Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yep, tomorrow we are closing our doors for good - but we are squeezing one last sale out. From 8-11 am and 3-6 pm we are doing our final sale. Come in and get 60% off every single item in the store.

We still have some fixtures available.

Cash only sale.

Write soon,

P.S. Space is already limited for the crop on the 9th. We only have a couple of spots available. Call now to reserve your spot.

Monday, December 28, 2009

OMG...we are making a dent

Can you believe it?
We are starting to make a dent...
You can actually walk around the store and not trip over the racks.
But, we still have a ton of THICKERS and I know that there are plenty of you alphabet lovers out there- so come and get it and at $2.00 each you can't do better than that.

I've also made a wall of paper the 4 for a $1.00 wall. So, come in and check out what other deals you can get. It must all go. Really!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Okay, this is it - really

Well, my husband is oficially driving me crazy.

He thinks there is just too much stuff left and that there is no way for us to store it all.

So, we are adding another 2 days to our sale. Tomorrow and Tuesday we will be open from 11 - 5 pm and everything is even cheaper. Everything is 60% off but it's a cash only sale. So, come in and help make my husband happy - help me get rid off it.

If you purchased a rack this weekend don't forget to pick it up Wednesday between 3 and 6 pm. We need to have the entire place emptied out on Wednesday.

Write soon,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I couldn't resist...

Okay, American Crafts just launched some brand new thickers and I just couldn't resist ordering...eventhough you know. So, is anyone interested??? I have to cover shipping on them so they will be something like $3.50 - if you are in, just email me I got 6 of each of them - which translates into 5 of each to sell. There are 8 different ones and they are oh so cute. They retail for $5.00 each - so you can't beat the price. I will have them with me on the 9th if you are interested or email me to make other arrangements.

Oh, and I also did that with some prima - so I will have a LITTLE stash to get rid of.

Write soon,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Okay, I can hear you loud and clear...

I will be opening tomorrow. Yes, one more day.
We will be open from 11 am - 5 pm. And, everything is now 55% off if you pay with cash or a giftcard only.
We still have some fixtures - so if you are interested, please give me a call or stop by tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!!

Write soon,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's going fast...

The back room already has one entire bare wall. The spinners and displays have been changed to include new paper since no one saw it before. The kits have been organized, with the sample for each right in the crate. Some new samples have been made - with some of the new paper. The glass shelves have been freshened up and the prima wall has gotten a face lift.

We are also giving away free magazines with each purchase until we run out. They are not new magazines - but they might be "new to you." So, stop by. The minutes are just ticking away.

Also, some of you have asked about the inventory - no Betty is not buying me out. What is left will be boxed and stored. So, if there is a kit or paper that you must have - you need to come and get it because you will NOT be able to pick it up later.

Write soon,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanks so much...

You all have been so wonderful.
I told my husband he doesn't need to worry - because with all these people praying for us I know that we will be okay. Right????

On a more personal note, I just want to say that I am so proud of my son, Albert. On Wednesday, our first day of the Going Out of Business Sale, he drove me into Fort Myers. He took me to breakfast and told me that this was just the beginning. That in a couple of years I can open the store again since by then Dad will be fine and the kids will be older and we will have the start up all over again. Although, I was upset, I knew that he was trying to comfort me and that he had thought this out. In the moment I was upset because the wound was still fresh. But, I am so proud of him. So, no matter how bananas he makes me, I know that he has my best intentions at heart. That he is really trying and that I did raise him right - which sometimes when you have teenagers you don't feel often since they are from Mars. But, gosh darn it if he didn't make me proud.

As for Betty plans, everything is on track and deliveries should arrive just in time for the big launch on the 9th of January. I am so excited. I am like a kid in a candy store. I can't wait to get my hands on all the new stuff. I can't wait for the crop especially since I will get to spend some time with some of you. I have made some incredible friends these past three years starting with my incredibly loyal and talented designers and ending with my big theme croppers like Diana, Patty, Juli (and let's not forget Randi - who came from out of state) to my Naples clan - Jennie, Chris, Tracey, and Michelle. Thank you for being my loyal customers and friends.

I hope to see you all on the 9th.

Write soon,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's got to go...

Yep, it all has to go...so come and get it. We have 3 days left on our Clearance Sale and everything is now 50% off of everything.

We still have some prima, october afternoon's farm fresh and christmas line, Bella Blvd's christmas line, both of prima's brand new paper lines, Kaiser's lilac field, and rewind collections, a ton of american crafts embellishments, bazzill dot paper, webster's pages, creative imaginations, fancy pants, mm mistletoe, pink paislee's valentine and christmas lines, and that's just the tip of the iceburg...

Come in and check it out...

Also, if you are coming on the 9th you'd better hurry the list is getting longer everyday. Just a few spots left to guarantee you get the best new product out there first. So, email me at dee@deescrapbookstore.com or call Betty's at 239-939-0355. Space is very limited.

Write soon,


P.S. I want to say thank you to all of you who have stopped by with well wishes. It is really appreciated.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You!

I can't believe the outpouring of support. You will not believe how many emails I have received in the last 24 hours. I can't believe it. I am so blessed. All of you have been so incredible. The well wishes and the prayers are awesome. With all this praying I know that everything will be okay - I can feel it.

On a less personal note - I have begun to take names for the crop on Saturday, January 9th at Betty's - email me and let me know if you are coming.

Don't forget about our clearance sale tomorrow - starts at 10. Hope to see you all in the next few days.

write soon,

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big News

By now, you should've all gotten the email about the pending close of the store. Yes, we must close the store. Unless one of you is independently wealthy and wants to buy it. :)

But, I do have some great news for you all - Betty's will be sponsoring us every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a free crop - where all the latest and greatest things will be available for you all to buy. Betty and I have been in talks and she has been talking about adding more scrapbooking product to her store and she is willing to work with me. So, it looks like we are just weeks away from some brand new beautiful paper in a beautiful new store - with an ac that doesn't freeze up and red lobster just across the street. What a great mix!

So, save the date. January 9th @ Betty's. I will be there too to make sure this is a seamless transition.

Well, I hope to see all of you at Dee's this week - I will personally be there to kick off this huge sale on Wednesday. Spend and be merry!

Write soon,

Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's been a week already?

Really, wow?
How did that happen?

Oh that's right, life gets in the way. It's crazy. No matter how much I want to do a million different things there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. No matter how much you want to do it.

This week has been especially crazy. John has been having some pain and waiting to hear the results from the doctor can be very stressful. But, one thing about the waiting is that I scrap like a loon to calm down. Really, that's what takes my mind off of it. This week, I did a whole bunch of layouts. So, I figured, that I would brag about that first - so here is my count:

Book 11
LO 519 - I raised a good man
LO 520/521 - just nuts
LO 522 flawless

Book 12
LO 523 love ya
LO 524/525 I am proud
LO 526 Crazy Cool
Lo 527 all grown up
Lo 528 Why?
LO 529 So long ago
LO 530 made up
LO 531 us
LO 532/533 40 - that's love
LO 534 slow down!
LO 535 birds of a feather flock together
LO 536 friend
LO 537 can buy me love - for a dollar
LO 538 field day
LO 539 universal
LO 540 Melody Ross
LO 541 Disney
LO 542 giddy up
LO 543 Time w/ Titi
LO 544 It's starting to look a lot like christmas
Lo 545 friends

So, with just 25 days left this month - I really don't know how far I will get. We will just have to wait and see.

Oh, and that doesn't include all the Prima samples I left at the store this weekend. There are about 10 from the designers and myself - some of it with their new paper as well as their flowers and some are just with their new embellishments and other papers available at Dee's. I must say, Prima just keeps outdoing themselves. I really am dying to see what else they will come up with next. Some items, are already sold out, but there is still plenty for you to choose from. The butterflies are my favorite. Check out my sample at the store titled close with the butterfly in it. My next favorites have to be the centers or maybe the medicci's or the fancy sheer lollipops. Oh, okay the truth is i love it all - they still managed to back order a whole bunch of stuff. But, it's all gorgeous - I thought my husband was going to have a meltdown when he saw all the things that I picked up to make samples - but it was all just too pretty - I needed it all. Plus, some of the items came in before and I didn't get any of them - that's how beautiful they were. You will love it! But, you'd better hurry - because I am not sure how long some of it will last - espcially after I went shopping. I made a dent!

But, I do plan to have a whole bunch of new samples available this weekend. So, if you haven't had a chance to drop by come in and check out what the girls and I did. Their talent is amazing.

But, yesterday was a little crazy. Since, I decided to play hookie on Friday and go to dinner with my husband. Yep, I was supposed to come in on Friday night and put out all the new paper out but my darling husband got my son to spend his Friday night watching the kiddos so that we could have some time alone. It was an ugly night out but we had dinner at Pagelli's again so I was happy. Then, we did a little christmas shopping. We had time alone and boy did we need that. Then, last night I got home and we watched Star Trek. Yes, Star Trek. I can not lie I am a huge trekie fan - but getting the clan to watch the movie with me just wasn't going to happen - so I had to wait for the video. But, my husband watched the entire movie with me and loved it - so I think I won him over. Plus, Tyler Perry was in it and John loves Tyler Perry. The movie was awesome. It was action packed and I cried. So, it had all the elements of a good one in my book.

Today, I worked on my classwork. I just wrapped up week 10 and I have 4 more weeeks to go. I can't wait!!!

So, now that I have caught you all up, I going to scrap with some of our new stuff - including the eskimo kisses from basic grey and the new crate paper. It's beautiful.

Check it out this weekend - I'll have it at the store with me. If not, stop by and enjoy our sales this week - tuesday we have a stack of paper for just to choose from at ten cents each and a special Limited Edition Double Dee from Ines for $12.95. Look out for the email. Lots of stuff going on this weekend. We also have our His/Her kits available with brand new kaiser paper - love it!

Write soon,