hi everyone,

What a crazy week. Not only did I have to get ready for our theme crop this weekend, but we had report cards, and Nikolas had a bad week, and then my husband decided to paint the house. Total and complete madness.

But, I do want to thank everyone who called in, e-mailed me, or stopped by to say Happy Birthday, that is greatly appreciated. You guys are awesome!

The crop last night was a ton of fun. The goodie bag included the Explore collection from We are memory makers...cute! But, I did forget to pick the customer of the month for December, so, I am doing it right now live on the blog. Tammy E you are the new customer of the month for December. Congratulations you get to make 8 layouts for the wall. But, you get 10% off all your purchases for the month of December. To keep me honest, the name was pulled by Juli H. and witnessed by Jen S. and Beth W.

I do want to say that my favorite part of the crop was the 38 seconds each one of them got to shop for 38% off. That's right, all the ladies got 38% off all the items they could grab in 38 seconds. It was a blast! I love to torture them. This always gets everyone riled up and I LOVEto do that.

The Christmas Crop is almost full...2 more spots left. Then, we will be asking for deposits to guarantee your spots. I don't want any last minute cancellations when I have people on the waiting list. So, if your thinking about this one, think fast. As for the girlfriends crop we are about half full for that one. This will be SO much fun. The games are hilarious! More torture techniques then ever.

Well, I'd better go, I must get my stuff packed up to take home, I get to scrap this week...Yippee...only 2 days of work.

Also, don't forget we are closed for thanksgiving but we are open for the day after Thanksgiving sales...OMG...we are having a tag sale...come in pull out a tag and get anywhere from 5 to 50% off your entire purchase. But don't fret this sale is from 2-5 pm - so you'll have plenty of time to get your other christmas shopping done. So, remember we are only open from 2-5 on Friday. I will see ya on Saturday...with tons of new sample. Yeah!.

I am out.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oops, I forgot about my birthday sale

Hi again,

I forgot Thursday is my birthday and I need you all to help me celebrate with a 38% off paper sale. That's right I am 38 and the sale is 38% off every piece of PAPER in the entire store. Sorry, you CANNOT combine this with your shop hop pass. This sale is Thursday only from 10 - 5 pm don't miss out.

More details in this week's newsletter.


It's almost that time again

Hi Everyone,

Well the shop hop is half over and things are just great. I am so glad I participated. Keep coming in.

For the rest of the world, my son is on his first day of the vitamins Attentive Child. My mom had to ship them from New York, we are on the waiting list here. So, I'll give you an update as soon as I can. I really hope this works. I'm not asking for miracles, i just want him to pay attention long enough to master all the second grade skills he needs to move on. Which so far had been hit or miss. So, keep your fingers crossed. And, if you are in a prayer group pray for him and both to get patience.

On a lighter side, the Christmas Crop is at 17. So, hurry, we are only taking 3 more names.

Also, the home sweet home crop this weekend still has space. But, the paper and the goodies arrived. Beautiful. Believe me you'll want to buy this paper. The crop is Saturday, don't wait too late to reserve your spot.

The lace cardstock is here and it's beautiful, and as soon as I am done here I am going to go play with it. That way you can all see some samples. GORGEOUS!

We are expecting A2Z this week and creative imaginations. You know that paper with the disney meals I was talking shipped...yippee...just in time for the crop. I am also expecting some Bo-bunny in...beautiful kits, too.

Well, I need to start cleaning up, my uncle made some roast pork Delicious!

Finally, I think my mom is planning a sneaky surprise visit, we'll see.

Gotta go - lots of goodies to get in the computer.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thank you...Shop Hop Madness

Hi Everyone,

First, before I get into all the shop hop madness I must say that you are all so wonderful. I have gotten such an outpouring of support for my son. You can't all possibly know how much that means to me. As much fun as I can be when it comes to my kids...It's all serious business. I have gotten phone calls, e-mails, visits with suggestions, help, ideas, alterntive medicine, with Hope. I can't possibly explain how much that means to me. One of the best suggestions so far, has been the use of attentive child from GNC. My husband and I agreed to try it and see if it would work for us. And guess what they were all sold out at the Lehigh Store and have a waiting list. So, I recruited my mom to find some at her local store and it's on it's way. So we are doing a 15-30 day trial. You just know when it works. So, we are waiting to get it. I'll let you know what happens. Again, THANK YOU.

Secondly, our Meet the Designer's event was a huge success. We had over 40 customers come in and try our make-n-takes. We still have some chocolate mousse cake, pretzels, and chips left. But, we are sold out of the 8 x 8 acrylic albums and a fewer other things. So, don't wait to long before you come in.

Wow, where are all these scrappers coming from. It's incredible. What madness. I have never ever seen half the people who walked in through our doors. I do have to admit, I loved all the beautiful comments "I don't want to leave" - Natalie, I can't believe you got so much new paper since I was here 2 1/2 weeks ago - Nadia, and the list goes on.

I also got a very unexpected visit from Janet & Colleen from Scrapbooks, Etc. They are just great. You ladies have to go and check them out. Great mom and daughter team and the baby is just gorgeous. I miss having a baby around. I am going to have to wait to be a grandma, though. No more midnight feedings for me.

All the new faces have just been great. And the Christmas Crop is more than half full. So, don't wait on that. Believe me you don't want to miss out on this crop. It's going to be awesome. Well, I'd better go I have a million things to do before I can go home and John is already in his way.

Oh, I want to let everyone know that the lace cardstock from KI will be arriving this week - somewhere between Wednesday - Friday. This is going to fly out the door. I guarantee it.

The big hit this weekend the Bisous paper - awesome, come check it out.

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm sorry...

I know I have neglected all of you. But, life is hectic. I was silly enough to think that going back to work wouldn't change a lot of things in the store, silly, silly girl. I actually have had extra servings on my plate because of some online classes I have been taking, my wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday and my oldest just turned 21. Plus, we have been overhauling the store. We have new racks and displays, the kids room is gone and we have a bigger more airy crop room. The bathroom is next, but the husband has been super busy and he is getting cheap with his time. I think with my self-diagnosed ADHD that the store will always be in a state of change. I think change is good, and I think others like it, too. New is always good...besides I have to make that paper look pretty enough for you to buy it.

We've gotten tons of new stuff, too but I have to say that the shop hop registrations have been a big hit. Do you guys know about the shop hop? Let me give you the low down info:

The Shop Hop event runs from November 2nd through the 16th and includes the 13 local stores from Bonita to Sarasota. You purchase a passport for $15.00 (includes the tote bag with goodies). You get 15 days to visit all 13 stores and get your passport stamped at each store (a minimum purchase of $10.00 at each is neccessary), and you are entitled to 10% off at each store (cannot be combined with any other specials), if you are one of the first to register and get a tote bag, and you take it with you, you also get another 5% off all your purchases. Plus all the stores have some specials or events going on. So, it will be awesome.

I know it sounds kind of weird sending my customers off to another store to spend their money, but it's a really great event. With so many paper companies out there it's really hard for one store to carry everything. I do want you to love scrapbooking and the experience so you can keep coming back. It's also great to support the small business owners. Scrapbooking stores get lots of competition from stores like Michael's and Jo-Ann's and if we can team up together we can offer the customers better more knowledgeable sales people and products that they just don't carry...the real specialty stuff you crave. It's really about offering more quality service to get you to come back. So, if Desi or Diana are not "acting right", you just let me and I'll whop their butts (just kidding Desi and Diana, I know you ladies are just the best).

But, I must digress and get to the real fun....the Pajama Crop next weekend. That's right ladies our 2nd annual pajama crop is next weekend. This will be one heck of a crop, with door prizes, new games, hourly specials and so much more. The $30.00 includes dinner and an awesome goodie bag. Tons of new product coming this on the lookout. HOT!

I hope to have it all in and spend the whole weekend croppin with ya'll. Cause, I am falling way behind. But, I am in the process of finding a few good pediatric neurologists. As many of you know, my son Nikolas is ADHD labeled, but he never got a neurological evaluation. And, now as the need for medication is obvious I need to get that done, but I do not have health coverage for my son and I will need to pay for it all. But, I want someone who knows there stuff. I was told a Dr. Morales was phenomenal but I don't know of anyone else.

I know you are thinking medication...and I know that it sounds scary and it is. I worried, fearful, distraught, but at this point I feel we do not have a choice. When, my son was first diagnosed at 3, I was adamant that he would never take any "drugs". I am a teacher, I am educated there are other options and for the last few years I have been able to keep him safe and progressing along academically. But now, as every doctor me and my mom could get our hands on, predicted the time has come that we need to consider it. He is not making any gains academically. It's not the teacher, she is awesome. My daughter had her in 2nd grade and truly she cares about her students and their progress. She does admit that he can get to her, but she has made allowances for him, and we both see so much in him. The potential is all there (I have the IQ test to prove it) but he's not. He's all over the place. Homework gets done and it doesn't find it's way to class. There are days when he just downright refuses to do it. I know you think he might need a good butt whoppin, but that doesn't work, taking things away doesn't work (he is currently toyless, tv less, gameboy less, PSP less - you get the picture and still. As a mother I just can't sit around and let him repeat the year. I have to try this, maybe it won't work, but I can't sleep at night if I don't atleast try it. I know this is heavy, but I am doing this as a therapy for myself. Most of you are not just my customers but my friends and being a former northerner that's all I have down guys. Thanks for letting me put this on paper. As I am typing I am crying so I know that it's helping me. But, mayb you know someone in the same boat, or you have gone through similar moments yourselfs. E-mail me, give me your thoughts on the you know of something?

Well, it's been over an hour that I started this e-mail and I am finally able to come back to it. I want to end this on a good note. So, I am reminding you all that life is truly is. I am blessed with my family (at home and with you guys).

Thank you,


Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been a while

I know it's been a while, but with so many computer glitches lately I haven't had a chance to do anything. But, never fear, I am back and with a vengance.

Actually, I've been reading other blogs and realized how much of themselves are in their blogs. Then, I remembered an article I had read that said something about using the journaling in my blog for my layouts and that gave me an idea...I am going about this all wrong. I get the most responses when I talk about my life and the stupid things that happen to me because people can connect to that. That's what a blog should be about. That doesn't mean that I am going to stop talking about the is my baby, but I do want to include ME, my life, the ups and downs that make me me and along the way you too might find some off yourself in it. We are really not that different. We have problems and triumps, moments of weakness (mine all revolve around chocolate), but mostly we live, we breathe and we learn. I know that sounds kind of weird, but every single day I do I really do learn something, even if it that I should never ever do something again. You know what I start off with all the best intentions and before you know it, something goes totally wrong and you think (to yourself of course) I will never ever do that again. It's kind of like when your a teen and meet a hot new BAD boy (who your parents hate) and you think I can tame him, ladies that really doesn't happen, but you try it anyway. Then, half way through you realize this is just too much work and give up. You take your lumps and learn your lesson and hopefully don't do again for a while (teenage girls are just so hard headed= they might have to go through this a few times before they really learn their lesson). But, damn it's fun (oops I let my teen side escape for a second).

Speaking of teen sides, today, I spoke to my aunt. We tried to call her last night at midnight (to wish her a happy birthday) but she was out with her husband (at midnight). I asked her how 43 felt and she said she felt like she was 28. That's my lesson for today to all of you...don't let age stand in your way of doing what you love. She's out celebrating her birthday...whether it's 43 or 403 shouldn't you go out and celebrate your birthday...shouldn't you have some fun, aren't you still alive. I have lost so many in the last few years, that sometimes you get all caught up and don't realize that these are the best years of your life. It's a beautiful day, go out and enjoy. But, don't forget to take pictures. You don't want to forget to scrap those great moments in your life.

And, let me know what you did.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

CHA Madness

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank everyone for such a great night last night. I think the party was a huge success. And, I got a whole bunch of nice comments from you all. I greatly appreciate it. The food was delicious and the goodie bags was great. But the prizes were the best. I wan't to congratulate Jen S. , Tammy, and Renee on getting the 3 big prizes, too. I also was very happy with your comments on the pictures. I am so glad that so many of you loved the pictures. I also loved that I got to share them with all of you. Some of you got to win some of the pictures and you loved your prize. (Smile Juli). There was a backup at the register for the pics so I know that I got some good ones. Several of you also asked about specific companies and whether they were coming or not. I am glad to say that everything that was requested was already ordered: The doodlebug stuff (mid sept) , the KI diecut papers (mid oct) , the Elsie Flanagan line (due here Friday); Rusty Pickle (due here Friday), October Afternoon (Oct), just to name a few. We have s whole bunch of stuff coming in September.

The quickie page was also a huge success completely selling out and 2 more people buying the products to recreate it.

I also got a chance last night to update my files and the Big Spender's Club. All of the following customers are at a 15% off every purchase (throw out your cards you don't need them):
Juli H
Patti K
Ellie H
Shannon S
Carol B
Tammy E
Joyce T
Helen H
Kelli H
Susan P

I want to give a special shout out to Shannon S., who came up with an idea for the crop room. We tried it this morning and it works. SO, stop by and check it out and let us know what you think. It's got a lot better traffic flow.

I also want to thank Kelli A. for all of her help with the demo yesterday. You were absolutely wonderful. And, I do smell a class in your future.

Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that our hours have changed:
Tuesday - Saturday from 10 - 5 pm
Sunday Noon - 5 pm

Oh, and I almost forgot, the paper clearance area in the back is now at 25 sheets for $5.00. That's right 25 sheets of paper for $5.00. This sale won't last very long so hurry before it is too late. I have ADDED MORE PAPER TO THE CLEARANCE AREA. I have also added more embellishments to the 50% off pile in the back (Happy Shopping). This offer cannot be combined with any other special. Sorry ladies...this is already a great price (less then what I paid for it).

Well, I'd better go, I am still rearranging my corner in the back and it's a bit of a mess and I still have the newsletter and the calendar to work on. See you soon.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Party All the Time, Party All the Time, Party All the Time

Hi Everyone,

No, I am not talking about the Eddie Murphy song. I am talking about the CHA Party. I know that we are sold out and some of you didn't make the cut, so I am extending a one-time offer. If you are interested in coming sign up for the wait list. If I get 8 names on the waitlist (I already have 2) I will put the 8 of you upstairs. And no one will be left out in the cold. Sound good?

Well, for the rest of you attending the crop, we have received the new Dream Cutz is awesome, wait to you see it in action. It really is unbelievable. We also received the Zutter binding system. You can make any size chipboard album with any color paper inside. It's amazing. Everyone at the crop will get to try it out and make their own mini album. That's right, everyone at the crop. But, that's not all we have received several other items. Surprise! Surprise! And, we still are waiting on a couple of more items to arrive.

And, you know what new stuff means, I have to rearrange the whole store again. Gotta love it. It's a mild form of torture. Just when you thought that you knew where everything was, I threw a monkey wrench in, to confuse you. Just kidding. I have to display it in a eye-pleasing way. How else, am I going to get all of you to buy the paper, huh? Plus, the more you buy, the more I can buy. Yippee!

Well, I really need to go, I am back to work tomorrow. The kids come in tomorrow. And that means twelve hours of planning this weekend. Actually, my lesson plan needs about 5 more minutes of tweaking, but I do have to plan a party. A CHA party.

Talk soon,

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just minutes away.

Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe that I am just minutes away from going back to my "real job". Okay, paying job. It is really hard to run a business and teach at the same time. But, I've got to pay my dues.

On a happier note, I am completely sold out for the CHA Crop and am currently taking names for the wait list. And we still have 2 weeks left. Yippee. Not for nothing, but I love the big crops. As much as I like to complain that I don't get anything done, I love the games, and the questions, and giving prizes away. I want everyone to love the store. I want people to have fun. I love to be the life of the party and get everyone all riled up. Okay, that's the Puerto Rican in me, but I think it's starting to rub off on some of you. I know it. Who doesn't love to win? Anybody? Anybody at all?

Last night, we cropped and I actually got a lot done, about 5 layouts. Another Yippee. and, I got to use my new Technique Tuesday stamps. Actually, I think I used them on every single layout. I'm in a stamping phase.

I also was talking to Diana about some plans for the store. But, I want your input. I was thinking about doing some of the following (please be honest and tell me what you think):

Painting the store's floor to match the crop room.
Knocking the wall down in the kids room and putting a sofa in and turning it into a cozy little nook.
Finishing the rails in the store, to show off more layouts.
Adding more slat walls upstairs for additional paper racks.
Taking the wall paper down in the bathroom.
Painting the bathroom and upscaling it.
Tinting the smaller front window.

This is just for starters. I think it's the ADHD aspect in me that is always changing things around. But, isn't change good?

Well, I'd better go, I have a billion things to do, including taking my corner down. No more corner for me. I'll be in on Thursday - Sundays and on any day we receive deliveries (okay at the pace we are receiving stuff lately, I will probably be in everyday for the next 3 months), but I can handle it. I am superwoman. NOT. Just wishful thinking. A subliminal message to myself. LOL.

Now, I really have to go, I have a page in mind I want to do, before I pack it in.

Stop by and see me on my last day of FREEDOM.



Thursday, August 09, 2007

BLING BLING and More Bling!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Heidi Swapp Order came in with tons of BLING BLING BLING. We got all the circles, variety packs, ovals, and borders in stock. And we also got their new cherry bling and flower centers. Hot! As always I don't think this is going to last long, so I am announcing it now. First come, first serve. And, we got in her new masks and her awesome clock (some awesom ideas on the back), too.

