Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm back...

I am exhausted, excited, thrilled, exhillarated, amazed, and so much more.
Although the show was smaller than past years - about half the size - just seeing the incredible samples was amazing. I love looking at samples - some of these companies have the best designers in the world. It is amazing how then can turn a piece of paper into a work of art.

Random Thoughts
Webster's Pages are beautiful and the alphabet and trim will fly out the door
American Crafts thickers are HOTTTTTTT - and will be here for our Anniversary Crop
Best Creations SAMPLES were incredible and most of their paper is on its way here
Fancy Pants Glitter Cuts- Ahhh
Teresa's Friends line
Moxxie's Queen of the Crop
Found a WHOLE bunch of new small companies that had amazing new products
Basic Grey - Ohlala
SEI - yep, I even ordered some of that - Awesome
Christmas Paper was in abundance and beautiful
Bo-bunny stuff is always incredible and I went crazy there
Prima, Prima, Prima - what can I say there...
Pink Paislee - I want it all - oh that's right i am getting it all

We also picked up some more sponsors along with all the great giveaways we got for our Anniversary Crop.
We have sponsors now:

1. Cosmo Cricket - Arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin - Arrived
3. American Crafts - Arrived
4.Pink Paislee - Arrived
5. Fancy Pants - Arrived
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route - Arrived
8. Bo-bunny - Arrived
9. Dream Street Paper - Arrived
10. Creative Imaginations - Arrived
11. Sassafras
12. Moxxie - Arrived
13. Webster's Pages - Terri H - THANK YOU
14. Making Memories - arrived

So, if everything arrives in time we will have beat last year's record - oh yeah. We are only waiting on 3 deliveries. OMG. Plus, American Crafts provided 1 pk of BRAND NEW Thickers for every single CHA Cropper on Friday Night - the goodies are plain incredible.

Oh, and to top it all off WE ARE MOVING - so the anniversary crop will be held at our NEW and improved store - it's larger and open and OMG a total mess - so we will have a crazy week but darn it if it won't look great. I have a theme in my head and when I get ideas in my head I am completely nuts until they get done - so get excited - I promise it will be a weekend to remember!!!!

Look out for our WE ARE MOVING SALE. Coming SOON!!!

Write soon,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Butterflies in my stomach...

...for real. CHA just does that to me every single time. I love the excitement. I leave in the morning for the first mega event of the CHA summer - the CI event. They are having a paradise themed event and the catalog I received yesterday is just awesome. I am so excited. I can't wait. Then, there are my other favorites like pink paislee and fancy pants, basic grey, and bo-bunny. Oh my. I am so excited. I'm going to pack - see you all soon.

Write soon,

P.S. Don't forget that we will be closed until Wednesday. Rebecca will be in on Thursday @ 9 am.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Goodies

Yep, another goodies update:

1. Cosmo Cricket - Arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin - shipped
3. American Crafts - Arrived
4.Pink Paislee - Arrived
5. Fancy Pants - Arrived
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route - Arrived
8. Bo-bunny - NEW product!!! ships the 27th
9. Dream Street Paper - shipped
10. Creative Imaginations - shipped

Plus, it looks like we have 2 just on the edge....I am sure that we will atleast match our goal by the end of CHA!!!

We still have room in the classes - limited - but still...don't wait too long.

Write soon,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 more sponsors...

Yep, that makes it 10 sponsors with 3 more to go...
Here is the updated list...
1. Cosmo Cricket - arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin - shipped
3. American Crafts - arrived
4.Pink Paislee - arrived
5. Fancy Pants - arrived - 2 days worth of huge goodies
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route - shipped
8. Bo-bunny - NEW product!!! ships the 27th
9. Dream Street Paper - ships tomorrow
10. Creative Imaginations - ships tomorrow

We are working on it but it really looks like we will get plenty of sponsors to beat last years record...oh yeah - that's what I like to hear.

Now, to our blog special - Buy one of these at a special price of $9.99

and get this one for $1.00. That's right for $10.99 get an acrylic album and a chipboard album.

While supplies last!!! Limited quantities. Two offers per customer.

OOPS, with all the excitement I forgot to tell you that PRIMA is here and beautiful some items are very limited others should make it till Friday - don't forget tomorrow and Thursday we close at 4 but on Friday we will be open till 11 if we get enough croppers or 6 pm otherwise.

Write soon,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Prima and Fancy Pants Delivery tomorrow

Yep, be in bright and early to guarantee that you get your share of flowers this week or bling or lace or...

Write soon,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More goodies...

Yep, since I have started placing my orders for NEW CHA stuff I have gotten more goodies. We have 8 sponsors now. I have not given up in our goal of 13 - I am more than half way there....
Sponsors Now:
1. Cosmo Cricket - arrived
2. Jenni Bowlin ???
3. American Crafts - arrived
4.Pink Paislee - arrived
5. Fancy Pants - shipped
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route - shipped
8. Bo-bunny - NEW product!!! ships the 27th

Don't forget we are still taking preorders for Prima - some items are very limited!!!
The only way to guarantee it is if you preorder. We will be open late on Tuesday to make sure you can get to it and the minialbums arriving from Fancy Pants Designs - if you preordered these please come in and pick them up.
This week our store hours are:
tuesday 9 am - 6 pm
wednesday 9 am - 4 pm
thursday 9 am - 4 pm
friday 9 am - 11 pm - FREEBIE FRIDAY CROP - space still available
saturday 11 am - 5 pm
sunday noon - 5 pm simply sunday crop - space still available!!!

Anniversary crop spots available...
Friday only - 4 spots left
Saturday only - 5 spots left
Sunday only - NOT AVAILABLE unless we have a group signing up together!!!
All 3 days - 1 spot left

We also have room for CLASSES ONLY if you are interested:
Vintage Album - 2 spots
7 Gypsy - 3 spots
Beyond Flowers - 1 spot
Favorite Things - 6 spots
Check out some of the sneak peaks here:
Click on the photos to enlarge.

Don't miss out!!!

Write soon,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a couple more weeks to CHA...

Yep, in just a couple of weeks this summer's CHA will begin in Orlando. CHA is just one of those events that is like riding a are excited, thrilled, disappointed, shocked, amazed, exhausted, flabbergasted, hungry, psyched, and the list goes on...because you get to see some of the most amazing people, product, layouts, and sights. It is just a different world, kind of like walking into Dee's after a prima delivery...what's here? where is it? let me touch it? must have it...
As the purchaser for the store twice a year I get to see it first, touch it, play with it, ooh la la. I live for those moments - and knowing how cosmic the experience is - I always aim to give all of you, as consumers, the same experience everytime you come in - I am often razzed about all the new product - but I don't only do it for me but I do it for all of you. Today, I had a customer from the other coast come in and as she walked around the room amazed at the amount of product in the store - quickly calling up one of her gal pals and babbling off all her finds I smiled, I giggled under my breath - because I could feel her joy, her excitement, it brought me back to why I do it. Those moments remind me that preserving my memories is SO worth it and when I look over at my kids I know that it is SO worth it.

So, for those of you suffering with scrapper's blog remember that...remember that it is so worth it. Push through it and no it doesn't have to be perfect. It has to be done and in the doing you will feel the release and find your mojo and if ever in doubt come in and walk the aisle and find the pretties or just wait till tuesday and pick up all the pretties from Prima that are coming in...that can get anyone going and if you are still not sure, just check out all the layouts I have gotten done with the pretties...oh la la.

So worth it!

Write soon,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Out of our 7 known sponsors - this is what I have
1. Cosmo Cricket - Expensive Goodies - something for everyone - every single day
2. Jenni Bowlin ???
3. American Crafts - AWESOME - something for everyone - every single day
including brand new thickers!
4.Pink Paislee - something for everyone - every single day
5. Fancy Pants - has shipped arrives on Monday!!!
6. Prima ???
7. Scenic Route ???

Note Fancy Pants won't get here till monday so it will be available on tuesday.
We are taking prima preorders over the phone w/ cc info.
check the prima sneaks in yesterday's post.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fancy pants albums have shipped...we are expecting 12 flower scallop mixed media albums and 6 half bracket mixed media albums - we have 9 of the flower scallop albums preordered so if you want those hurry in or preorder them now - they should be here Friday. We have 3 of the half bracket albums preordered so don't hesitate.

These are just PRIMA sneaks of items that will be available next Tuesday - please call to place your preorders now - they have shipped and some of this is so BRAND NEW it's not even supposed to ship until AUG 1st - so we are truly one of the first in the country to get them!!!

Cherry Blossoms - various colors

Gallery Roses - various colors

Baroque Blooms - various colors

Camelot Roses - various colors

Trellis roses - various colors

Fairyring Flowers - various colors

Sugar Blooms

Emma multi

Parlor Petals various colors

Windsor Roses - various colors


Book 7

that's right I am working on book 7...
this is the count
LO 327 Inspires
lo 328/329 Happy baby
lo 330 sweet angel
lo 331 look @ 11
lo 332 dora bike
lo 333 fake
lo 334 UR So QT
LO 335 safety first
LO 336 butterfly love
LO 337 crazy boy
LO 338 fire fire fire
LO 339 reflect
LO 340 play
LO 341 nut case
LO 342 love you
LO 343 magestic
LO 344 pure joy
LO 345 make up
LO 346 sanibel '09
LO 347 the story
LO 348 cute
LO 349 it's a good life
LO 350 oh brother
LO 351 sci-fi night
I am so close to getting to my original goal - by the end of the week I hope. Then, it's on to 500. Only 149 to go - I need to get most of these done before school starts - because at the beg of the school year I am lucky if I get 10 done in the first 10 weeks. I'll be cutting it close - but I think I can make it. I am off to create...

write soon,

oops forgot
Heather count 268 day count 195

Monday, July 13, 2009


Prima order where are thou...
As always, I called them again to find out what was happening with my order and they didn't even have it...supposedly adam is "on the road" so then they found the order and they were going to put it together and get back to me today. It is 8:10 and I just called them for the 3rd time leaving messages that will not be returned today. Yuck. But, the October Afternoon order is here and gorgeous I actually got 7 layouts done with it this weekend. Tomorrow we have an open crop from 9 to 4 so stop by and hang out and check out what I got done. I have been a stickles hooch lately.

So, hopefully Prima will ship tomorrow. If I get a final confirmation I will take preorders this week - remember that their product just flies out the store. Unbelievable. If I am able to stay late tomorrow I will post it here for those of your late birds.

I have extended the 50% OFF sale until wednesday because of the confusion with us closing early on sat and not opening on sunday.

See you all soon,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

random thoughts for today

Okay ladies my mind is starting to wonder because I was supposed to post that we were cancelling tonight and tomorrows crop because of family and I just realized that I didn't. Sorry

We will be closing at 4 pm today and today is the last day for the sale.

We are closed tomorrow

We have 2 space for all 3 days... 3 for sunday...2 for friday...and 2 for saturday

for those asking -
The two day price (Fri and Sat) is $125 - that's $10 off
The two day price (Sat and Sun) is $140 - that's $15 off

don't wait till it's too late. Many of you have signed up but the dep needs to be paid in advance. So, please call with cc info or just stop by with some casharola.

October Afternoon is here and I have gone crazy stop by and check it out.

I will update my count soon - I am trying to get to 365 this month - we will see.

cha is just around the corner

prima order is in limbo as always hoping it ships monday for friday arrival???

Fancy pants should be here next week. It is supposed to include some goodies for you 2 and 3 day croppers.

Prima crop goodies are supposed to ship when prima order ships.

Bo-bunny has launched 7 new lines including one called Delilah - love it!!!!!
I have already contacted them - so it looks like it might be here for our crop with some goodies - so they might be sponsor number 8 because preorders get goodies. Oh yeah - they make it easy - as always bobunny is hard to walk away from.

Write soon,

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another Sponsor

Yes, we got another sponsor for our 3rd anniversary crop.
We have just gotten word from Scenic Route Paper!
Our list is now at 7...
1. Cosmo Cricket (arrived)
2. Jenni Bowlin
3. American Crafts
4. Pink Paislee (arrived)
5. Fancy Pants
6. Prima
7. Scenic Route...

We are working on it.... we won't stop till we get enough....

I will be here late today working on my devious trap to get more call we might still be here...don't forget the sale ends saturday - we will be open till 6 pm on Friday and saturday from 9 - 4. Remember it's 50% off almost the entire store - except the new arrivals. Prima is almost all gone - we might have a vine or two - but we are going to be taking preorders next week (maybe on saturday depends on how fast they get back to me). you do not want to miss out.
Write soon,

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Listening to kids talk...

I am certain that I had an out of body experience yesterday. I sat down to have a late lunch with my kiddos and I swear I must not have been in the room, because of the conversation that transpired. They are my children - I bore them technically - maybe they were switched at the hospital. I don't know, but you definetely begin to wonder when you feel like I did. Are they only 11, 9, and 7. They were retelling their experiences at the water park the day before. I felt like I was sitting in a room with adults (which never happens when my kids are here). They were taking turns, and laughing about it all, friendly, active listening. It was scary. For a minute, okay 20 seconds, I was so proud of them - my constant nagging had had an effect. And then, my son blurted out that my beautiful, angelic, little princess had actually used my precious, priceless, invaluable cutter bee scissors to cut the skin off her orange. Yep, can you believe it? She used it to cut her orange...who's child is she??? what was i thinking??? them growing up??? my nagging working???


Goes to show you no matter what you do sometimes they still come out crazy and to think she was a c-section OMG.

So, my challenge to you is to sit down and really listen to your kids, grandkids, etc. talk and then laugh because they really are darn funny. Who knows, maybe it can even be a title for your next layout or a perfect photo op.

Laugh OFTEN!

Write soon,

P.S. We have had a cancellation and we now have 3 spots available for all 3 days. Don't miss out.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

random info...

LO 312 my girl
LO 313 prekinder
LO 314 navy pier
lo 315 sweet
lo 316 friends forever
lo 317 birthday crop
lo 318 sweet - bg lemonade
lo 319 gaze - bg lemonade
lo 320/321 beautiful - bg lemonade
lo 322/323 south beach
lo 324/325 hugs - bg lemonade
lo 326 friend - bg lemonade

heather count 244
day count 188

I am way ahead both ways - oh yeah.

Finally, we only have 2 SPOTS left for the entire 3 day event deal.
We have 2 more spaces for Friday's CHA crop.

We are so excited. I can't wait...the next few weeks are going to be crazy but once she gets here it will be AWESOME!!! She just sounds fun. She has already warned me that she is a wild and crazy girl. Oh yeah my kind of girl and that 7 gypsies book looks awesome. So, if you haven't bitten the bullet yet and signed up - you'd better hurry before it's too late. Space is very LIMITED!!!

Write soon,


hot, hot, hot...

I am so excited....
the goodies from Pink Paislee arrived - they sent rubons and alphabet stickers - pricier goodies that we just can't scrap without. I love it. So, we have goodies for every participant. Yep, they sent enough for everyone to get something every single day - so those of you that are doing 2 or 3 days you will get something pink paislee every single day. Oh yeah that rocks. Then, Fancy Pants has agreed to sponsor us in a different way. As you are aware CHA is just a few weeks ago. So, we will have a buy fancy pants stuff get a $14.99 set FREE from us - fancy pants and us for FREE. The same thing goes for us and PRIMA - there new mid-year releases and Summer stuff is just hot. So, we too will have a buy this and get this free sale. Needless to say 3 day people are already guaranteed goodies from both Prima and Fancy Pants.

So, we are at 6 sponsors and working on more!

If you have already signed up let me know which classes you are interested in. So, that you can get your spots saved.

Write soon,

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Here is her bio...

For as long as she can remember Vicki has loved art and creating things So when she was introduced to scrapbooking shortly after the birth of her first child, it was like a match made in heaven!

By combining her love for paper and products and photography Vicki has been able to create a fresh and approachable scrapping style. In 2006, she was honored to be added to the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. In 2008, Vicki became a member of the Creative Team for Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks, Etc, which she is excited to report will extend into 2009 when she will be added to their 10th Anniversary All Star team. Her designs have been published in numerous industry magazines and idea books and she loves to share her passion for scrapbooking through teaching and workshops. Vicki became a Ranger Certified Instructor in June 2008.

With a love for life and laughter, Vicki enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and in her spare time she can be found shopping or taking in a good movie. She resides in St. Catharines, ON with her husband and two, sweet children.

Here are some sneaks

Saturday Sneak Peaks Are Here:

All the Details

Class Descriptions

Saturday Class #1
Shabby Vintage Mini book and Card Workshop $65

Velvet, ruffles, frills and flowers that’s what this class is made of! With a mix of Jenni Bowlin, Melissa Frances, Maya Road and vintage findings and things we will explore the world of Vintage Chic from a fresh and whimsical approach! A few new uses for glitter will be explored using an exciting new technique and we will try our hand at different ways to make paper, crepe and tulle flowers. Projects completed in this class will include an envelope binder book and 2 cards. This class is jammed with pretty things both new and old and a bunch of clever uses for them. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!

Stamp sets used included: Crafty Secrets, Chatterbox, Hero Arts and Gel-A-Tins

Class Duration: 3 hrs

Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black and brown ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, foam squares, pencil crayons, chalk and or water colour pencils to color stamps. Many of these items will be available at Dee's for purchase.

Saturday Class #2
Gypsy Magic mini album $65

Vicki says "I developed this entire class around one amazing tool! Which tool is that, you ask? Well the 7 Gypsies Binderie Punch, of course!This lightweight, easy to use binding tool is awesome!If you don't believe me, come and see it for yourself!In this workshop we will be creating a fabulous mini album that utilizes the Binderie Punch along with a plethora of other goodies from 7 Gypsies!! We will explore a number of ways to create pockets, flaps, fun folds and closures using the Binderie Punch and the Gypsy Market papers, embellishments and more. Throw in little ink and a twist of metal from Ten Seconds Studio and this project will be the embodiment of Gypsy style!"

Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black and brown ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, foam squares, stapler, craft knife, cutting mat, circle punches-2, 1 ¾”, 1 ½”, 1” ½”, a brayer, double sided tape, sandpaper.

Sunday Class #1
Going Beyond the Flowers Layout Workshop $50.00

Prima is definitely known for its lovely florals but this class is going to go beyond that and dabble in the unexpected! While at the Prima warehouse, I was able to grab a bunch of goodies and fill this class kit with some yummy bits from the Mommy and Me collection along with a mix of this and a sprinkle of that from other Prima lines. Sure, we will still use a few flowers and bling but then we will jump outside of the box and create interesting embellishments using cardboard and chipboard with paint, foil, glitter and stamps. Oh! And how about a few fun uses for Glitter Mists! We will be focusing on all new techniques with really fun outcomes!! I can’t wait to share some of the art inspired ideas I have been working on! This class is sure to bring the inner artist out in all who attend!

Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black and brown ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, foam squares.

Class Duration: 3 hrs

Sunday Class #2
A Few of My Favourite Things Layout Workshop $50.00

Rangers Perfect Pearls Pigments provide the ultimate in luminescent effects! In this technique driven class come and explore a variety of uses for these little pots of magic! Think painting, doodling, spritzing, stamping and more! To sweeten the deal, Vicki has added a bunch of fun product from Sassafras to the class kits, along with a few other special goodies! Students will complete a variety of “Favourite” themed projects and will have lots of extras to play with after class! Don’t miss out on all of the glittery fun!

Materials required: paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, wet and dry adhesive, black pen, fine tip scissors, black ink pad, baby wipes, acrylic blocks, sandpaper, corner rounder, 1 ½” and 2” circle punch, foam squares, stapler.

Duration: 3 hours

We are already limited for many of our classes - because of our advanced sign-ups. So, if you are interested and can't make the event but want to attend a class - contact us with payment info and we will reserve your spot.

Plus, don't forget that you will receive additional prizes from our many sponsors.
Right now, we are talking about goodies from all of the following companies:

Cosmo Cricket
Jenni Bowlin
American Crafts
Pink Pailsee
Prima - FWP offer
Fancy Pants - FWP offer
So, we are up to 6 - almost half of our goal. But, the number is sure to rise!!!
I have a few on a hook - I hope to land them soon.

The class sneak peaks will be up Saturday or Sunday night depending on how crazy this weekend is. But, I can tell you that the two saturday classes are going to FILL UP FAST. They look AWESOME. The two Sunday classes are fun and whimsical and some are even 2 page layouts - YEAH.

Write soon,

Friday, July 03, 2009

Okay, ladies here is the news you've been waiting for...

So sorry, I missed the whole week of giving clues and now I have to spill the beans (so unfortunately we will not be guessing the designer for the free class - but we will be giving one away later this month for our contest), but I also have to state a change in the crop details - I kind of screwed up the details - so please forgive me. We have finally ironed out all the kinks with our new guest designer. SO, here are the real acurate details.

First, our Guest Designer is Vicki Boutin - A Prima Donna and so much more - bio details coming SOON!
Class Descriptions will be available tomorrow - later on tonight so be on the look out for those.
If you have already signed up - you need to choose your classes and get back to me. Classes will fill up fast!!! The samples are HOT!!!

Friday, August 7th from 5 pm - 11 pm.
Cost: $45.00

This is also combined with our CHA Crop.
Our guest designer will be present for this.
Includes dinner.
We will be giving away tons of prizes from CHA.
This night always sells out first.
You are guaranteed at least $40 in products in your goodie bag alone.

Saturday, August 8th from 10 am - 10 pm
Cost: $90.00

Twelve hours of croppin time
Includes your choice of one class with our guest designer - you will LOVE her that retails for $65.00 (they are 3-4 hour technique driven classes).
Lunch, Dinner, and snacks
Door Prizes, games, and more goodies!

Sunday, August 9th from noon - 6pm
Cost: $65.00

Six hours of croppin time
Includes your choice of one class with our guest designer that retails for $50 - a 3 hour long technique driven class!
Another goodie bag that retails for $10
Late Lunch and snacks
Door Prizes, games, and more!

SPECIAL OFFER - Sign Up for all 3 days and get $30 off the total - Pay only $170.00. No other discounts will apply.
Plus we are working on increasing our donor list from last year of 13 companies.

Call now and reserve your spot with your $30.00 deposit. Full payment must be paid in advance to guarantee your spot. Space is limited - only 10 per class. Payment plans are also available. Call for details.

Write soon,

Can it be done...

can I hide out on blogger???

I have been up and hiding in my room for over an hour - (yes - I got to sleep late since I didn't go to bed till 2 am)and read my emails private and business, checked the accts, placed an order or two, and organized the over 100 photos I printed last night (hey - I was already up), you know the usual and I really want to scrap but I'm hungry - starving for that matter - but do I venture into the unknown??? Dare I walk where no other woman has walked before - my living room with the "crazy family"???
I love meeting people, talking to people, scrappin with people - but when those "people" are family that was inherited and not chosen I really lose my patience - my 20 year old said to me yesterday - "I have never heard so many stupid questions in my life" - yes this may be true but they are mostly florida questions like why does the water in my mom's new house smell???- anyone got a well??? but others are just things we assume people should know. Yet, it doesn't seem like they do - it's kind of who's on first with the 3 stooges - remember that - I feel like we are just repeating ourselves all day talking in circles...I love them to death but are we really related??? It goes to show you that children can be raised in the same household and be completely different.

Yet, across the generations we still find things that connect us to each other and it goes both ways - Last night, we took my aunt and her kids and my grandma to red lobster (My grandma's favorite - she could eat their everyday - every meal - me too) cool we had fun reminiscing our old childhood etc but then we went to Starbucks and they asked for a coffee okay how do you want it? sweet and with hazelnut (mind you I don't drink coffee I have never bought coffeee at starbucks - I am a strawberries and creme frappaccino girl (yum). I order the coffee and I get this hot huge container that I take to the car (no one who wanted coffee wanted to get out of the car to check the coffee out). They taste the coffee screaming it's black and it's not sweet - okay did you hear milk in the order - no??? did I put sugar??? no, I am not a coffee person - if you want milk aren't you supposed to tell me that??? plus I told the sales girl very sweet and she never ever said the sugar is behind you please help yourself - I assumed I told her sweet that she would make it sweet - I had to go in for milk - I had to go back in for sugar, I had to go back to throw out the trash from the coffee fiasco -omg - why did I ask if anyone wanted anything???? why oh why??? But, it goes to show you they assumed I knew about the milk - why would I know that? my mom drinks black coffee and that's her sister and mom I figured they must drink it black too since I didn't hear the words "milk", "half and half" , etc. See what assuming does... So the street goes both ways now - I guess I need to get out there and face the world...can't hide out in blogger all day long (darn it).

On a lighter note, today is Rebecca's birhtday - Happy Birthday Rebecca -WE LOVE YOU!!!

Finally, on the scrapping front - we still have some basic grey lemonade left (some of it is gone - sorry) so make sure you get in early next week to get your hands on it - also we still have some prima flowers and because they are nuts we got doubles of some stuff okay maybe I am nuts I liked some stuff so much that I reordered it without realizing it was on my back orders which shipped with it. SO, those of you who couldn't make it this week - you are in luck we've still got some good stuff left - so hurry in before it's all gone. Next week, we will continue our summer hours Tuesday-Thursday 9 till 4 and this Friday is our challenge party so it's 9 to 7and Saturday is 11 to 4. Tell us what you think of these times - are they good??? what sucks about them???

Finally, for real this time, don't forget our theme crop is this saturday coming...we are still taking names!

Write soon,
good for you??? we want to hear what you have to say!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A word from our new guest blogger...

Hi Everyone,
This is Rebecca,everyone's favorite person ;) I'm blogging for Dee today.Just letting everyone know,We got some gorgeous flowers and pearls and MORE flowers from prima today!!Somehow they just keep getting better and prettier with each new launch they release!!Also Basic Grey lemonade is in and flying out the doors fast.So pour yourself a nice tall glass of lemonade and c'mon in and pick up the basic grey lemonade line :) also the girl kit will be ready by later today with fancy pants girl craft paper.See you soon! also here is the latest double dee from ines(one of my favorite people) :) one more reminder we will be closed july3-6 due to the holiday weekend and will open back up tues july 7th bright & early at 9am.