Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Basic Grey has delayed shipping until mid April -aaaauuuggghhh
Doodlebug has delayed shipping until end of April -aaaauuuggghhhh
Scenic Route is supposed to be ready to ship end of next week. - We will see...

Can you believe this - it totally messes with my mojo when I can't get my stuff!

Dream Street did arrive today - but I haven't gotten my hands on it - yet - shucks
Chatterbox arrived today - dittos
MYLYB arrived today - diecut paper and embellies - ditto
A little sassafras they backorderd a whole bunch of stuff.

Fancy Pants is scheduled to ship today- when I get the confirmation I will know whether I will have it by friday or monday.


Confirmation shows that it won't arrive until Monday - but since we are closed on Monday it won't be available until tuesday. So, I know I will see you some of you then.

Write soon,


gotta go,

Monday, March 30, 2009

I've been scrappin along

Although this weekend was so busy with 2 crops, I had a chance to get some scrappin done (since the weekdays are made for classwork - one of my classes is almost done. YEAH. I am hoping to get it finished by the end of the week. ) I totally took advantage of the little time I had FREE. I got quite a few layouts done. Iwill be posting them (hopefully today). So take a peak and tell me what you think. I am completely feeling the cosmo cricket. The first time it came in I didn't get any of it. So, I was dying to get to play with it. You can feel the love of cosmo on several of the layouts.
But before I upload those. I am considering starting a NO FEE Punch Club. All you have to do is sign up for the monthly punch in advance and come in during Punch Club day and pickup your punch for 40% off. That's right 40% off just for signing up in advance. Our first punch for April will be the one seen below it's supposed to be the ripped notebook look. If you want to sign up to get this punch at 40% off email me at dee@deescrapbookstore.com as soon as you can. Only pre-orders will receive the 40% off price.

April Border Punch

May Border Punch
I might make it bi-monthly if we get a good response. So, don't delay let me
know. I know I need each one of these for my personal stash.
Write soon,
OKAY POST SOON (the cosmo crickets and the count)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrapbook Trends

It is here!
Scrapbook Trends and Card trends have arrived.
If you preordered it - It is here - Scrapbook Trends - otherwise none left.
If you preordered it - It is here - Card Trends is here - we have 2 left.

If you are interested in getting your issues come in today.

If you want the extra card trends - we only have 2 - they might not make it over the weekend.

Don't delay!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's the scoop...

Yep, I've got a bit of a scoop for all of you....

First, Cosmo Cricket is scheduled to arrive on Friday.
Lil Man and Embellies
Girl Friday and embellies
Snorkel and embellies

3 new lines from Dream Street arrive on Tuesday
2 new mylyb lines and embellies
1 new line sassafras and embellies
1 new line chatterbox and embellies

A PRIMA order has shipped and PREORDERS will be taken this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday I will be taking preorders on some prima blings and pearls, flowers, and so much more!!!


Don't miss out I know that it WILL NOT LAST LONG (last order was gone in 3 days - okay a little less - remember this is first come first serve - payment is required for preorder).

Well, I've got to get some homework and scrappin done tonight.

Write soon,


P.S. If you have any questions email me or post a comment here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where's your sense of a challenge...

I just posted Heather's comment to my last blog entry. She is trying to chicken out of our monthly challenge. So, I am calling her out.

Our Monthly Challenge Kit this month contains some beautiful glittery Best Creations paper - but, the challenge is that the paper is pretty baby girl pink. The hook is that you have to use it for something other than a baby girl layout. Hah!

The paper was so beautiful that I created something on the same night. Take a look at the kit and the sample: (remember this is glittered). It's gorgeous.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's been a long time

since I updated my count so here goes...

LO 101 for the love of money - pink paislee

LO 102 Water fun - pink paislee

LO 103 My branches - pink paislee

LO 104/105 fast friends - my little shoebox

LO 106 Show Me the Bling w/ summer soiree fancy pants

Started 3rd ALBUM

LO 107 waves w/ summer soiree fancy pants

LO 108/109 Get Me Out of Here - $5 kit - dude

LO 110/111 Gotta Love Him - pink paislee

LO 112 Little Girl w/summer soiree fancy pants

tomorrow I will post the pics of our challenge kit submissions. Very cute!!!

But, watch out Heather I plan on whopping some cool layouts tonight, okay maybe tomorrow, okay maybe at the crop - either way I'm gotta catch up. Tee Hee Tee Hee.

Plus, I am already working on something with the new challenge kit.


Write soon,


Thursday, March 19, 2009


I promise to do better.

I am under the weather again. I don't know what I am going to do. It is so frustrating. I spent the entire day, since 3, in bed and know my ears are ringing and I am having the sweats.

But, alas I must blog.

I am so caught up in one of my classes. I don't have any assignments due for the rest of the month.
As for the other class I am working on the assignment for this week YEAH.

But, you know what that means - I haven't had any scrapbooking time. Not at all - not even one layout and I have about 80 layouts in my head - plus our challenge party is tomorrow. Remember if you attend the party from 6-7 the kit is 15% off - it'[s so cute.

Plus, the fancy pants will not be available until the 27th and Crate paper is even worse. What's wrong with these companies - they are messing with my flow.

