Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If were a star wars fan...

i would have run in to pick up that star wars paper - my fav is the blue foil name paper - it's gorgeous -it's too bad it's not trekkie paper - because I would have been all over it - it's cool. All the papers are foil. I am going to have to get one of my kids into star wars so that I can use the paper. LOL.

The new fancy pants paper is out and on the floor as well as the star wars and tomorrow we will be getting a whole bunch of new stuff including the basic grey lemonade and let me tell you it's gorgeous - I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. The doilies, the felt, the dimension and it's pink - oh my. I need to start printing my recent girly photos. And if you've ever been to NYC or New Orleans have I got the paper for you - it will be arriving tomorrow - awesome!

Then, of course there is Thursday the day that PRIMA arrives - i will really try to keep my grubby little hands off of it until you all come in - NOT - you'd better hurry lots of pre orders and then there's me -- theres no telling what will happen- especially since mom is on the way - you guys know how she shops - worse then me.

On the home front my aunt is here already with my cousin and my goddaughter. My mom is due sometime tonight - she left nyc at midnight. As of 6 she was in Georgia. If traffic stays the same she will be here before midnight. My sister arrives tomorrow at 9 am and the mayhem begins.

Don't forget we are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wow, I don't what I am going to do with myself with such a free block of time - it's amazing. I know I need to sleep late at least one day this week - because these middle of the night arrivals are doing me in or I might need to put myself down for a nap - aaahhhh a nap.

Well, I'd better go I am working with the CI glitter paper finally and I want to finish before my natives get restless.

Write soon,

Sunday, June 28, 2009


This week is going to be amazing!!! Scrap-supplies wise that is. We have deliveries coming in every single day this week. So, if you've been saving your pennies this is the weekend to come in and go crazy. This is the lineup:

Tuesday - Star Wars Paper
Wednesday -Basic Grey Lemonade (very limited)
New Orleans Theme
New York Theme
CI Wildberry
CI Family
CI Graduation
CI Disney
CI Skull and Xbone
Thursday - Fancy Pants
Prima!!! (limited)

So stop by and check it out.
We will be open late on Thursday - till 6 - for you diehards that must get your stash before the long weekend. Remember we will be closed this weekend.
We will be closed from Friday, July 3rd to Monday, July 6th. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 7th @ 9 am.

Anniversary Crop is getting limited for Saturday and Sunday - we only have 5 spots left for 3 day people. SO, if you are interested don't wait too long to sign up - I will be making the announcements on our email this week. I will begin sending out hints on our guest designer soon. Remember - the person who identifies the guest designer first from the clues will win a free class with the designer. So, stay tuned.

The Count
286 - Oops - it's at the store.
Book 6
287 - that look bobunny
288/89 - the palm
290/291 - Calusa Nature Center
292/293 - AR Party
294 - At Home with Friends
295 - Happy Sweetheart
296 - my family is my home
297 - You make it a home
298/299 fun w/bobunny
300/301 - all mine
302 - Kick ball
303 water! not!
304/305 - a captiva monday
306/307 - hang loose
308 - scrap
309 - pout
310 - play ball
311 - nicholas

Woohoo 26 layouts in 5 days. I think maybe I will up the ante to 500 for the year. That would probably be the most amount i've ever done in a year - if I can make it!!!

day count 179
heather count 232

Write Soon,

Friday, June 26, 2009


my Prima order has shipped. We are taking Pre-orders tomorrow 11 am to 11 pm and Sunday noon to 5 pm. We are also taking preorders for Basic Grey's Lemonade they are both expected by the end of the week. Supplies are limited so please don't wait. Many of the items on Ines' Prima layouts are included in this order. Sorry, the current sale does not apply to this product. Our his kit is ready - 22% off with fancy pants but our hers kit is missing a sheet - it will be ready next week.

Oops, I almost forgot we are also getting the fancy pants acrylic albums again - so if you asked for them please come and prepay to guarantee that you get them - there are only 6 of each. And finally, October Afternoon's Just Ducky and Cherry Hill are also on the way - preorders are also being taken!!!

Write soon,

The sponsor list...

And then there were four...
1.Cosmo Cricket
2.Jenni Bowlin
3.American Crafts
4.Pink Paislee
And, the Cosmo Cricket just arrived - they have sent really good prizes for everyone on each day. That's right there is a goodie for everyone for every single day - so if you have signed up for all 3 days - that's 3 goodies just from Cosmo Cricket. We are filling up for the 3 days spots - so don't miss out. You are going to love it.

Write soon,



Yep, it is Friday and that means family night this week (no crop). I am trying to get my dh to agree to go out to dinner and to see transformers. Anyone see it yet - supposed to be awesome. If my plan goes through - it should be awesome. There are so many new movies out - I could probably go to the movies everyday and still not see all of them - who can afford that though?

Well, it seems like we've got another sponsor as soon as I confirm today I will post it and you are going to LOVE this one - one of my favorites!

Write soon,

P.S. We still have a little room left tomorrow - 3 spots - so call if you want in.
Remember we will be open till 11 pm tomorrow so even if you can't make the crop you can take advantage of the sale during those hours.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost there!

I am so excited I was up late last night but my class is done. I am done...I think. I am waiting for the instructor to submit a grade for the last assignment and then it's over. I have a 100% average right now so we will have to wait and see if I bombed it...
On the other hand- today is the day our his/her kit paper arrives. I really like this one - okay - yes I know I really like all of them - but I can't wait for it to get here so I can play with it. Saturday is going to be a lot of fun - we've got 12 people signed up so I know that I will have a ball - might not get anything done but it should be a lot of fun. Oh yeah! Then, Sunday is our Mommy and Me crop and we have 8 of us. We have room for two more - so if you are interested it's noon to 5 let me know.

Write soon,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another sponsor...

Yep, we got another sponsor. That's 3 now.
1. Cosmo Cricket
2. Jenni Bowlin Studios
3. American Crafts.
The number will keep on climbing!!!
Don't miss out.

I am planning on handing in everything for my class tonight and then it's really on. I will be calling up companies,begging and bugging,until they just have to accept.

Write soon,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are already getting sponsors for our Anniversary Crop.
Cosmo Cricket has already shipped some goodies and Jenni Bowlin studios has also agreed to send us some goodies.
So, 2 down 12 more to go.
I am so excited - we already have people signing up. Oh yeah. remember, we are limited to 15 per day on Saturday and Sunday. We have 20 spots for Friday night.

Remember the goodie bags from me for all 3 days are worth 75 dollars -
the 2 classes are 90 dollars
you get 2 dinners
2 lunches
door prizes
goodies from all our sponsors
CHA goodies
24 hours of croppin' time all for $170.00
This is a no-brainer. Hurry, before we fill up. We are now taking deposits for this crop.

On the other hand, I wanted to update my count. I have been a scrappin fool.
#232 - Boys have big dreams
#233 - 5
#234 - flamingo
#235 - coupon
#236/237 - character
#238 - friends
#239 - Take Note
#240 - beautiful
#241 - busy beaver
#242 - the places you'll go
#243 - Orlando '09
#244/245 - To Do/ Done
#246 - I'd follow you anywhere
#247 - on the road to success
#248/249 - 5th grade senior trip
#250 - bff
#251 - friends forever
#252/253 - Friends
#254 - busch gardens
#255 - water play
#256/257 - busch gardens '09
#258/259 - talent show
#260 - big brother
#261 - u r growing up so fast
#262/263 - my little characters
#264 - photoshoot first
#265 - from this to this
#266 - fashionistas
#267 - dream big
#268/269 - glass
#270 - U2
#271 - batting cages
#272/273 - @ Publix
#274 - friends 4 ever
#275 - the gangs all here
#276/277 - wanted - by little girls everywhere
#278/279 - disney stars
#280/281 - graduates
#282/283 - go cart queen
#284/285 - graduation
one more page left for a single layout in book 5 and I start book 6 - hooray!

Day count 174
Heather count 213

I always have a bout of mojo when school ends - it's like I have so much extra free time that I can just whip stuff together. Oh yeah. If only my online class would be over - this is the last week and then it's on to greener pastures. I was going to take another class this summer - but I've changed my mind - this 7 week advanced course burnt me out. I am exhausted. I know it sounds crazy - but we have had assignments due daily. This is just too much and I take on a lot. So, for me to say that you know it's bad. Well, I'd better go - I have some scrappin mojo to use up. Maybe I will hit 300 this week. My family arrives next week so I am sh-t out of luck then. Go, mojo, go.

Write soon,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Little Prima Superstar...

I am so proud to announce that Ines, the store designer, was chosen as Prima's Guest Designer this month. Yes, for her specialty double page layouts - she actually did 4 of them. Two will be posted at the store tomorrow - for you all to fawn over - we have the items to do both of them. All four are posted on the prima blog. You can check it out at http://prima.typepad.com/ under the June 19th entry. Let me tell you - my favorite one has to be the wedding layout "because" but the photo does not do it justice! Ines if you drop this one off I will post it at the store as well. It is just beautiful. Some of the items we did have in stock at one time but I am taking pre-orders. So, if you want any of it - let me know! Check it out!

Way to go Ines!!!
We are so proud of you!!!

Write soon,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anniversary Crop Info

Yep, the time has come for our Anniversary Crop info.

Here is the lowdown (tentative schedule):

It is scheduled for:

Friday, August 7th from 5 pm - 11 pm.
Cost: $45.00

This is also combined with our CHA Crop.
Our guest designer will be present for this.
Includes dinner.
We will be giving away tons of prizes from CHA.
This night always sells out first.
You are guaranteed at least $40 in products in your goodie bag alone.

Saturday, August 8th from 10 am - 10 pm
Cost: $90.00

Twelve hours of croppin time
Includes your choice of one class with our guest designer - you will LOVE her.
Another goodie bag that retails for $25
Lunch, Dinner, and snacks
Door Prizes, games, challenges and more goodies!

Sunday, August 9th from noon - 6pm
Cost: $65.00

Six hours of croppin time
Includes your choice of one class with our guest designer - She is awesome!
Another goodie bag that retails for $10
Late Lunch and snacks
Door Prizes, games, challenges and more goodies!

SPECIAL OFFER - Sign Up for all 3 days and get $30 off the total - Pay only $170.00.
Plus we are working on increasing our donor list from last year of 13 companies.
That's right we are trying to get even more donations then last year.
Remember last years goodies from our sponsors???
Well, we plan to top that - if it's possible.

Call now and reserve your spot with your $30.00 deposit. Full payment must be paid in advance to guarantee your spot. Space is limited - only 10 per class. Class Descriptions will be available soon. Hints, clues, and sneak peaks will be available soon. Payment plan is also available. Call for details.

Write soon,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sale Details...

I just sent out an email - so I wanted to update the followers with the details first. We have extended our sale until tomorrow and added the page kits - so, pretty much, the entire store is on sale at 45% off if there is a limited quantity of the product. Transparencies, Kaiser, October Afternoon, Basic Grey, Bo-bunny, Scenic Route, etc are just a few of the companies that have items that qualify for this sale. So, don't miss out. Plus if you pay in cash - which I only posted here you get another 2% off.

Store Hours today 9 am till 11 pm (open late)
Tomorrow Saturday 11 am to 2 pm (closing early)

Write soon,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oops, I did it again...

When I sat down yesterday I had all the intentions in the world to play with that gorgeous Mango Luau and had some photos for it. But, on Saturday I printed 140 new photos and when I actually sat down to scrap I wanted to play with those - so I actually had a Jenni Bowlin day. I got 6 layouts done with it. I know I'm like that. My photos just took me somewhere else.

I think that's what keeps my mojo going - that I just go with the flow - there are no rules - it's about having fun. If I was being pressured into my scrappin' - I probably wouldn't get anything done. I had someone in here on Tuesday who scraps like me - to unwind. Really that's what it's about for me. During the school year I take on a huge responsibility with each new class - new issues, new families, new kids, new problems, new expectations. This is stressful. I am responsible for making sure that these kids, no matter what, succeed on those pesky little test at the end of the year and my kids do it. But, it takes an unimaginable amount of work to get them there. I scrap almost every night to bring down from it, to calm me down, and sometimes to think through the issues and come up with new solutions. So, sometimes my layouts are a little crooked, or don't look like what I had imagined, or are just missing something - but that's okay because at the end of the sesssion, I am once again whole, back to my self, feeling relax, and just plain being me.

So, imagine my relief at being done with school especially after the fantastic scores we got. Last year, the first week after school finished I got like 50 layouts done - I am definetely chipping away at that - I might even beat this record. Our paper is so much prettier than last year. Not that last year's was bad - just it keeps getting better.

Well, I'd better go, let's see if actually get to the Mango Luau today - so many choices.

Write soon,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A new love....

Bo-bunny. I know it doesn't really count - it's always been a love of mine, but the two new collections from Bo-bunny are awesome. We used the calypso for our summer crop so some of that is already limited and the Mango Luau is just awesome. I am going to be playing with paper today - so if you get a chance to stop by come see what I've done with it. I have 5 layouts with the calypso and another two-pager in my head. Then it's off to the Mango Luau and the little boardshorts and flipflops on the paper - I have some cutting out ideas. Plus, I still have some traveler to play with. Oh and the new Old Guys Cruise paper with the motorcycle is a must have for father's day. Oh and the glitter diecut paper from CI is gorgeous. I have an idea for that. How many hours are there in a day. There is also the huge possibility that I will be working late today - hubby has a job he has to finish today.

Well, I'd better go I have a whole bunch of names to add to the email list - it's awesome that new people find us everyday. I had someone tell me yesterday that I have the best selection of paper around...it feels good to hear that. I really try to bring in new, fresh, and exciting stuff every week. It's nice to hear that it is appreciated. Plus, I get to get my grubby little fingers on it. Woohoo! Well, I'd better go. I've got work to do.

Write soon,

P.S. Come in and check out that new Bo-bunny stuff, oh and the CI stuff, ooh and the traveler stuff....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost forgot...

we are extending our 1,2,3 sale till Thursday and it includes all paper, transparencies, stickers, and rubons in the store that are in limited quantities of 1, 2, and 3 - find them, buy them, and get them for 45% off.

Remember our new summer store hours
Tuesday - 9 am - 4 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm
Thursday 9 am - 6 pm - open late for those of you who can only make it after work.

Write soon,

I'm in love...

yep, I am in love again with my little yellow bicycles Traveler collection. It is so awesome that I actually did 6 - yes 6 layouts with it in one night. I know scary - but a true story. I love it and the alphabet stickers for it are awesome - I did all 6 titles with one pack and I still have letters left - enought to make atleast another couple of titles - oh yeah that is getting a lot for your money. It is actually our Challenge Kit for June. So, if you pick it up it is 15% off - I have only 2 kits left at $9.06 - yeah! So call us or stop by before it's all gone. Plus, you can bring your camera and takes pics of what I did.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to post them. Can't tonight, it's getting late and I need to put out the kids clothes for tomorrow. So...

write soon,

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Summer Hours

Yep, this is the first year we are having new summer hours - the kids are getting older and they need me more - okay they need more beach, more pool, more everything. So, although I plan to have almost daily crops this summer - they will be ending at 4 pm on weekdays.
New Summer Hours (Effective Saturday, June 13th)
Tuesday - Friday
9 am - 4 pm
11 am - 4 pm
Some Sundays

This Saturday we have our first summer crop to kick off the beg of the school break - so come in and celebrate with us - door opens at 11 but party is officially on at 3 pm - dinner from Olive Garden will be at 5 - you don't want to miss it.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Designers meeting in Early July - please plan to attend!
More info coming soon.

Our Monthly Challenge Kit Party has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm.
Remember if you pick it up anytime tomorrow the kit is 15% off retail.

Well, my delivery is scheduled to arrive in just a few minutes so I'd better go and prepare.