Finally, we got in the technique tuesday stamps...a Big First Come - First Serve on that!

I also want to let everyone know that I finally finished a layout today. It took me all week but I did it. I used the new paper from Mustard Moon and their new alphabet stickers wow.

I plan to finish a couple more today. I just have to finish inputting the heidi swapp stuff.

The CHA crop is almost full. I think we have 1 space left.

As for the kits we still have kits for the Titles in the Round class and one of the Family Life Album. I also think we have one kit left for the Beat the Heat class. So, hurry before they are all gone. I actually have 6 to ship tomorrow.

Well, if I want to crop I need to say goodbye.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wow! What a weekend!

Hi Everyone,

What a weekend is all I can say after our first anniversary....not. I had such a blast! There aren't enough words in the world to cover my true happiness with this weekends events. It was not only awesome that Angelia was here but that you guys were here to share it with me (if not in body in spirit). This past year I have met some of the most incredible people in my life. I truly believe that people come into someone's life for a reason and you have all blessed mine. You have allowed me to create a vision and implement it and have supported me the entire time (okay maybe you have looked at me a little odd). But, support none the less. Thank you!

Our one year celebration was kicked off one Saturday with 2 awesome classes by Angelia. Let me tell you the woman scrapbooks on her bed and is just downright smart! She gave out some awesome tips and had us taking notes. She was truly inspirational. As soon as I finish this blog I plan to scrapbook the day away. I'll sweep tomorrow.

It's true we did experience some technical difficulties, but I didn't have to come back in on Monday. By some miraculous act of God the system went back up when I was in the process of shutting more try won't hurt me. Allelujah!

I do expect some deliveries for the next couple of days so I have to take a break from my scrapbooking to take care of that...but I've only had a chance to complete one 2 page spread since July and so I will break that record today. Unless you all decide to come in and give me all your money. LOL.

Speaking of LOL...we got the cutest stickers in and they are only $1.00. They are just adorable and I can't wait to scrap them. We also got in the Timeless Collection from Carolee's awesome. Oh and let's not forget the Scenic Route stuff, it's all beautiful. Oh, and the Stemma word the dog stuff is so cute.

I have also changed the store around and it looks completely different. At least I hope so!

Come in and check it out!

But, more changes are coming...look out for those!

Well, it's almost 9 and I need to open we will definetely talk soon.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OMG...Only 3 days left...

Hi Everyone,

I just can't believe that there are only 3 days left until the big day...Dee's will be a year old. Hint Hint (Think Theme)!

The last year has definetely been a roller coaster ride but it seems to finally be steading down. I know what I'm doing now (well pretty much...I still don't know how to get the register to open I guess we'll need the key forever). The same goes for the fax...anyone know how to hook it up correctly? If you do, stop by and give me a hand.

I received Scenic Route and Carolee's today, OMG. What is a girl to do! I wish I could say I was scrapbooking. I am actually staying late to put in all the new stuff in the computer. Unfortunately, I am just not in the mood. I want to use the paper, I just don't want to load it into the POS. That Timeless Collection is beautiful and it is part of the double stuff kit. I have 5 already signed up for the kit and I haven't even sent out the e-mail yet. It's half-kitted already and boy is it super cute.

The scenic route chipboard is awesome and you are going to love it. I still haven't started working on the sponsor bags or the goodie bags. Oh my. I might have to spend the night at the pace I am going. I sure wish I could just roll around in it.

Today, has been super slow, just me, myself and I. I am so sure that this is just the calm before the storm. Don't worry, I am totally prepared for you guys, but are your wallets, prepared for the paper...plan to spend lots because there is something for every budget and taste, guaranteed. For you stamp fiends, I am sad to tell you that Technique Tuesday won't be here until next Wednesday. Heidi Swapp and Daisy D should be here next Thursday. But we will have 10 NEW companies here and ready to go by Saturday morning. Don't forget that those scrapping on Saturday morning will get to see everything first and you will also get to meet Angelia first. She is hanging out at the crop for a while. She has also sent the samples of the minialbum classes, so if you have time and are not signed up for those classes, come check them out. CUTE!

Well, I'd better stop procrastinating, I have a million things to do...including reminder notes for all the fabu games for this weekend. But, don't forget I always have to throw something new in...I am getting trickier and trickier.

See you all very soon and keep really does pay off.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

In just a few days...

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it? In just a few days Angelia will be here and so will a whole bunch of new CHA product...yippee.

I am double excited....I can't believe that we made it a whole year...could it be? Is it really possible? This year was very trying for me....starting a new business in just a matter of weeks and then having to work my paying job to support my paper addiction...I really didn't think I would have rent money a couple of times and yet I made it through. Thank God and all of you who have put up with my sappy stories and late night munchies and all the hints about things to come and all the secrecy. (especially regarding the monthly kits - you guys have made them a huge hit) and it is literally helping to pay my rent each month.

But, never fear the best is yet to come. Like fine wine we just keep getting better with time and I promise the kits will get even better. And the quickie pages...amazing!

As for classes and Crops I have some awesome stuff planned, including but not limited to our CHA Afterparty, A Christmas Spectacular Crop, A 2nd Girlfriends Crop and much more. But, I also plan to add 1-2 more designers to the store. Their samples are currently in the store and everytime you purchase something you get to vote for your favorite designer. The new designer will be the person you choose as you favorites, whose project do you want to recreate? whose classes would you attend?
Don't miss out the samples will be on display until next Sunday so come in and vote, you will love them. Personally I love them all and I am so glad I don't have to choose, so come in and make your voice heard.

I know, you are probably wondering why the kits aren't available yet, the answer...I am putting in the freshest new paper available in the store. Everything will be delivered between Tuesday and Thursday and I need to pick my favorites and the coordinating items for each kit personally. Don't worry, you are guaranteed to love it. So, stop by this weekend and pickup you kits because as you already know when they are gone, they are gone and the last two months that happened within 2 days. Quantities are limited. Also, if you don't want to miss out, just sign up for the kits at a 6 month term and you will be guaranteed the kit each of those months, makes a nice gift (hint-tell your spouse).

Finally, Angelia's classes are filling up fast - I am now at 4 for Titles, 10 for Family Life, 2 for Beat the Heat, 5 for French Twist Album. Yep, that fast, forget the e-mail these are the current numbers...unbelievable.

Angelia e-mailed me and said that you must all see the Family Life Album IRL (in real life) , that it is actually very cute. I actually have some one who called all the way from Georgia for one of her kits and I have several people traveling from out of town to come to her classes, so watch might wind up staying for them all...might me to hard to pass up. She has a huge following for a reason!

Well, I'd better go, I need to clean up in here, it will be crazy...I am SO EXCITED.
I even have some great new games for the CROPS and prizes from Technique Tuesday, real nice sets, too!

I really got to go now.
We will talk soon.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm back!

Hi Everyone,

That's right, I am back.
This has been an incredible trip.
Next time I decide to go, remind me not to take the kids along. They were the worst behaved children on the road. They couldn't do what they usually do and SLEEP. No, they had to argue about everything. The three little ones acted as if they were arch enemies. Unbelievable. But, I digrees.

All in all, this was one fantastic show. I know why shops close for days in order to is the greatest show on earth and you guys will be reaping the benefits for the next few months. As you all know, I tried to budget this spending spree, but it just wouldn't be a spending spree if I budgetted, so you'd better get ready for the most amazing products to ever hit Dee's to begin to roll in as early as this Friday. We also have a ton of themed items coming in, but as I said the Anniversary Croppers, get first dibs, they get to see it first, touch it, smell it, use it.

But, don't worry, there will be enought to go around. I have ordered from some of our favorites as well as some great new ones. Their was just so much to choose from. It was incredible.
Their was just so much that we will be receiving shipments all the way until October. That's right, October. I had to scaffold the shipping and others were just not shipping until then, like Love Elsie, some of their stuff doesn't come out until October. But, this time I couldn't pass it up. It was gorgeous.

Highlights from the show include:

Doodlebug glitter chipboard/ glitter/ butterflies
Creative Imaginations Animal Line
Carolee's Timeless Collection
Sandylion Licorice Collection
Heidi Grace embellishments - bling paper, embossed, flocked
CI Sports Line
Reminisce H2o Line
A cruise line (can't remember who it was, but it is coming)
Fancy pants, new stamps, chipboard, and transparencies
Hambly tree rubons and transparencies
gelatins stamps
Technique tues tiles and stamps
American Crafts both of their new collections and VINYL Alphabet (feels cool)
Scenic Route chipboard, stickers, paper --all
Stemma coordinating brads, tiles, etc
Pebbles circle journal
A2Z Autoship program and chipboard
One-heart One mind clear acrylic buttons in bulk
Acrylic Albums
Zutter binder and their paper cutter (unbelievable)
All things Reminisce
October Afternoon paper
7 Gypsies new stickers and new stamps (interchangeable)
rusty Pickle - buttons and chipboard
Daisy D Autumn Line
Memories Complete $1.00 program
q & co - new adhesive felt scrolls - HOT
Basic Grey Periphery and all the new chipboard, ribbon, albums
Ki - Love Elsie Lines and Cardstock cutout (gorgeous)
Mambi - new paper and all the attachments
Bobunny - mini albums, explosion kit and so much more
Sonburn - paper
Bazzill - cardstock
Crafter's workshop - doodling template
Urban Lily - All of it
Dude - all of it
Flair - new calendar stuff
Everlasting Keepsakes - Framedangoes
May Arts - All the ribbon in the world
Piggy Tales - barn door, peek a boo book
Oh and so much more. I would need a week to go over it all.
Well, I'd better go, I have a newsletter to put together.
And I am at the store for the rest of the month so stop by and say hi.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

CHA - Day 2

Hi Everyone,

I have really lost my mind now.
Anyone want to handle my divorce? LOL!
Just, don't tell him anything but it will be complete madness in the store for the next 4 months. That's right 4 month.
Companies have scaffolled their releases to come out anywhere between now and October. Believe me you will be seeing a lot of new names, some great old ones and some that have been skipped, But none the less you will be stunned and amazed (especially if you are attending the Crop, which we still have room for (hint).

But, before I get to all the hot new products I need to tell you that who I met. First, everyone knows that Heather Preckel's family owns A2Z Essentials and we are actually staying at the same hotel. She looks exactly the same, but her pages have gotten even more BEAUTIFUL. Her samples for ZOTS, OMG! But, that's not where the sample envy ends, Heidi Swapp, Technique Tuesday, Autumn Leaves have just some of the most incredible samples. But, let me tell you I have taken over 300 photos. So, I've decided to have a CHA after party. So, look out for that, because we will definetely have some goodies and you can drool over all the stuff that is comin. Look out for the details - coming soon.

That 's not where my envy ends, I met one of my all-time favorite designers ever...Heidi Grace. She was totally amazing. I've got a picture to prove it, too. She was lugging her 6 month old daughter will her (the cutest little red-head) and guess what? She is pregnant again, 3 months already. She does not spend any time. And the new stuff is just awesome!

I also bumped into Stephanie Fearn of Homegrown Scrapbooks. She has a new partner and she is running her kits out of Indiana. She looked great.

Today's Product Highlights:

Scrapworks - got nothing

Doodlebug - sugar coated alphabet, teen boy line, sugar coated brads, gorgeous Xmas stuff and more BLING

Heidi Swapp - cute little bling cherries, clocks, masks, everything

Bazzill - Eyelet Cardstock - Fab!

Stemma - pet paper and tons of pet embellishments

Great samples and fab prices

A2Z - Monthly autoship and bulk chipboard shapes to match - HOT

MAMBI - All of it, especially the BLING

Basic Grey - Periphery line, the new chipboard, chipboard albums, rubons, samples.

Love, Elsie and KI - OMG! OMG! OMG! - Expect lost of classes from here! - Maybe some kits, too!

Hambly - trees and circles!

Memories Completey - $1 stickers and New Quotesters

Urban LILY - ALL of IT

7 Gypsies - stickers, stamps, gaffer tape and more

Sonburn - Teen collection

Cosmo Cricket - mini paper packs

Piggy tales - Hide and Seek Flap Book, and baa, baa, black sheep

fLAIR - new year round collection

Sandylion - Cruise line and Licorice Lane line & MICKEY

Reminisce - It's always awesome and Matthew is very nice to look at. SHHH! Don't repeat that! I've always liked a man who can dress to the nines and smell like a man (cologne not sweat).

Well, I am off, I need to finish packing. We leave tomorrow. Sadly.

But, I will blog when I get back.


Friday, July 20, 2007

CHA - Day 1

Hi Everyone,

As promised this is the low down on the first day of CHA:


It was totally unbelievable. I spent way more than I should (so you'd better get your wallets ready....don't you dare order on line...come touch it, feel it, see it, all at a scrapbooking store near you (DEE).

I was inside last night. I actually made a list and planned it all out.HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA. Don't laugh at me, I thought I was ready. NOT. When you walk into this HUGE room with the most incredible papers, embellishments, stickers, idea...OMG IDEAS...I have taken pictures of some of the most incredible pages ever. Don't worry I will share them with you.

Well, dinner is scheduled to arrive in 3 minutes and I promised I would spend time with the kids, so here is all the info so far. I only hit the first half of the first section so I still have a lot to go for the next 2 days. But here are the first ones coming:

Dude Designs - 2 shipments
Quick Quotes
Hambly - 2 shipments
Carolee Creations
Crafter's Workshop
Bo-bunny - 2 shipments
Mustard Moon
Everlasting Memories (Framedangoes)
Heidi Grace
May Arts (RIBBON)
Fancy Pants
Q & Co
Dude 2 of 2
Hambly 2 of 2
One-heart...One Mind
Bo-bunny 2 of 2

The following are on the list for tomorrow and Sunday, yeah right?
Autumn Leaves
Making Memories
EK Success
Hiedi Swapp
Imagination Project
Love, Elsie
Technique Tuesday
We R Memory Makers
Memories Complete
Urban Lily
A2Z (Heather Preckel)
Piggy Tales
Me and My Big Ideas
3 bugs in a rug
Karen Foster
Sugar Loaf
Crate Paper
Creative Imaginations
America Crafts
Sassafras Lass
Daisy D
Rusty Pickle
Daisy Bucket
PageFrame Designs
Upsy Daisy
Scenic Route
October Afternoon

IF you do not see your favorite here, please e-mail asap. I will be checking in tomorrow and giving you more details (if I can sneak away again).

Let's just say it's the greatest show on Earth. I really did feel like a kid in a candy store. I really hope to God, that you have been taking advantage of our sale...because I need the money...I have spent every penny and then some for the next 3 months. OMG and it's only Day 1. What am I going to do?

Please stop by and spend your money. Many of the new things will be shipping in time for our Anniversary you don't want to miss out. They of course will get first dibs. That's how it goes, I do show favoritism to those loyal, scrapbooking addicts who have quickly become part of my family and come for everything. But, we will have plenty for everyone of most things.

Favorite picks - Quick Quotes Canvas Books
Fancypants transparencies
Carolee's TimeLess Collection
One-Heart Christmas Collection
Bo-bunny Explosion Kit
Heidi Grace everything
Crafters -doodle stuff
gelatins everything
Hambly Rubons

All of it, the more I type the more I remember.

Well, dinner's here. I really gotta go.
We'll talk tomorrow.

Got another sponsor - Mustard Moon for our Anniversary Crop - you do not want to miss out. this is going to be one heck of a party.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

OMG! I'm Here!

Hi Everyone,

You ladies know that I appreciate every single one of you all the time and that I appreciate your business. BUT, today I am getting to the real nitty gritty. Yesterday, on the drive over from NYC we were caught in the worst rain storm ever in Indiana, which is tornado country. I was out of mind with fear. OMG had my addiction (Scrapbooking) really caused me to jeopardize my children's lives. God, quickly reminded me who was in charge...WHO THE Boss is.

As many of you know, I am not the preachy type when it comes to worship and I really don't care if he is your God, Jesus, Mohmmed or goes by any other name. It's the fact that you believe that matters, that things are upto someone else. That's why I am writing. What ever your faith, yesterday was the day that restored mine. I really thought we were in dire straits. My husband finally agreed to pull over into a rest stop to wait out the storm and risk losing our reservations. We decided to stop on a rest area that had Pizza Hut (my fav) and KFC (my man's fav). We walk in and the guys are cleaning up at Pizza Hut and KFC. The only thing left was McDonald's (which we'd had quite a few times this week. But, what is a girl to do. We ordered (a huge order to feed 7 of course) and I left my husband to pay the bill, while I took the girls to the bathroom. As soon as we stepped a foot in the bathroom the lights go out. They flick back on through a generator a few minutes later. Then, after we are all done, we head out to the McD's and they have NO power - thus no FOOD. The manager offers us what she has some apple pies, chicken selects, and waters (my husband and I who are addicted to DIET - no power - NO Diet.- AUUUUGGGHHH.) We are taking our time eating and as we finish, water starts to drip out of the drop ceiling next to the LIGHTS. What are we going to do know...I have a fear of being electrocuted-my feet are tingling as I type it. Then, we hear that there is a tornado headed our way. I can't tell you how fast the 7 of us got out of there. I was not going to die in Indiana...not a tornado...nah,uh. As someone who doesn't attend church regurlarly I pray almost every night at home on my own. But, yesterday, I prayed for my children's lives, to make it to Chicago. I just knew that once we got here it would be okay. And God heard my prayers. I actually prayed that if anyone needed to die that it should be me, to please spare my children and their father. I know, it sounds kind of crazy. But, the rain was so bad, we could hardly see a foot in front of us. That didn't stop the TRUCKS. They were going speed limit - 70 mph. Splashing water on us, around us, everywhere. It was just SCARY. And being a New yorker I don't scare much and now living in Lehigh I don' t scare's just an animal honey - go back to bed (that's what I always say). Wow, was I mistaken! But, I the pulpit I go.