But, Best Creations came in today and tomorrow we will have the latest from Studio 8. VERY CUTE!!!

Plus, a bunch of stuff is coming in next week - yeah.

I've got to go and see if I can get something done with my challenge kit.

Write soon,


Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been a little lax this week, but I am in hot water with my class, so this excuse will have to do. I need to get my homework done this week and get a little ahead before the crop this weekend. So, although I miss you all - I'll be canned from my class if I can't get my computer to cooperate. I will be posting some stuff I am working on soon. I promise. For now, accept my apologize - at least I got the email for the week out - you would not believe how long that took - why??? I don't know - it must be the adhd.

Write soon,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oops I forgot to...

post my latest pink paislee layouts:

Write soon,


Some new eye candy...

Gotta love it.
I went to check out the my little shoebox website and blog and guess what I discovered... not only do they have some great stuff, which arrived today and is on the floor for sale, but that they are having a contest for their design team. So, take a peak at the call, then head over to dee's get yourself some my little shoebox stuff and create yourself into a design team.

This is a peak of the goodies that just arrived:

This is chipboard - beautiful!!!

The Turtles and Trees Collection

These are overlays!!!

tiny alpha stickers in colors!!!

This is their My Neighborhood Collection

As soon as I get something done with this I will post it - I have a thing for diecut paper and tiny alphas and chipboard - okay I have a thing for all things scrapbooking :)
Write soon,

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I told you I had a new favorite...

I couldn't help myself. I had to hit the 100 mark today - day 31+28+8=67 days in - I am way ahead - yeah I rock- woohoo. But, of course I had to do it with my new favorites - Pink Paislee.

LO 96 New w/ NEW Pink Paislee
LO 97 Just so cute w/ NEW Pink Paislee
LO 98/99 Easter 08 w/ NEW Pink Paislee
LO 100 turning 6 w/ NEW Pink Paislee

Write soon - okay maybe scrap soon,


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jennie Bowlin Inspiration

LO 94 Know this I love you
LO 95 You bring out the best in each other.

I love this layout, the picture is not too hot, but in real life it's beautiful.

This is also with my last favorite Jenni Bowlin paper with a little prima, bo-bunny, Kaiser, and maya roads to finish it up. Love that I can mix up a lot of stuff with it. Great colors - not so great images. Sorry.

This is a pic of my son on his 9th birthday last month. He is such a character.
The litttle monthly calendars from jenni rock!

Okay, so I have a new favorite

Thursday night I made a few layouts with the jenni bowlin stuff and I was all gaga. It was my favorite. But, yesterday I went into the store and now my new favorite is the new pink paislee and maybe the new bo-bunny. That Alissa girly line is beautiful and the fetching and the captivating lines are both gorgeous from pink paislee but the chipboard shapes and alphabet take the cake. But, you can be the judge of that. I am posting a few pictures from my jenni bowlin infatuation tonight. I plan to get a few done tonight or maybe at tomorrow's day crop with my new favorites.

Write soon,


P.S. Since we are open tomorrow we will be accepting the 40% and 50% off coupon from our competitors tomorrow too. So, don't forget to stop by between noon and 5. Only 1 coupon per person per day. No copies accepted. Exclusions include but are not limited to all kits, crops, classes, and services.

P.P.S. Please do not wait too long to register for the NSD crop on May 2nd we are almost half full, in just a few days.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I am feeling better

I was talking to one of my parents yesterday and without realizing it before, we have become friends. It is so important for me to keep in contact with my parents, but this year I think I have made friends out of several of them.
Back to yesterday, after about 30 minutes of just random ramblings, she told me about how important it is to keep positive about things. That as bad as things can get, that it really makes a difference. After she left, I thought about all the harsh realities she had faced recently, but how she always managed to come in and help my babies out, help out with preparing materials, organizing the library, testing for AR. Always with a smile on her face, even through some very difficult issues and I really truly felt so much better about being sick and tired all the time and life and the store, etc.

Today, I gave it a try. I am trying to bring positives into my life (something I had heard about in Oprah a few months ago, too) and I actually do feel better. I feel tired but that's expected. I got everything done today that I needed to finish including all the assignments for one of my classes. I read all my emails for yesterday and today, and I have time to scrapbook tonight. I am blogging now and the pink paislee came in...yeah!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the flowers and Rebecca said the Chipboard was her favorite. Bonus - some of it is going to be part of one of our kits this month. The rest of our orders look like they are going to arrive on time tomorrow. YEAHHHHH! I finished my lesson plans until after spring break next month. YYEEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

We are on day 64 of the year and I am on layout #94 - maybe I'll crack 100 tonight.
We have several people signed up for our NSD crop in May and my daughter is going to be 11 tomorrow and I have 12 followers. YEAH.

How fast does this work...
Has anyone tried this visualization thing?
How did it work out for you?
I think it's more about appreciating the good things that happen and glaze over "the other stuff" I can hang with that. It's kind of the half full versus the half empty. Which is really weird because I am usually a half full kind of gal anyway. I think being sick so long warped my brain. Maybe it the new medicine that is recentering me...I don't know, but I truly feel more at peace. I think I am going to make to these 2 classes without killing someone. At this point, I am midway through both. So, I am chugging along at a consistent pace. Yeah. I actually have time to take a little nap and reboot and then scrap the night away. How did that happen?