Write soon,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How sad...

it truly is. The last day of school is always bitter sweet. I love that the year is over and that I will have some time off. But, I think of the kids and the parents and the year as a whole and I miss them already. Last night I stayed up till almost 2 working on two minialbums for my super mom volunteers. As I looked at the pictures I laughed as I remembered the silly or funny things they said and did. I had a wild and crazy bunch this year but I would not trade them for anything. They finally got themselves together and made me proud.

When I gave my Super Mom of the year her minialbum she burst into tears making me tear up. Although she speaks very little English you would not believe how strong a helper she was all year - the kids respected and listened to her. They even did as she said - even when she spoke to them in Spanish. So this is a shout out to all the mothers that besides giving up their lives to be there for their children they also find time to come into the classroom and make it just a little bit easier on us. Thank you for cutting out all the eggs for the easter baskets, for drawing flowers for the kids to color in for mother's day, for spending hours reading AR Books to them, for donating candy for the party, fruits for snack, supplies for assignments. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a career gal - mother's are the unsung heroes. Although Mother's Day is long gone we should get over that and make ever day a special day for your mom. After all, doesn't she do that for you?

Celebrate the Mothers that you are...live freer, laugh louder, breathe deeper, dance slower, scrap you... be mom!

Write soon,

Sunday, June 07, 2009

oh my gosh...

I didn't realize that it's been so long since I blogged. It's weird how time just flies by. This week will be no different. School ends this week, which means we will have 2 billion administrative things to do before we are done on Thursday. OH my! Plus, my ESOL class will be accelerated once school ends from weekly assignments to daily assignments - I tried to go ahead but at this pace I am only 1 day ahead. OH my! So, I've been a little nuts.

But, on the other hand I got a chance to scrap today - OH my! I actually got to work with some of the new jillibean soup - love the journaling blocks - they are really cute for cards too. I also had a sassafras thing going today. Sassafras is not one of those papers to be taken lightly. It's busy and can be hard to work with if you don't have a plan. But, it is so much fun when you do get a feather in your cap. Today, I got a feather in my cap about Sassafras. I have loved them for so long and they just keep reinventing themselves and coming up with such new and innovative stuff. I loved them since I opened the door at dee's. I loved them before the funky edges and the stitched blossoms. I loved them before most people knew they existed. For some reason, like Bo-bunny and Fancy Pants I really get them - it feeds my funky side. I know it sounds kind of crazy but it's true. I love scrappin and all that it involves - funky paper for when I'm feeling funky, fun paper for when I'm feeling like fun, bright and bold when I am feeling bright and bold. I love the way that my layouts reflect who I am and what I feel. So, today I'm funky. Yep, funky. But never fear tomorrow is another day and I will be something else - maybe it will be silly or fun or smart but it will be me. I love the possibilities. Don't you???

Write soon,

Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm not feeling well...

I have run myself ragged and gotten sick again. This year has been an expecially sickly year. But, never fear the end of the year is almost here. Oh yeah - really I am counting. And guess what if I have all my things set - I can skip the last day and use my flex time - from all the courses I am taking.

Actually, I am very excited about the course I am taking now - I did a mini research on chinese culture and the instructor emailed me to tell me that she wanted to include mine in a mini-packet she was creating for the class. Oh yeah. I rock.

I also got to scrap a little and I have been ordering again. I am also very excited about the next crop. I love summer (and chocolate of course).

But, this year it's bitter sweet. My child is graduating from 5th grade - I know big deal. But for those of you who know me, you know I am a sap. I am naturally sappy - a crier at heart. My baby is going to middle school. Yeah, I still have 2 in elementary but she is going to middle school. I know it's just next door - I can literally walk over anytime I want - but it's the fact that she has hit another milestone. Kindergarten was easy, turning 1 was easy - this - not so much. This is just the beg of the rest. Pretty soon she will be crazy over some boy and her body will change drastically, teenagerism is just around the corner. Pray for me I am going to need it.

For the next few months I am safe - so share in the love!

Well, I'm headed towards my bed - maybe I will get inspired in the middle of the night and scrap. For now the laundry will have to be my creative outlet. Would a red sock really mess up my bras??? LOL.

Write soon,