Has this happened to any of you? Have you had an experience similar to mine? Do you think I'm crazy? Tell me what you think? Am I right or what?

But, I haven't stopped yet, I was inspired with a great idea for a Scrapbooking your faith class.
Since, once again, God has inspired me!

Details will be coming soon. But, you'd better save the date. Your Fith should be in your books.

Well, I'd better go, I still have to mark my targets on the biggest Floor Plan I have ever seen. I need to hit my top ten tomorrow. And get ready for the next ten.

Don't forget...stop by and take advantage of the big sale this week. Remember that the sale ends sunday and BRAND NEW SPANKING ITEMS will start arriving shortly (some as soon as Friday...that's right next friday.

Oh and I wanted to tell everyone that Technique Tuesday has also offered up some items for our Anniversary Crop. It is already in the mail for DOOR PRIZES. You croppers are sure going to be happy. IT's going to be huge.

Well I really have to go.


Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Almost That Time!

In a little over a week I will revert back to a 5 year old in a candy store. That's right, looking at all the pretty colors of paper, the beautiful brads and ribbon all there for me to drool over. OMG I am so ready to go to CHA. NOT! I need to practice saying NO. NO. NO. Just practicing!

I don't know if I can resist the temptation. Am I going to have to have just one more line...probably... I just can't get enough scrap goodies. I am totally in love with all the sneak peaks...I don't think it could possibly get any better. Has anyone checked out any of the sneak peaks on line? If you did, I want to know what you think.

Well, I've got to go, I am in NYC visiting family, so I have to get CHA off the seems pretty one track.

But, before I go, you've heard it here. THIS TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, come in for a very special sale. I can't give you any of the details, but I think you are going to love it. Read the newsletter for all the info. Besides, every penny you spend goes to good cause all the new CHA stuff.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oh what a night!

I laughed so hard last night, at our crop, that I could hardly breathe. As promised, the prizes and games keep getting better and last night was no exception. Patty won a FREE class with Jen S and Joyce won a free class with Jen E. We also got a new Customer of the Month for August and that's Patty. She has until the 1st of August to get her stuff up on our wall of shame and 10% off for the entire month of August. You should have seen her reaction, it was classic.

Amy won the tote full of goodies, I thought she was gonna pass out. What did she think, I was gonna give her an empty tote?

We also played a game off blog info and Amy won getting 9 out of the 10 correct. She missed the company that was from Australia. Anyone know, it was urban lily. I love their stuff. Amy had a good night. And being the current customer of the month, it means that she got 10% off everything last night as well.

Our make and take last night was a competition...5 minutes to decorate a little basket. All the ladies did the fantastic job and we had 2 winners Tammy and Diana. Tammy is our friend from Canada who doesn't miss a thing when she is in town. Thanks, Tammy for being such a great customer and friend. Don't forget we need to plan a play date for the girls.

I have 4 more days until I leave. Can you believe it? We will be spending a few days in NY before CHA, but I plan to blog everyday when I am there with stuff from the show. But, I heard Lisa and Ali are supposed to be at CHA this year. Yippee.

CHA Gossip

SEI's new lines are fantastic
Bobunny's new stuff takes up 40 pages in a catalogue
Junkitz will not be attending the show this year...yeap!
Lisa and Ali are scheduled to be at the show
7 gypsies has done it again...a whole bunch of cool stuff but the paper...not so hot.
The urban lily sneak peak is phenomenal.
Stemma is launching 160 new products...that's right 160 items!

Well, I gotta go, the store is a mess from yesterday and I have some more NEW paper to put out. If you need any more beach paper, cruise paper, summer paper, it's here. I am also using some of it for Quickie kit this week...4 sheets with some goodies. Please remember that I am only making 10 kits. I don't want you to get upset when it is all gone....Cause it's been happening. Most things I do not reorder, I need to keep new stuff coming, so don't wait until it's gone. (Joyce and Ines, that means both of you!).

We still have some (okay 2) of the quickie pages left for this week. Maybe they will make it until Tuesday. Jen S did the page this week. As always, gorgeous!

I really have to go, the store truly is a mess and the kits must get done.


Oh and look out for the sales while I am gone, I need to make room for the new stuff. Everything must go! Okay, not everything, I just got the Flair, the Autumn Leaves, and the Scribble Scrabble, that needs to hang around...the scribble scrabble is the NEW CHA stuff they are already shipping. Gotta love the new companies, they keep me going.

I also need to place the order for Daisy D today, the NEW stuff is fantastic! Gorgeous as always!

I really gotta go know!


Friday, June 29, 2007


Hi everyone,

I have just had an epiphany. As part of my CHA ordering I am planning on receiving 3 orders a week. But, what happens when you have that much stuff coming in every week. People that don't come in every week, don't get to see all the new stuff when they do come in. So, I've come up with a solution. And a kit was born.

Every week I will pick one of the new companies to include in our new weekly quickie kit. That's right, a quickie kit. No, it's not going to be the quickie stuff. It's going to be a totally different line. I will include 2 sheets of cardstock, some of the new patterned paper and some embellishment that coordinates and all for only $5.00. Well, I am going to give it a try and see how it goes. I am starting off with just 10 kits and then in a month, we will revisit this idea. Who knows, it might be a sleeper hit.

I am actually in the store entering this gorgeous 4th of July paper from Reminisce. You have to see it. They are one of our sponsors for our 1 year anniversary crop . They are the company with the Vegas and the Monkey paper. I'm so excited!

I also just got a delivery from Daisy D with some goodies for the crop. The first delivery. Yippee.

I also was told to put a request on the bottom of my order forms at CHA and we will get tons of stuff for the crop. Can you imagine that! I have also ordered a special goodie BAG that everyone who attends the Anniversary Crop will receive. It's supposed to come in today! I can't wait.

We are also expecting another big order today with some great new stuff and another next week, just in time for our Hot Summer Nights Crop. I have some great games in mind, too. You will just have to wait and see.

Ines, are you out there?

Ines is our customer of the month for June and just an all around great person. She attended our "To All the Men In My Life" Crop, last Saturday. All night she had been telling one of her best friends, Amy, that she should volunteer to be the customer of the month for July. And Amy kept insisting that Ines was crazy. As the night came to a close, it was time to pull the name out of the bag for our New Customer of the month, and as the reigning customer, Ines pulled one name out of the bag. One guess, whose name actually came out of the bag...Amy! It was hysterical. So, that's the story on how we choose our customer of the month this month. Poor Amy, congratulations are in order. Have fun creating your've got a few days left!

Today, our Garage Sale begins and we are staying open an extra hour to accommodate those of you who work late. We have some great stuff in the back and I have also included all the Treehouse and Paperheart papers in the store at 25 cents a sheet. That's right 25 cents a sheet. That's cheaper than wholesale. I also have a stack of Chatterbox paper at 50% off and we have increased our 3 for a $1.00 section to include 3 racks of paper. That's right 3 racks of paper. We MUST make room for all the new stuff. Come and enjoy the savings before it's all gone. The garage sale continues tomorrow until 3:30.

At 4, we start our Bring your kid to a crop night. This is just a basic crop with Pizza and laughs. Just a great social event for you and your kid. We still have room. It's still not to late to sign up. So, that means you are free to shop until 9 pm. If the door is locked, just knock and we will let you in. Not! No, for real, we would let you in.

This Sunday we are having our Designer's class with the Bo-bunny curvy ruler, you have to see Jen Edward's sample with it. It's absolutely beautiful. She used the contest kit papers with it. OMG. Gorgeous! We also have room for this class. Don't miss out. Once these kits are gone, they are gone (we have 3 left!).

We still have Designer Kits available. Are you talented? Got what it takes to be a designer? Want a flexible schedule? Love scrapbooking supplies? Then, this could be the perfect job for you. I am looking for new team members to add to our Creative Team of Jen's (Jen's need not apply, no more Jen's, I am already completely confused!).

Do you think, you fit the bill?

Don't wait, your entries needs to be in by the 20th of July. The only must make as many layouts/projects/ cards as you can with the kit (which has a retail value of over $40.00) can add to it, but you MUST use the stuff in the kit. You must purchase the kit to qualify. All entries will be displayed in the store for 10 days and all customers will receive a vote per purchase...who knows, you could be the next Ally Edwards.

Well, I better go, I need to finish putting this order in. Whenever I blog, I feel like I am playing hookie from work, oh that's right I am. LOL.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anniversary Crop Update

Hi Everyone,

I know I have a big crop in a couple of hours and I am online writing in the blog...but isn't that what always happens. We have a couple of make-n-takes ready, the door prizes are finished, the name tags are gorgeous, the kits are completed. The quickie page is set-up upstairs and I just read all our e-mails. And that is what brings me to the blog. This week I decided that I needed to get going on those sponsorship request for our big anniversary crop and I've got exciting news already.

I have already received confirmations from not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR 4 major companies who will sponsor our event. I received the first response from Scenic Route just minutes after I e-mailed them. Isn't that fantastic. Then, I heard from Reminisce just a few minutes later. Then, about half an hour later I heard from American Crafts and lastly I heard from Cosmo Cricket.

As you are all aware, Scenic Route has always had a prominent place in the store, right by the the register. And those arrows are to die for. I am not sure if some of you have noticed that we also have coordinating Bazzill packs for the Metropolis and Laurel lines in the store. And the price is phenomenal at $9.99 for 21 sheets that's less than 50 cents a piece, versus the 60 cents they cost separately.

As for Reminisce, I have always said how wonderful their stuff is. They are the ones with that gorgeous monkey paper, and the cute dinosaur paper, and let's not forget their What Happens in Vegas ...stays in Vegas line. I have also ordered their new 4th of July paper (hint-think kit) and I can't wait to see what they will have out next month at CHA. Yee haw!

Although my relationship with American Crafts has been rocky from the start, I love love love their foam alphabets...did I tell you my mom called me from New York and asked me to bring her a box of those when I go up to visit her next month. Has she lost it? I can't keep a box of those in the store. Jen E and Jen S love them, especially with some stickles on them. They look gorgeous! I am grateful that they have agreed to sponsor our event and hope to see some of those in the goodie bags. Yah Hoo!

And finally we get to Cosmo Cricket which everyone knows is a relatively new company like myself. I have always supported the newbies and proud to have them on my shelf. For however short a time that is. Everyone loves Cosmo Cricket. Their lacing cards sold out 3 times...unbelievable...especially since I hate to reorder stuff...I want what's new...but they were so hot I just had to get them again and again. I can't wait to see what they have coming out next month. I can't wait to see what they will send. Woo Hoo!

Can you believe it 4 out of 10 request sent out...okay I'm still failing but I only need 6 for a Sizzling Hot goodie bag. So, I'm going to get back to work. This will be the GREATEST CROP WE'VE EVER HAD! Don't miss out. Our e-mail this week will have news as I get it!

Gotta go, I just thought of an idea for a third make and take.

The old noggin is working.

Monday, June 11, 2007



I can't believe that it's less than 2 months away before Angelia comes to wow us with her talent. I am so excited. That titles in the round classes is sure filling up fast. I know that will be full soon. As for the Summer one that is a close second. Also, don't forget that I will be taking some of the classes as well and those are the two that I am taking. It is going to be incredible. I can't wait. But, I did want bigger sneak peaks, those glimpses have left me craving for more.

As for CHA - I can't wait to see the stuff, I have gotten several sneak peak, but most haven't caught my eye. I haven't said omg I need to have it now except for the new line from Rusty Pickle and Autumn from Daisy D, along with a couple others. My biggest disappointment has been one of the sneaks from Basic Grey...the infusion line that looks like the coffee line from Cherryarte...maybe when I see it in person it will convince me but right now, nope!.

It's not like there are a lack of companies...I have 53 on my list at this moment and they are so different from each would be hard for anyone to peg all of them down. It sounds like a contest to me.

I have also had to change the date of the Summer Nights Crop because I planned it around CHA time so I am moving it to July 7th - the fourth of July weekend. Some of the paper is already here (think tropical) and the rest has shipped. A hint if you loved the Fresh Collection from CI you will love this paper. That's all I am saying. Sign-up has started and we have some space available. Don't miss out.

We are stll expecting several shipments in the next few weeks...yippee. So, keep coming in and see all the cool new stuff.

Oh, don't forget we changed our hours for the summer. Th-Fr we are closing at 5 but if you are having a scrapping me and I'll wait.

Our deisgner's challenge for July includes the B0-bunny kit, so sign up before it is too late. The class is limited to 6. Our challenges for June are going up on the wall this week. We had it on Sunday and the ladies were just fantastic...we used AMM embossing kits...great for inking. We also have their brad templates available...cute. The paper was the new scribble scrabble stuff along with Robin's Nest pebbles, ribbon, and a few other goodies. The pages are so different and beautiful in very different ways. When you stop by come in and check them out. You'll see how different they are.

As for the quickie page, we have 3 left this week.Once, they are gone, they are gone...don't miss out.

I also want to welcome Kellie A. to our store. She just moved down here from Ohio. She joined us for her first crop on Saturday and we look forward to seeing her again.

I actually got to crop this Saturday and finished a 1 pager and 3 two-pagers. I put them in the bathroom. After all the comments about the bare walls. I never realized how many people looked at those pages. So, after we paint we will continue to put pages on the walls. That way you won't lack inspiration in every area of the store.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for cancelling this Saturday's crop. My husband has a business related wedding, that he told me about weeks ago and I had forgotten all about it...I wonder why? CHA on the mind. So, I have to cancel. But, the men in your life crop still has's about half sign up before it is too late. We are planning door prizes, goodie bags, new games, and so much more. The paper is almost all here and we have hint layouts around the store, so you can see some of it. As always, the paper will not be out for sale until after the crop starts that day...and it's awfully handsome.

Well, i'd better go, I have to do the newsletter so that you can get your coupons on time.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

I's been a long time, but

Hi everyone,

You would think that with school being over that I would have tons of time to do the blog and send reminders and have all day stuff going on, but to tell you the truth, it's been CRAZY around here. I am planning to go to the CHA show in Chicago next month and that means being on a budget, making another budget for the show and of course breaking the budget. It wouldn't be fun if I didn't break the budget!

For those of you who don't know what CHA is, it's the Craft and Hobby Association show for retailers in the craft and hobby industry. Which means that every company in the scrapbooking world will be there...which translates into we are getting all the newest hottest stuff FIRST. That's right, my list of must sees is at 50 companies and growing by the minute. In three days I will spend more money that I can possibly afford. Which translates into weekly sales from now until the end of the summer so that I can bring even more stuff to the store.

The sneak peaks are fantastic...they have me salivating. SO, be on the lookout. I am having a paper frenzy.

We are still in the process of fixing up the store, so don't think it's done. We want your experience at the store to be fun and relaxing...we want you to come back! So, keeping looking around, changes will be steady but surely.

As for the whole anniversary thing...I am so happy with the response. We are willing to cater to your every need. We will customize your package to fit into your budget and our time slots, so don't think you will be left out in the cold. Start planning, because it will be here before you know it. And the sneak peaks are fantastic. Did ya see them?

You can check them out on our website.

Well I've got to go, my son got me lunch...yippee!
Can ya believe it?


Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting for...

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, I know...I was supposed to make the big announcement at our NSD Crop, but I was just so crazed I totally forgot. I'm sorry...but the wait will be worth it.

Our BIG GUEST DESIGNER is Angelia Wigginton.

That's right Angelia...from CK Hall of Fame, and Memory Makers Masters, and so forth and so on. She has been in so many design teams it would take me weeks to be able to put a list together...but I am sure you guys all know her. She is simply amazing. But, for those of you who are not name droppers, she has two cute little girls that she usually scraps about. I am sure once you've seen them you'll know who she is. If not, where have you been the last 5 years? Huh?

Our Anniversary Crop is scheduled for Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th. This is a whole weekend crop...Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm and includes breakfast on both days, lunch on both days and dinner on Saturday. But the big news is that it also includes two classes with Angelia, that's right TWO classes with Angelia...that's right you get one free class on Saturday and one free class on Sunday. And if that's not enough, you can also rack up on all the new products from CHA-Chicago. The sales will be out of this world. Oh, and lets not forget our goodie bag. We are also working on some sponsors- it's a surprise.

2 additional classes will be available at an additional cost of $40.00 per class. But, they will be so worth your while. She is incredible.

This Crop does require you to prepay the fee of $150.00 to guarantee your spot. It is on a first come first serve basis. The class details will be available shortly and when you pay you get to choose your 2 free classes (from the 4 being offered). Space is limited. So, when the spots are gone, they are gone. Pay early to guarantee you get the classes you want.'ll want all of them.

We are also offering a 3 month option:

3 month option - June 1st - $50.00 deposit due.
July 1st - 2nd $50.00 payment is due.
August 1st - Final $50.00 payment is due.

Cancellations require 2 week notice. If a replacement can be found you will be refunded your payment (s).

More information will be coming soon, so be on the lookout. This weekend will be an incredible story to tell for years to come.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OMG - It's almost that time!

Hi everyone,

I can't wait. I am so excited! Actually, with all the new stuff, I just had to start putting some of the new stuff out. There just isn't enough time in the day. But don't worry, I still have 4 more deliveries on the way (and 4 others in hiding) ...plenty of stuff to put your grubby little hands on LOL :)

But, wait to you see the new crop room and the new changes to the store. I am so excited. I can barely contain it. We have put together an area for the Customer of the Month and it will be launched on May 5 where our new Customer of the month will be chosen...stay tuned to discover how you can be the next customer of the month.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Desi has been hospitalized for almost a week now and it looks like she will be out of commission for the rest of month and some of the summer. So, I am desperately looking for a part time scrapper for just 4 weeks. It's only a temporary job but the perks will be worth it. So, think about it, but think fast. I need someone to work thursday and friday and I need an hour before then to train ya. If you are interested, call the store and leave a message to let me know when you can meet me tomorrow (wed) after 4 and I will be there.

The Contest kit winners will be announced Thursday. Sorry for the delay, I need to go into the store to pull a name out.

Also, if you are an NSD Cropper please call the store and let us know what your breakfast and dinner choices are. The menu has been extended....plenty of choices, including pasta. Yippee.

The new kits are now available for May and I love them both. So, make sure you check them out before we sell out. Also, April's winner still has not picked up her prize us and let us know what you want us to do. Did you forget Cindy Mason?

Alas, I really need to go, I need to get to bed, I have to save my energy for Saturday. HEEHEE.

Expect hourly sales and lots of laughs. I will not disappoint you. Also, bring a duplicate photo to use for a very special project. You'll love this.


Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I have her seat available, so if you are interested, please let me know. That's right I have 2 spot available now. But, think fast....yadayadayada.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh what fun!

Hi Everyone,

I know! I did it again, I went overboard. I just couldn't help myself. The amount of new stuff already here is unbelievable and we still have over a week left. What am I going to do?

I really need to crop and get some samples going. Anyone interested in our little crop this Saturday? If you are, call us.

But, I have decided that every month we will have a customer of the month and that customer will get 10% for the entire month and have a place in the crop room to display their works of art for the month. I know, it's too late for April. So, In May look out for the details and find out how you can become the Scrapper of the Month and get on our walls...our brand new crop walls.
That's right the Crop Room has been painted, and the shelves are on the walls. But the best is yet to come.

To tell you all the truth, I really can't wait until the end of the school year. I need to be creative, I need to liven things up. I need to do my Spring Cleaning....okay Summer Cleaning...I'm working on it. I have all these awesome ideas in my head, I just wish that I had all the time in the world to get them done. But, never fear Super Mom is on the job and before you know it, it will get done. I think I can...I think I can...Darnit, I can! This is a PG blog.

So, expect lots more changes. Don't worry I am not changing my lines, you have to stick with what works and I don't carry stuff I don't like. I just can't do it. I really can't sell stuff I don't love. Unfortunately, I love it all.

Well, I've got to go there are a couple more things I need to get ordered. Yes, I know, way to much!

But, expect great hourly sales and the hot news on who our Guest Designer is.

Speaking of guest designer, here's your big clue this week: she was published in Scrapbook Etc. latest magazine. Look out for it and don't forget, that in order to win the blog challenge, you must read the blog. Just a note to the wise. How competetive are you?

Oops, I almost forgot, if we had a weekly page in an hour midday Saturday class for $5.00 how many of you would be interested? Drop me a note and let me know. I think it would be fun. I have been polling the customers and I've got 5 yeses (is that a word?). If I hit 10, I'll commit. Get in before it's too late.

Gotta go, there's some paper in this catalogue (that I'm reading) that's calling my name. Yippee.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Prima, Prima, Prima

Hi Everyone,

I just got a chance to look through the Prima stuff. Damn is their stuff good. But, the CI Honeydew Collection has to be my favorite and it matches the Prima flowers. What is a girl to do? Get it all...

I am really tempted to take it all home and roll around it.

My teenagers have this new saying: they say things are "sexy". Like a great hamburger is "sexy" and the salmon was "sexy". That's how I feel about the Prima it's just "sexy". Never mind the fact that some of it is packaged in panties and bras. I don't know how long I can keep this stuff upstairs. I actually want to stop everything and go crop right now, which I can't. Once I am done here, I need to order something else I feel in love with. I just couldn't help it. I just got their catalog and it's been screaming to me to get it, now! And, I still need to update the website. We only have 1 space available not three. And, we have some classes this weekend. OOOOHHHHHH, I've got it. The class this weekend is on Fibers and Flowers and that must mean that I need to put the Prima Flowers out for that. Yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking with it. Sounds like a plan. Everyone signed up for that class has first dibs on the flowers. Yippee. Maybe, I can focus now and get to some real work. I will talk to you all soon.

Everyone else will have to wait until class ends at 3:30 to get some. Happy shopping! Maybe I should order some more. Sounds like a plan. Anyone interested in croppin tomorrow night for $6.00 for half a table. We have tons of room and I really need to crop...I have all these ideas floating around in my head....must crop, need to crop......LOL.

I really gotta go,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's almost that time...NSD

Hi everyone,

What a great day. I just finished the final order details for our big National Scrapbooking Day. We have gotten so many new things and so many new things are on the way that I don't know how long I can hold it in. Keeping all these secrets is starting to stress me out. So, I have decided to let you in on some of the stuff that's going to be happening.

Well, as you already know, you will be getting a goodie bag from me (with paper from a company I have never had in the store before, we have had some of their product, just never the paper)...I know risky, but it looks fantastic and it's not gender specific...which is important because some of you don't have kids, or only have girls, or only have this choice should make everyone happy. No, it hasn't come in yet, but it's already shipped. We are also having door prizes this time...some awesome new things are included, too. But, this time we are adding some FREE Make-n-Takes...that's right, FREE! You will also be getting a goodie bag from 3 different companies...yippee. One of the companies is Imagination Project who has sent 3 different things for each of you. The other company is American Craft, and I still haven't received that, and the other is from the " secret company". The "secret stuff" has arrived and it's stowed away from prying eyes. will love this. It sweet and simple but you guys will love it.

As for all the new product that has arrived, we have the product from Heidi Grace...beautiful. We also have the new Prima flowers and 3 more lines from Creative Imaginations. Still hiding.

Then, we have Autumn Leaves, K & Co., Bazzill, and a few other things on the way. Yippee.

I am keeping it all hidden away until the crop. Yippee.

We are also having several games. Which includes one on the blog. So, keep reading, you could be a winner.

Also, Diana just let me know that I made a booboo with the e-mail and it never went out the last two weeks. So, I figured out what I did wrong and you all should have gotten it. I am on crop overload. Sorry, everyone. Also, I changed the amount of the discount but I have not excluded the Technique Tuesday stamps. So, you can go on a stamping spree...go crazy. We have also made our 40% off area bigger in the back room and have added even more stuff...unbelieavable savings. But, I need to get it out so that I can fit in all the new stuff coming in.

I am so excited. All of the games are new so get ready to earn those prizes. Also, bring 2 different pictures of anything you like (please bring duplicates, your photos may be harmed in the making of this game). This is an awesome challenge. That's all I'm saying.

Also, we still have 1 space available. So, if you haven't signed up yet, this is your chance. So, hurry, before we are all sold out.

Finally, a clue from our guest designer...she is the proud mother of two girls and has been a CK - Hall of Famer (and no it's not Heather Preckel), and she has 2 cats. Not telling! I have started taking my blood pressure medicine again...I am so many things to do, so many things can go wrong...but darn it if it isn't all worth it. The final product is always so good.

Oh, and don't forget it starts at 9 and that's when the fun begins. Breakfast will be served shortly after. Something, we be going on the whole time....and you should be shopping to your hearts content. The sales will be to hard to pass up.

Well, dinner has arrived, that right arrived. I don't have time to cook I'm planning a crop. Gotta love that excuse. I don't know why my husband hasn't traded me for a newer, smarter, funnier model. I really think I am early menopausing...night sweats, hot flashes, dizzy, chills, leg cramps, cycle out of whack. Any advise, help me out ladies, what are the signs, what do I have to look forward to now? P.S. I am driving my man crazy! I need help.

Oops, easily distracted. Pizza's getting cold.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am so excited!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about the Mommy and Me Crop. The paper is just beautiful. It is from Heidi Grace and you all know how much I love her stuff. I think she is just incredible. And her latest 3 lines are just awesome. The paper is so cute. It's flocked, has glitter, it's embossed, double sided - all that hot stuff. I picked one of the lines for the kit for next month. The colors are totally summer influenced. Yippee.

Next month's kit is going to be so hot. You are going to have to come in early next month to make sure you get one. Because, you know once they are gone, they are gone.

Speaking of gone, my parents left Monday, so it will probably be another month before things get back to normal. At one point we were up to 15 people in our house...4 bedrooms...big 'ole mess. Lots of fun.

The tool for our designer's challenge this weekend is fanstastic. It was featured as one of the hot new tools in one of the magazines, I can't remember which. I was so excited to see it this week. If you are a brad fanatic this is the tool for you. It's still not too late to sign up, give us a call by Saturday night. The paper is also awesome as are the embellishments.

The time has come for another hint about our 1 year anniversary guest designer. No, I am not telling you who it is (HEEHEE), but I am giving you another clue, she has been married for 18 years and has 2 kids (okay 2 clues). I couldn't resist. She is also so modest. What talent! I really don't know how much longer I can keep this secret to myself.

As for the NSD Crop, I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. The paper and all the embellishments are completely incredible. I think this will be our best crop kit ever. Next month, is really looking bright. We have 3 spots available for the crop (since a group agreed to go upstairs). I also have a new challenge layout and a whole bunch of new games, contest, prizes, and door prizes. Even better than the Lucky You Crop...
way better. It's like having a party every month. The sales are also going to be outrageous. As always we will have a whole bunch of new stuff arriving just in time for our crop. And the goodies from Imagination Project have arrived. Yippee. (I think that's my hot new word). The Secret ones have shipped. And the American Craft ones are almost ready to ship. They have been very generous with us the last couple of months. But, they do have some incredible product. It's hard to stay away. And the thicker stickers are just awesome. I think they are my hot new find. The fonts are just way too cool....I am beginning to sound like my teenagers...what's happening to me?

Did I tell you that we (okay Jen) have updated the website and it coordinates with our new and improved crop room? Okay, it's only half done, but the paint is on the wall. Yippee (there I go again). You guys are going to have to come in and see it for yourselves. We are still several steps from completing it but we have started the process. Yippee (I am on a roll.)! We plan to debut the completely finished crop room for our NSD Crop. So step by and check out the progress.

We are still adding to our 40 percent off also needs to go...all of it...Call it our tax relief sale. So, stop by check out the changes and tell us what you think. And, take advantage of the sale.

Gotta go,
I have massive loads of laundry to do! Unbelievable how fast it piles up. I think my kids think a magical maid does it overnight..HA! Don't I wish.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Did you hear?


Did you hear?
There are only 2 spaces left for our National Scrapbooking Day Crop. That's right 2 spots. I can't wait! The goodies for that one are even better than the ones from american craft. And the paper in my goodie bag is so hot it still hasn't come in. It's suppose to ship any day now. But, I will give you a's a brand new release from a Big company and the embellishments will put a smile on your face.

But, did you all forget about our Mother's Day Tea Crop and our Mommy and Me Crop. We still have 6 spots for the Mommy and Me and 7 spots for the Mother's Day Tea. And, you should see the paper for the Mother's Day Tea. It's Tea Party paper and embellishments from...ooohhh can't tell. But, you will love it. As for the Mommy and Me Crop we will be having some great challenges... that's right challenges. So stay tuned. You won't want to miss this one.

As for our Lucky You Crop:
I want to thank all the ladies who came out. For Puerto Ricans, parties are a big thing (if you know any of us you know we like to party). We like to go all out and show everyone a good time. But, we are also very emotional. And let me tell you when I give a crop and I can spend the night laughing and crying I know that was a good party. So, thank you for making me feel like family. As most of you know, I have no family in town or even in the state. So, I share all kinds of info with all of you and let me tell you how grateful I am. It's like I have a whole new even bigger family. For that I am the most grateful for.
But, just to stir things up (before I start crying again) my mom was on hand to help out and she was just wonderful...(quite unbelievable). Thanks for being so nice to her, it really means a lot to me. I think that as I mature and start to become my mother I am beginning to understand her more. So, here's to good times and great laughs, remember one day it will be your turn to turn into your mother. Well, isn't that food for thought.

Well, I'd better go, I have to finish organizing the pile of papers on clearance this weekend. For those of you who didn't read our e-mail. We are having tables and tables full of paper and embellishments at 40% off. That's right 40% off for 3 days only. Some come before it's too late. We are open till 6:30 today and 5 p.m. tomorrow.

See ya,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I know, what am I doing blogging when I have 25 ladies coming to crop on Saturday. Well, I am happy to say that I am just delirious, deliriously happy not deliriously insane. My parents are here "surprise" visiting for the next few weeks and I just got my "Secret Designer" for our 1 year anniversary crop. We will be having a full weekend of croppin and classes with one of this generations most creative minds. We have been e-mailing back and forth for the last couple of days and she is just fantastic. You guys are going to love her.
The tentative plans are a 12 hour crop on Saturday and an 8 hour crop on Sunday with one class each day included in the price for the weekend of $150.00. It also includes 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner and tons of snacks (including CHOCOLATE). Oh, and let's not forget the door prizes, the goodie bags, the raffles, the everything. If I wasn't so darn tired (my parents were "surprising" visiting until 2 am) I would be jumping for joy. So, to those who read my blog I am giving you the first hint: Her favorite color is pink. LOL.
Well, I gotta go gotta get to those goodie bags...time waits for no one.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's been crazy around here

Hi everyone,
I really can't believe that it has been over a month since my last blog. Where does the time go? I have really taken on a lot to do and at this point I am finally getting it together. CHA Madness is a month long thing. I am still in the process of receiving the NEW Stuff. Companies like Hambly and Creative Imaginations, Daisy D and Q and Co. haven't even begun sending out the new stuff. How does that happen? The show was in January and still the product is not available for shipping. Well, at least that means I get to hold on to my money a little bit longer. But, I just can't wait to get my hands on all of it. Especially Basicgrey, Daisy D's, CI, Autumn Leaves, Maya Road, and Q & Co. But, my sleeper hit for this show was Stemma. We got 7 new collections from them that shipped right away and are here now. I already used it to create a puzzle piece mini-album for next month's altered class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
The collections are all so different yet so yummy. How does that happen?

Well as for our big crop this month...we are almost sold out. I have 2 spots left now. That's right 2 spots left. But, the goodie bags from American Crafts are just fantastic. They are some really good goodies. They also coordinate with most of the product in my goodie bags. That's right there are 2 goodie bags...2 unbelievable goodie bags. The door prizes, games and challenges are also awesome. You just have to be there. I am already giving too much away. I am just so excited. I can't help myself. But, if it gets to crazy, I will have to open up the upstairs and go croppin crazy. So, think about it. If you have a large group that wants to all crop together. We can try to do that. I'm just thinking out loud. Just in case we run out of room downstairs.
Well I better go I am training the new girl. Desi. Nice girl and she is expecting too. So mind ya...she is still learning the ropes. Gives us some is really hard to replace someone like Jen.

Happy Scrappin,

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CHA Madness


I am about to lose my shirt, but boy is it worth it. The new product is just so damn cute you can't turn it down. We already received the new Cosmo

I have already ordered from Prima, Junkitz, Technique Tuesday, Cherryarte, Sassafras Lass, Scenic Route, Pebbles, Imagination Project, 3bugs in a rug, A2Z, Autumn Leaves, Basicgrey, Bo-bunny, Cosmo Cricket, Urbanlily, and Daisy D.

Q & Co's in the process, as well as crate paper, k & co., Reminisce, and PaperLoft just to name a few. It is just amazing. How do they do it? How do they keep coming up with such incredible stuff.

You need to see Prima's packaging for the flowers (bras and panties) hysterical.
Urbanlily has kicked it up a is all beautiful.
Basicgrey too, I was so mad when I ordered from them last July that I swore them off...but they really outdid themselves...Perhaps and Scarlet Collections are amazing. Scenic Route has 2 great color collections...1 is already on it's way...hopefully it will be here by Friday. Aaah and Imagination Project how amazing!
Daisy D and Bo-bunny never fail to amaze.

If I had to choose one I don't think I could.

Well, ya'll better get ready for it. Save your pennies because you will need it. It is all irresistible.

Well, I better get off the computer I need to work tomorrow and not at the store. so, that's really hard.

I also got some pretty sad news today, but I am not ready to share yet. Get ready to see lots of changes in the store, even it's layout. The surprises never end.