Yeah - visualize it.

Well, those are my pearls of wisdom for the day and I'm either going to nap or scrap- both very good choices. YEAH!

Write soon,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A little Bit of this and a little bit of that...


LO 90/91 What 9 looks like w/ Jenni Bowlin

LO 92/93 You are so... w/ Spanish Memories paper (maybe a double dee?)

MIKAELA's 11th Birthday Sale

My oldest daughter Mikaela is turning 11 on Friday, March 6th. SO, come in on Friday and get 11% off your entire purchase (cannot be combined with any other offers). But, if you can't make it ...

AMANDA's 7th Birthday

My baby girl is turning 7 on Friday, March 13th. SO, come in on the 13th and get 7% off your entire purchase (cannot be combined with any other offer).


Also, I wanted everyone to know that we have registered to carry my favorite magazine Scrapbook Trends at the store. We are taking names for the magazines (cards or scrapbook).

If you subscribe for 3 issues I will give it to you at 40% off the retail price - no coupons - no waiting - it will be reserved for you. BUT, I only have 5 copies of each. SO, don't hesitate.


Sign up to display your "almost new" items at our semi-annual garage sale.

Tables are $10 each (prepayment is required).

Items will be displayed from Friday, April 3rd - Sunday, April 5th

Store credit will be given.


Our National Scrapbook Day Crop is scheduled for the first Saturday in May. May 2nd.

This will be our biggest bash of the year.
We expect all the designers and staff to be present for our biggest event this year!!!
YES!!! The sales will be fantastic and the upstairs will be open for croppin.

The goodies being donated are INCREDIBLE!!!

Lunch is from Jason's Deli.

Dinner is from Olive Garden.

We ONLY have room for the first 20 to pay the deposit!!!

Cost: $40.00

Deposit of $20 is due by April 15th to guarantee your spot.

Call now before we are sold out!!!


Write soon,


Monday, March 02, 2009

This is Renee's double dee and you really need to see this in real life. She did a great job with the flowers. Beautiful!

Another double dee - yes I know this is pink but the boy LOVES the water. SO, it will work.


My Latest Double Dee.
I actually made 2 and Renee made one. So we actually have 3 double dees this week. Happy Scrappin!!!

The count...

LO 74/75 Love it w/ Scribble Scrabble paper
L0 76 One Crazy Girl w/ mm flower patch - i know
LO 77 Beautiful w/ scribble scrabble paper
LO 78/79 Photo Shoot w/ Basic Greys Porcelain coll
LO 80/81 Personality and so much more w/ Basic Grey's Porcelain coll
LO 82 Titleless w/ Basic Grey's Porcelain (i'm working on it)
LO 83 Mimi 10 w/ Basic Grey's Porcelain
LO 84/85 Graduate 07 w/ basic grey marrakesh
LO 86/87 Smile with dude paper (Double Dee)
LO 88/89 I heart u (Double Dee)

I will post some of these tomorrow. I'm going back to bed.

Write soon,


Yep, I made you look. I knew that putting the code words here would hook you in.
But, it gets better - if you are one of our followers or sign up to be one of our followers you will also get an extra coupon. That's right TWO 40% off coupons (exceptions include but are not limited to all kits, crops, classes, and services of any kind. One time use only. Please share the site with your friends).

But, now that you are here, keep reading. I know it seems like a trick but in actually I know that once you read a blog there's no going back. And I want your feedback. This is where I share my deepest thoughts, my words of wisdom, my idiotic ideas, whatever you want to call it. It is freeing to me, plus I can go back and use it for journaling and so much more. You should consider creating one of your own. I actually got Heather to do her own. You can get to her link from her crazy picture on the followers list. It's awesome, but addictive. I started checking other blogs out and I was lost for hours but it just made feel like I knew them all and I got some awesome ideas from their samples. Some of them inspired me to complete some of the layouts I have posted here. You would not believe how long my list of favorites is, amazing after so many years, so if you are losing your mojo click on one of my favorite links and check them out...you will be inspired.

As a matter of fact, I was checking out one of Heather's links and found this site where they are using three words to wrap up their week. This got me to thinking what 3 words could I use to wrap up my week. If I could use 3 and only 3 words what would they me (awesome title ideas) and after a lot of deliberation I would have to say "I am tired". I know this doesn't really sound inspiring but it wraps up how I've felt being sick for so long. But, I just know that my next 3 words (for next week) will be so much sweeter.

Thanks for looking and keep looking for more inspiration, 3 words or otherwise.

Here is your code word: Nice Blog (for your first code)
Followers code word: I'm on the list (for your 2nd code word)
Just click on the followers link and follow the prompts - it will take you just a couple of minutes.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

More January Challenge Kit samples

These are from Sharon:

Last Month's Challenge kit...

These are some of Heather's:

Sneak Peaks for Sharon's first class...

Another sneak peak

Another sneak

Another sneak peak: