Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick again...

Yep. I'm sick again. I am so sick and tired. It's "walking pneumonia" this time. I can't seem to get over this horrible cold. I actually slept until 5 today with a few bathroom breaks and a couple of calls in between but still how can that be. I am supposed to go for an xray tomorrow. SO, it's a wait and see.

So, that scrappin lately. I've been so tired. The sad part is that I have a whole bunch of ideas in my head...including some basic grey ideas and some jenni bowlin and some bo-bunny swimming in my head. But, except for the 2 two-pagers that I did with the basic grey porcelain this weekend that went perfectly with the photos Katrina took in sepia and black and white. I was super impressed. I had to use them right away. So, I hope to get a whole lot done this weekend before I forget.

Also, I am excited to announce that pink paislee is supposed to ship early next week along with 2 brand new collections from Studio 8 - it's beautiful. The easter line is all pink and frilly but it's dang cute. So are the stickers.

I'd better go. I am going back to bed. I know how sad.

But, I've got some cool plans in the work for next month so keep reading for all the juicy details.

Maybe tomorrow.

Write soon,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's starting to arrive


Okay, so the precious new stuff is starting to arrive. Yeah. The Jenni Bowlin stuff arrived today and Kellie put it out on the floor already. My favorite has to be all the alphabet stuff. Love it. Lots of blogs with cool ideas including hers (, so if you stop by pick it up and check it out - you'll love the samples.

Everything else is still in transit including the Challenge Kit paper - oh so beautiful...

Got a couple of layouts done with scribble scrabble and a couple more swirling in my head but my stomach has been killing me. The only reason I am online is because I needed to hand in some late homework for my reading class. But, it gets better I am still behind on my esol class. So tomorrow will be even crazier. Stress can't live with it and you can't live without it.

Write soon,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy, Busy Beaver


Yep, I've been a busy little beaver. I had like a flurry of activity as you can see from the samples on the blog. All that paper just had me so inspired. I am completely in love with mm flower patch. I used a whole bunch of the stictched flowers and the buttons and the journaling pages and the tags and the butterfly clips - I love the butterfly clips. I am obsessed with butterflies. Oh, okay I love it all. But, the funny thing is that I used it for all types of layouts not your regular springy layouts. The My Mother layout is actually a photo of the two of us on Christmas Day and the the friends 4ever layout is of Mikaela with her best friend Marina at Marina's 12th birthday party in January. The butterflies layour (my fav) was actually of Amanda on one of her dress-up photo shoot for absolutely no reason. I love when I can use something in a different way than expected. It is super exciting. As for the love letters from mylyb I had a smaller flurry of activity. But, I have a few things in my head I need to find photos for - so expect a lot more with that paper - especially the diecut paper.

Then, there is the fact that some Fancy Pants is expected on Friday. I am drooling over their Summer Soiree and their Krafty Kuts - OMG it's beautiful. Check out the sneaks they are awesome. I'm in love. And guess what some of it will be in our February Challenge Party Kit - so get ready to have some fun!!! Yep, BRAND NEW paper in this kit but I'm not telling anything else. It has shipped, let's just hope it gets here in time.

And talk about getting it here in time. I ordered the paper for crop weeks ago but due to some technical glitch on their end the embellishments were shipped and not the paper...can you imagine that? So, after finally getting it all squared away, it is being rushed and will be delivered on Friday. But, the best part is that since they were shipping me an order they added the monkey paper that was sitting on my backorder - so that monkey paper will be here too. Yeah! I love it when a plan comes together.

I also hit the scribble scrabble blog on my daily computer journey and I found a really cute layout that I'm scraplifting with the new paper and Jen S. made 2 layouts with their new paper - so check them out - they will all be at the store this weekend. Oh and don't forget we still have room for our crop on Saturday and I have a very interesting gift card holder challenge that Kellie told me about. You won't want to miss out. So much beautiful stuff so little time.

As for the rest of me. My dad is doing well. YIPPEE!!!
The other day I was talking to someone that had no idea about my dad and was saying that once you have cancer you never completely get rid of it. That it just keeps coming back stronger each time - and I'm thinking in my head - oh god please no!!!
But, I am keeping HOPE alive.

I was reading someone's blog a few weeks ago and she was talking about how she picks a word for the year - a word something that she plans to embody, believe, execute, etc. And, after several weeks I too have chosed a word for this year - HOPE. That is my new word for the year - I HOPE to do many things, be many things, etc. Really. Keep HOPE alive.

Today I even cooked dinner at home. I know, amazing, because everyone knows I'm not any good at it - plus the fact that it's 2 days in a row. So, I once again HOPE that it's edible.

Well, I've got to go my oven roasted chicken is calling my name. Please HOPE that I don't accidently poison my children.

Write soon,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The count continued

All of these done with MM Flower Patch
LO 60 - Butterflies
LO 61 - Laugh Often
LO 62/63 - Friends 4ever
LO 64 - New
Lo 65 - 2gether
LO 66 - my mother
All of these were done with My little Yellow Bicycle's Love Letters
LO 67 - Love, Love, True Love
LO 68/69 - The Two of You
LO 70/71 - The Things I love I love love

LO 72 - Special Bond using mm love notes
LO 73 - Bonding w gramps - bobunny dot paper

I am hoping to put these up on the blog itself. I really love all the flower patch layouts. I think they all look great. So scrap on!!! The paper is beautiful.

Write soon,

P.S. Check out our latest double dees - I've posted the 18 that are available now. Come and check out the new display in the crop room. Nice Job putting it together Kellie!!!

It's about the journey

As part of our valentine's day we rented some movies. One of them was Swing Vote with Kevin Costner. Did you guys see this movie. It was pretty good but I found myself saying to my husband who was quite unhinged by the ending that it was all about the journey. Yep, sometimes it is all about the journey. I think that's probably why I don't scrapbook chronologically (not that there is anything wrong with that - It just stifles my creativity). I need to highlight those moments that are important to me when I think they are important. It is about my journey. For example, I try to keep current scrappin my favorite photos at that time. But, I go back months later and look back at the photos that were left and always find something that I need to scrap now or that is relevant to me now that back then I didn't think was so important. Like Amanda's love of bears and Mikaela's silly grin or Nik's fake sleeping. They just focus on other aspects of my kids or my life that appeal to me. So, yep it's about the journey. I think it always has been and will be. Isn't it?

What is is for you scrap for the pictures, the memories, the product, the design, the creativity? What makes you keep on keeping on???

Share your story with us.

Write soon,


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm trying

Now, that my husband has to pick me up everyday (since Albert has a REAL job) I have been spening a lot of time at school - until 5 and 6 pm everyday so I am getting my online coursework done (okay maybe not really) but not much of anything else. I am scrappin strapped. I think I've gotten like 6 or 7 pages in almost 2 weeks. I am quickly falling through the cracks. It's crazy. Where does the time go???

I know I need to do it! I get home and I look at my desk and wonder between printing photos and making dinner if I ever will have a chance to sit and spend time playing with paper, laughing at the photos, remembering the moments, writing how I feel. I really need to get it down.

In these tough times it's so easy to give up and think we don't have the time or the money or the skills to continue. But, I have to tell you that I have hope.

Seriously, I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm being honest. Isn't that what we are supposed to do on our blogs - speak what's on our minds, what we think, feel, want, need, love. I think that is what has attracted me to the blog that it has scrapability to it. But, I digress.

I really do feel hopeful and unless everybody else starts to feel the same way things will not get better. We need to take an active role in the economic mess that we are in, spend, shop, support your local stores, celebrate, believe in, aspire to be, do it all. Things will get better. Really, cause I can't see them get any worse unless we do nothing.

Today, I got word that we lost another cousin in Puerto Rico. Life is so short. Don't sit back and "do nothing." Do something, anything, whatever it may be whether it's getting a new journal, buying a new dress, maybe some pretty flowers or some delicious chocolate. Do something because you just don't know.

I love to listen to Gabriel Iglesias - he is a plus size Mexican comedian and he has this joke about how he doesn't want to die thinking he didn't eat that piece of cake he wanted - so eat the damn piece of cake!!!

Well, I've got to go I'm all over the place today.

Write soon,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally, it shipped

Hi Everyone,

Not only did we get the first prima order in today, but the mylyb love letters finally shipped and is expected in by Friday! Also, the new flower patch from making memories will also be here, so get your mula out because they will both be hard to resist. Plus, the kit for our theme crop has also shipped - think fresh, young love, butterflies in your stomach, and all that jazz.

I love life. I loved being pregnant. I love love. I am so excited about v-day and the flirty crop. I know it seems crazy to name a crop flirty but the kit is young and fresh, hip and cool. It reminds me of how I felt when I met my husband - like I really liked him (LOL). Everything was so new and wonderful and we just felt invinsible. But, the even funnier part is that my husband still has the ability to make me feel young and free and completely in love. For example, when each of my children were born and I looked across at my husband damn it "he had". The moment he cried in my arms when he lost his mother to cancer. Damn it if I wouldn't have given him the world if I could. Or the time, I got the call that my dad had cancer and he said "I'm here" and he is there - he gets it and he gets me and I'm a hot mess. So, yes, I feel flirty, young, alive, and in love whenever I look into his eyes and I see what he sees.

I know, I know, I got sappy on you but that's my other side. Really, I know it's hard to believe but I am really sappy. I can't pass up an occassion to cry - okay I just can't help it.

So, moving on before I break into tears here is my latest count:

LO51 - Natural Beauty with NEW Imaginisce (the single layout I skipped)
LO56/57 Play with CI
LO58/59 - Sunlovers with bo-bunny dot and CI paper.

Also, I took photos of all the latest double dees and hopefully I can post them soon.

Well, I've got to go Obama is coming up on the 11 o'clock news.

Write soon,


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Prima, Prima, Prima

Yep, I can smell it in the air and I actually have sneaks of it available so if you wish to preorder to make sure that you get what you want stop by. I am here till 6 today amd tomorrow from noon to 5 pm. Remember, if you prepay you are guaranteed to get the product, it will be put away for you to pick up at your leisure. Two preorders have already been made. So, don't miss out. Beautiful stuff coming in but in limited supply. There are several sets of flowers, several sets of ribbons, and a whole bunch of bling that retails at either 1.99 or 2.99 each. Those prices are awesome!!!

Well, I brought in my printer and computer to get some of my photos down and layouts completed but I just had to make a prima update.

We still have some room for tomorrow's crop. There are about 9 of us. So, let us know if you can make it. Lot's of fun and it's FREE!!!

I have over 50 layouts made this year to show off some come get some inspiration.

We will also have 2 new double dees this on!!!

Well, I'd better go, those photos are not going to print themselves.

Write soon,

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yucks and Yeahs

Hi Everyone,

Yep, todays words of wisdom come in the form of Yucks and Yeahs...
Yuck to online classes - I'm barely caught up

Yeah to using my new stash with old stash. I love to get rid of all stash even if it's 6 new things and 1 old thing I am using old stuff!

Yuck to medicine - when can't it taste good

Yeah to Prima - I can't believe that they have already sent the first order. YEAH!!!

Yuck to Pizza Hut - I just spent 50 bucks on PIZZA....

Yeah to Pizza Hut - the chocolate dunkers are awesome.

OKAY, maybe I am a little bipolar.

Yeah to completing double page layouts - I am going through a double page phase right now which is so unlike me.

Yuck to their not being enough hours in the day. I could sure use 6-8 more to catch up on life.

Yeah to getting to sleep late. I actually slept till 2 this afternoon. I can't believe it. I am usually out the house by 6:50 every morning, it was kind of weird to get up so late but damn I needed it.

Yuck to being sick at all. It sucks. I don't have time to be sick. Who does?

Yeah to being almost caught up in my classes.

Yuck to not being independently wealthy. I could sure use the winning lotto numbers. Couldn't everyone?

Yeah to over 100 days of school being over. We are a little more than half way through the year. Yippee!!!

Yuck to having weekly assignments. It's an awful lot of work. Why can't they make it easier? Why didn't they count my ESOL experience or my reading coach experience?

Yeah to the people who are always there for you no matter what.

Yeah to the people who let you make your own mistakes and still listen to you bit.. when they don't work out.

Yeah to the people who try!

Yuck it's time for me to go. I have my last assignment due before I go to bed. I need a nap and another 2 loads of laundry before I can call it a night.

Yeah, I have some great photos to print.

Well, I guess that you'll get a chance to catch up Heather.

Write soon,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the count

LO46/47 He Loves Me with daisy bucket loves me loves me not
LO48/49 7 favorite foods - teresa collins cooking line

LO51 I skipped this one because it's the first page in my second album so it needs to be a one-pager and I couldn't split my 2 pager - so this will be the first one pager that I complete next

LO52/53 You make my heart flutter NEW IMAGINISCE
LO54/55 Your Bond continues to Grow NEW IMAGINISCE

So much to share...

Well it's true I have so much to share.

First, sorry about how long it has taken me to post again. I went to the Drs. for Amanda yesterday and decided that 2 weeks was too long to have a cold and decided to get myself checked out, too. Well, guess what, I have Broncitis, so I have been sleeping most of the day away. I am way behind on my two on-line classes so I will probably not blog again until after Sunday which is when everything is due.

So, I have a lot to share. For example, Prima shipped it's first order today - it is due to arrive next wednesday. Yeah!!! Brand new flowers, ribbon, and bling. I can't wait - but remember we ordered 6 of everything so don't wait too long because I am sure it will not last long. The last big order we got from Prima sold out in 3 days except for a couple of items.

Next, I have an awesome husband - but most of you already know this. He just got me an awesome brand new camera - it's a SONY cybershot again but it's a 13.6 megapixel.
I now have the wire to start downloading photos again - the kit photos will be up today and I hopefully will get flickr to work and upload some more photos up on our blog.

I also have started working on my 365 layouts with my fav 7 foods.

My mom left Monday and my sister left yesterday. So, I have a huge mess to clean up. Can you believe it??? I probably have done 5 loads already today and I will probably have to do 10 more before the week is over. Unbelievable. Plus, all the sheets and blankets. And the weather is getting even worse. Now, my 9 year old has a 102 fever.

Let's think about something else...

Oh and the beautiful new paper. I have created a few new layouts with the twitterpated paper but I need to add photos so sometime tonight I will post the new lo's. I need to get it all done today. I plan to sleep tomorrow all day and then work on my homework.

Finally, I have to share what happened to me on Sunday.

Sunday was Nikolas' 9th birthday. He wanted us to take him to Mike Greenwells. While there my mom made a new friend named Sparkle. As I sat down and joined in in the conversation, I announced that I knew someone at her kids' school. I told her I knew Jen Edwards and the woman's breath just skipped a beat. She asked me if I really knew Ms. Edwards. Ofcourse, I said. Then, she proceeded to tell me that most heartwarming story.

Ms. Sparkle is a single mom of 2 teens. She was a motivational speaker that was working coaching others to think positively, to do well, and be successful. The new manager's job that she filled was quickly terminated when the economy started to plummet. This woman received a call from "an angel". Mrs. Edwards called her to tell her that her son (the student gov't president) had not been wearing his glasses. But, while she had her on the phone she wanted to know if her team at Cypress Lake Middle, could adopt their family for the holidays. Ms. Sparkle said sure, why not. She said that Mrs. Edwards had saved the holidays for them. You could here the warmth and love in her voice and she described how all the presents were wrapped and label and signed adorably "rudoulph, and prancer, etc". She said that Mrs. Edwards had renewed her faith in humanity. I shed tears at this true inspirational story.

When I first opened the store and Jen E became a store designer I was very happy to have her on board, but I have never been prouder than to hear this story. Jen has had a very hard year and instead of wallowing in her loss she has enriched the lives of so many. But, the best part is that she didn't brag about it, or post it anywhere, or make any big fuss about it. She did it quietly and beautifully with no intentions of getting praised or bigger rewards. She did it all because she could - those are the biggest heroes. In times of economic distress true heroes emerge everywhere around us, look for the silver lining, believe in a better world and become a hero to someone, somewhere, sometime!!! Do it because you can...believe me the universe will repay the kindness - not because you have an exterior motive.
Consider this the first step towards becoming a better person. Don't we all want to be better???

Write soon,