Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Six Weeks - Unbelievable

Hi Everyone,

I just can't believe it, has it really been 6 weeks since I last blogged? I really haven't been on since February? How did that happen?

Oh wait, I've been to CHA, we've had dozens of orders delivered, and it just keep rolling in. Maybe that's the reason?

You bet your patootie it is!

Running a business is no joke!

I feel like I am on the run all the time, but I had an epiphany last night as I physically and emotionally prepared for the SAT 10's to commence.

Many of you know that I still have my day job, and what this means is SAT-10 Week. We have been eating, drinking, breathing Sat 10 for the last couple weeks, and the day of reckoning finally arrived today. The kids started Day 1 of Reading. Although, I know that I have worked hard with them, I still felt that anxious knot in my stomach last night. You know, the feeling you would get before the very first day of school. The nerves you felt on your wedding day. The jitteriness associated with beginning something new, facing a new frontier, arriving somewhere new. As I type these very words I can feel that knot in my stomach again. Yep, I revert back to being 5 years old and the first day of school. But, I've got a solution for this - my very own - "Cutter-Outter" theory.

Last night, after putting my little ones to bed, I sat at my table and began to cut arrows out. Really, cutting things out lets me do without much thinking. I can cut for hours and keep my mind going through the day, or planning activities, or just vegetating. It's amazing! It's calming, really. Those of you who have tried this know what I mean...it's takes no brain power...you can rehash your day, or daydream, or just plan pages in your head...your mind is just free to roam. I can be planning my next crop, or my next lesson plan, either works. It really does the trick for me. But, let me tell you the Hershey's Kisses Ice Cream Poppers don't hurt either.

But, how does this apply to you? What's the challenge? Well, your challenge is to create a layout showing/explaining what you do to calm down, what relaxes you, what evens you out? What bring you back from the brink of madness?

Bring your completed layout to Dee's by April 30th to qualify for a drawing to win a goodie bag with a retail value of $10.00.

Good luck!