Friday, January 30, 2009

What's cookin...

I am ticked with UPS - they suck!

They promised me a delivery for today and it did not arrive - due to "adverse weather" in the midwest. It's sunny in Florida - why can't I have my stuff. I'm so upset. It won't arrive till Monday - which doesn't help me any because we are closed. So, that means our kits won't be ready until next weekend instead of tomorrow. The stuff for my his and her kits and the rest of my double stuff were in there and some embellishments and all my adhesive and album refills. Auuuggghhhh.

After 30 minutes in the phone all I got was frustration!

So, although we have a ton of new stuff - next weekend we will have even more.

Let me tell you that foxy paper is even more beautiful in person. OMG it is so cute and shiny. Oh and their new summer line is shiny too and the epoxy brads.
We also got in the scribble scrabble and the lemon and cherry and the heart paper - all so cute. Finally, we got the Teresa Collins new family paper and the mm love paper - 3 of them that is because once again the backorder strikes again. I don't know how they stay in business if you order it and never get all of it. I don't know why I bother ordering it - oh that's right it's so damn cute - you should see the journaling notebooks. Beautiful and going fast. I put it out at 5 pm and we sold a little of all the new stuff - from each line and I haven't even gotten my stuff yet, cause I need it all! yeah!!!

Well, it's my sister's birthday and my 5 minutes are, but plenty of new samples to share at tomorrow's crop. I also hope to get some stuff done with the foxy paper and the mm paper, oh and everything else.

I have a whole bunch of catching up to do. The store is also wrecked - so I have a lot of work to do to get ready tomorrow.

Write soon,


Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's been a while


mom is still in town so i've had no time for anything. I can't wait till sat. I am so excited! The twitterpated line from Imaginisce is sure to sell right out the store this weekend. It is so cute the girls are making piles at the store. But, don't worry, there should be enough for everyone for a few days. That little fox is just so adorable. I can't wait to use it.

So wishing I was scrapbooking - I will just have to wait until Sat.

I'll see most of you this weekend.

gotta go - mom's calling

Write soon,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a few minutes...

My mom had us out all day then she dumped us off and went back out shopping...but she said she would be back in an hour. So, I need to get somethings together for dinner and figured I can sneak in for 5 minutes and share some pearls of wisdom.
Okay, maybe not pearls of wisdom. But pearls of hope.

What I hope for out of 2009 -

To become healthier
To be more honest with myself
To really learn how to run a business on a budget
To make the business a huge success
To convince my parents to move here (my kids need them)
To spend more time showing my kids how much I love them
TO have more date nights with John
To have more mommy and me nights with each of my children individually
To be a better person, a better mother, a better friend, a better everything
To become bigger part of the change going on

Wow this hopelist keeps getting longer so I'm stopping now my few minutes are up and my hubby is reading over my shoulder (annoying - but you gotta love him - he knows a good thing when he reads it).

LO40 New Destination - mm paper
LO41 Play Dig - Sassafras
LO42 Memories - CI and Heidi S
LO43 Hair Do - Oct aft
LO44 Seamore & Clyde
LO45 Brand New

Write soon,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twist on th 365

Yep, it's true I've been compelled to do the 365 challenge but with my own twist. Yes, I know I already did a twist - creating 365 layouts this year, but I am upping myself one more. I am really considering doing the 7 photos a week challenge but with a theme.

For example, I don't know how many of you know that sometimes my mojo works without any pictures. Really, sometimes I just see some papers together that I think work and I create a page or two and then I look for pics to match. Finding pics that match is hardly ever an issue because I have about 10,000 pics still to scrap. I know, can you imagine. Yes, I scrap almost daily but still the two huge photo cases I have are full and I have photos in envelopes everywhere. But, I digress.

I figured I could create a weekly layout with space for 7 photos on a common thread. Some ideas floating around on my head:
My 7...
favorite photos
favorite restaurants
paper lines
craziest students
favorite spots
kid quotes
tv shows
favorite places to shop
must have items
places to visit
best pieces of advise - no photos of course
parent quotes - you know the ones about 5 mins of peace
favorite people in the world
favorite presents over
and of course over 30 more - I said it's a work in progress.

So, I want everyone to know that I took a pic of my steak at longhorn because it will qualify under something somewhere and when I get there I will have the photo.

So, now that my memory card has 1223 photos I will start getting my weekly sheets done so that I can start taking photos again.

I am a gluton for punishment. But, if I told you that my family was full of natural born posers would you believe me? Well they are - I have the 10,000 + photos to prove it.

So, join the challenge - get it scrapped and get it done. 100 years from now it would be awesome to have some great grandchildren somewhere looking at pictures of their great grandma and her crazy favorites like starbucks and coney island and feel the salt air and taste the steak. It's all about the memories.

Happy Scrappin!

Write soon,

Friday, January 23, 2009

They are here

Yep, it's true my mom is back in town. Surprise.

At least a 2 week visit I hear.

For now we are okay but pray for me I need it.

So, this is a short little pearl of wisdom. Buy, buy, buy it all. That's my new philosophy. I must buy it all. The kraft kuts from fancy pants are gorgeous. The borders and more from Cosmo are just awesome. The imaginisce summer is cool, the sea line from CI is my favorite grown up beach paper - it's beautiful. Oh and the pink paislee, the crate paper, even the we are memory makers is awesome. aaauuugghhh I've got to stop.

Well, I've got to go.

Layout update

LO 36 Potential 04
LO37/38 Under construction mm passport
LO39 2 drunk chicks - sassafras

Write soon,

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay, so I am still placing orders but it seems that most things will not be shipping until march. But, Fancy pants paper will arrive in Feb and that summer soiree is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and the Krafty Kuts - OMG!

No pearls of wisdom except I have completed week 1 of reading class - yeah!!!
So, don't procrastinate. Get'er done.

LO 34/35 New - using more Oct Afternoon scraps.

Challenged myself to use more of it.
So, you be the judge do they look alike - stop by the store and check it out.

Write soon,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a chocolate ice cream night

After staying up late again last night and going back to work today oh and the chilly weather it's a great night to crawl into bed with a big comfy blanket and a pint of ice cream. But, the ice cream will have to wait. My online class has started and I need to hand in my very first assignment today. This is a reading endorsement class that runs until may with weekly assignments due and a final exam. Hah!!! Then at the end of the month I start my second concurrent class so for the next two weeks I will trying to scrap as much as possible so that I don't fall behind and give Heather some false hope (I am keeping my eye on you) then I will be behind for a while but never fear I will catch up. During school breaks I usually manage to create about 20 layouts a week. I know it's crazy. But, the final thing is they are still not slap them down layouts - I put brads, flowers, bling, etc in my layouts but I go through a yippee no school mojo and get a lot done. Last year, during the first 2 weeks of summer break I finished about 50 layouts. I know crazy. For some reason, I do all things to the extreme. I am trying to do better. Promise.

So, here's to happy scrappin and getting my classes finished. Yeeeaaahhhh!

LO 32 Beautiful girl - oct aft
LO 33 So fast - some oct aft scraps (yeah)

Write soon,


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yep, it's me again!

Hi Everyone,

Good News for those of you who attended Saturday's crop. Therapeutic Skin Care and Day Spa is trying to make amends for their error on Saturday and have agreed to have all 11 of you call and set-up an appt for a FREE manicure.

So, from the top of my head that includes:

Heather (notified)
Debbie (already called)

Please call on them at 12951 Metro Pkwy # 14, Fort Myers - (239) 561-8718.

I hope that helps to make it up to all of you.

Thank you so much for being so understanding.

But, as a part of our continued work in partnering with other businesses in the community for next month we have another special event. A pet/kid photo shoot.
This month we are teaming up with Photography by Katrina.

Katrina is a dedicated scrapbooker with 4 dogs of her own. She specializes in theme photo sessions for children and pets. So, for February we will be having two (2) photo shoots - Lovey Dovey Pet Photos on Friday, February 13th from 6 - 9 pm and Saturday, February 21st from 10 - 1 pm. Yes, we will be pet and kit friendly on those 2 days. Special pet kits, his kit, and her kits will be available at a special discount for everyone participating in a session. Photo shoot sessions need be booked in advance - they are for 15 minute increments. You will get 2 sheets of photos for $30. You choose the shots and the sizes. Photos will be available for pickup in just a few days. Call us at 334-4333 to set-up a time for your session. Check out her website at and to see some of her work with children and pets.

Finally, to my wisdom for the day - I ain't got none.

I have been so busy placing orders that I haven't made any sense all day - i've been like a drone - saying show me the paper - show me the paper - show me the paper - show me the ribbon - show me the stickers - show me the bling - show me the flowers -show me the stamps.

But, I will not disappoint. I placed 4 orders with Prima alone - I had to break them down to realistic amounts because I was in love with so much of it. I loved their cute mommy and me line and the teen girl line with metal and pink oh and the canvas tags but never fear it will be weeks before Prima ships. So, to stop you from dying in wait I have plenty of other goodies to keep you busy.

The first shipment should arrive on Thursday - Snorkel and Girl Friday from Cosmo Cricket. Lil Man arrives next week (sorry).
Scribble Scrabbles 3 new colllections shipped today.
Mylyb will ship tomorrow - the entire love collection. Aaaahhhhhh!
Pink Paislee will not ship until March first but I just sent my order in - I had to have it all - I just couldn't help myself - wait till you see the chipboard pieces and the diecut stickers oh and the paper. Okay I've got to stop.
I'm drooling.
That's all I'm telling - suffer, suffer, suffer.

As for the count:
LO26 This moment Fancy Pants
LO27 Turning 4 - making memories
LO28 Blessings - Oct. Afternoon
LO29 Family - making memories
Lo30 This boy - Scenic Route
LO31 Us - scenic route with scrap strips!!!

Write soon,

Monday, January 19, 2009

it's been a while...

I know it's been a while but don't worry I haven't returned to my bad days of yester year. I've been so SICK like a dog - I spent most of yesterday sleeping after violent throwing up spells with a headache. Can you imagine that combo???

Well on to more interesting news....

First - don't EVER shop at Therapeutic Skin Care and Spa in Fort Myers - irresponsible, unreliable, and just Shady.

Do visit Bellers Spa On Colonial - their massage therapist is awesome - shout out to Kathy. Thank you kathy you are a lifesaver.

First, I want to thank all the ladies who came in for Saturday's crop for being so sweet about everything. You just rolled with the punches - my kind of ladies!

Also, I wanted to talk about something really interesting about Saturday night. I had 3 young women crop with us Saturday. They aren't the typical Dee Shoppers - no kids, not world traelers, no husbands, no dogs to scrap about, in fact they are teenagers - they scrap about themselves, their dreams, their hopes, they were awesome. They reminded me of why I began a journal as a kid - to write down my dreams for a wonderful future. I thought it was so awesome and refreshing to see young ladies spending money and time to preserve their memories and staying out of trouble. It's so easy to get in with the wrong crowd - to go out partying, to get pregnant, to do drugs. Their is so much ugly going on and then you see young ladies like these - spending a Saturday night out together doing something for themselves - and staying out of trouble. It was refreshing to see. My girls have been scrappin' for years and I hope that when they get to be teenagers they consider the choices - the options and choose to dream and make those dreams come true versus hanging out drinking, partying and having sex. Don't get me wrong they will eventually get themselves into trouble, breaking curfew, drinking, etc but I hope to prolong it for as long as possible. For now, I will keep sharing my love of scrapbooking with them and provide another outlet for frustrations and build a stronger bond with my girls. Cause, 16 is just around the corner.

Finally, the next reason I haven't been on blogging is because I have been busy ordeing from CHA. Although the show isn't for another week - the sneak peaks have been awesome. So. I've been sending emails and making calls, and so much more.

I have already ordered the new:
Jenni Bowlin
Fancy Pants
Cosmo Cricket
Webster's Pages
Scribble Scrabble
My little shoebox
and more, more, more!!!

As for the layout count...

LO 21 Beautiful fish - daily grind fancy pants
LO 22/23 Going Apes - October Afternoon
LO 24/25 It's a small world - oct afternoon

I know I've fallen behind - but I've got orders to place - I'll catch up!!!

Our first "new product" arrives this week. Yep!!!

Write soon,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday Night...

Okay ladies, most of you that follow the blog are also attending the crop on Saturday, which includes a manicure, but for those of you that would also like a massage - those will also be able for an additional fee. So, let me know if you are interested in that. I am super excited about this. I know that I need a little pampering and if your life is anything like me you also are in desperate need of some's these little moments that save me from total meltdowns. Because I am on the verge of one right now.

Today, I found out that my son who pretended to do his homework yesterday actually did not do it. Then, he wouldn't do it today. My first grader decided that she did not know how to estimate and did not want to do her math homework. Back to Nik for a second - he then proceeded to cry and act nuts of and on for 30 minutes. Wait, it only gets better. He then decided that he was going to get his math homework today - omg I mean he wanted me to do it. Then, he kept crying so hard that he spilled half a can on my nightstand of diet pepsi all over my bed. Yep, all over my bed. Then, he decides he is going to run and clean it up. But, here is the clincher: About two hours ago I asked Nik to put on his orange swimsuit for a photo shoot for a layout idea I had - which he yelled about and didn't do. BUT, now, after I have aged 10 years in 10 minutes, he decided to say sorry by coming in in those very orange trunks for his photo shoot. I need help. They are winning - I need a relaxation crop.

Tracking lo

LO 18 Seaworld - old sassafras
LO19 girly girl with doodlebug
LO20 beach bum with teresa collins

Actually LO 19 and LO 20 are based on the same sketch with different paper and themes as kind of a study to see if they still look the same or different. We will have them at the store this weekend you can judge for yourself.

Write soon,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay, so I'm not getting anything done...

It's crazy I know but I can't help myself. I am in love with all new things. I received a sneak peak from a rep that I never bought from and now I have found a new favorite - my little shoebox. Don't bother checking their website, I checked and it was not up there. Beautiful!!!

Then, one of my favorites, Bo-bunny has done it again. I'm in love with Abbey Road, Grease Monkey, U Bug Me, and Pet Shop. The names of the collections say it all. But, they have made a trillion embellishments to match everything. AAUUUGGHHHHH!!!!

So, what else is a girl to do, but put the entire store on sale. That's right for the next 2 days the entire store will be 50% off (except all the kits and services - of course) and we are staying open late for the two days too for those of you with a 9 to 5. Show me the money (because I have already spent it in my head!).

Have fun shopping I know it was a lot of fun placing orders today.

Plus, new product will be here just in time for saturday's crop.
Sorry, that won't be on sale - it won't be here till then.

Well, I've really got to go. I really need to get some scrappin done. Because as if my life weren't hectic enough, I just signed up for a 10 week online reading course and a one day workshop all starting next week. Auugghhhh! What was I thinking??? I really must be a masochist - because I just keep doing these things. But, I need to finish these courses. They are making me crazy!!! I really needed to take an esol class but they are ALL closed - so that means that I will need to take several classes this summer. OMG - serious trouble.

Now, I really need to get off the computer and start scrappin or I will be behind before the end of the week and my a personality will not let that happen.

We still have room for our crop on Sat - so let me know if you are interested.

Write soon,

P.S. I am in love with a purple line - I know I know I know and the company is someone I haven't bought from in over a year - but this line is too die for and I am still waiting for their next sneak peak - I know that I am going to be in trouble - oh well isn't that my middle name LOL :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

17 and counting!!!

Well ladies I am currently on layout 17:

LO 10/11 The Open Road CHA - using mm passport line
LO 12 Waterbabies - addie paper mm
LO 13 real lady like not
LO 14 daddy's girl mm
LO 15 smile ces't la vie dream street
LO 16 school photo sassafras
LO 17 dance like no one's watching sassafras
LO 18 - more sassafras - but it's still titleless so technically I am still on 17.

As for the crop on Sat I am so excited about all the fun. I am really looking forward to being pampered. I definetely order it!

We are almost full - so if you want in call us soon. This will be an incredibly good time. Extras will be available though. More details will be coming soon.

Well, I am still feeling like crap so I'm going to lie down and see if I can decongest some and finish all the preparations for sat. The stuff is all so cute.

Write soon,

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Okay, so I've had my eyes roving over some of the new stuff coming out this year and let me tell you - aauuuuggghhhh. You all better come in and start spending money in the store because I need to get my hands on lots of cash right away. I am in love with all the new stuff from MME and PRIMA oh and MM and Daisy Bucket. OMG I am in love with it all.

I would love to write a big long email about something truly meaningful or all the layouts I have completed, but this is not so. I have been surfing the net and oggling all the new stuff and thinking up reasons why I need to get it now. What am I gonna do?

I really need to get to the bills, did I tell you that that was the reason I went on line today to pay the bills and 4 hours later I'm typing during the commercials on Grey's anatomy - I love me some mcsteamy.

Well the bills are waiting and these commercials only last so long.

Write soon,

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy 3 kings day!!!

Yep, us Puerto Ricans have a whole lot of holidays.

But, me I am a christmas girl. Christmas eve is sacred in our family. We wait with bated breath for the clock to hit midnight. Some of my fondest memories were of us celebrating christmas and the tree in the background.

I guess that's why I always take so many pictures of christmas. After scrappin christmas now and past - I am all christmased out.

I haven't been able to scrap this week at all, but I have so many ideas in my head and none of them involve christmas, okay maybe the idea about the kids letters to Santa. I know I want to use that sheer KI paper with the red letters, I just haven't had the chance to follow through. I've also been busy drooling at all the new stuff getting ready to ship from CHA. Yep, it's in just two weeks but I won't be able to go this time. It's been a crazy last few months with my dad and I just can't take anymore time off. My dh would kill me and so would my boss. Darn it!!!

Well, my DH just got home from his lions club meeting - we are selling tickets for the barbecue fundraiser on March 7th for $8. We've got ten tickets and all the money goes to good causes. My husband is a member - they do wonderful things for the community - like glasses for the elderly, indigents, students, etc. They have scholarships and many other cool sponsorships. If you are interested let me know - it's in Lehigh.

Okay, well I've really got to go now, if not I won't get any scrappin done again tonight.

Write soon,


Monday, January 05, 2009



I just moved everything around to confuse you all and let you know what's new to you. That's one of my favorite sayings. You would not believe how that applies to the store. I am amazed at the number of customers who come in almost weekly and when I move stuff around they point out paper that's new - yep except it's new to you, because it's been in the store for months. I know I take complete blame for it. I've been told I have too much eye candy and that others get overstimulated and stop looking. For others it's below the waist. Anything below the waist they don't see it at all. So, we I move them around you will get to see new to you eye candy. So, come and check it out.

Also, note on the email that Jen S has scheduled 2 classes this month. She was working on her samples and felt that waiting until the 24th would put everyone behind. This way you don't fall behind and become overwheled to the point where you can't finish the series/program. Let me know if you can make it.

LO 13 Real Lady Like Not! using mylyb's delightful.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I can help...

Yes Heather I can help you - next time you stop by the store we can put it together. But, you can sign up through and follow the prompt. As for the layout photos you will need to set up an acct with flickr through a yahoo account - which all free. If this confused you even more let me know and I will help where I can - remember I'm clueless on the real technical stuff - but what I know I will share.

I lost my mind today and started nesting and moving stuff around I only finished one layout in 5 hours but I did move the entire store around - including putting all the sassafras together, the urban lily together, most of the scenic route, most of the fancy pants, most of the bo-bunny. I fixed the beach stuff and the blue/green area. The school area was also moved some. The pink area is in dire need of help - but it will need to wait until my next nesting stage. Because I am burnt out. I actually plan to scrap some more today before bed - and school resumes tomorrow so let's see what I get done.

As for my count for now:
LO 10/11 The Open Road CHA - using mm passport line
LO 12 - waterbabiez - photos of the kids mm addie paper

Working on 3 ideas in my head - let's see what I actually get done.

Write soon,

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Been Busy?


Heather is keeping busy too - with 8 layouts for the year. Yeah! I'm impressed.
As for the blog, go for it, you can post them right on line and keep track - makes it easier and it's absolutely free. Let me know if you need help with it.

Tomorrow is a crop day so I will get more done then for now I am in the store, pretending to get my tax stuff done. Auuggghhhh.

That 5 cent paper is burning a hole in the store so come and get it.

I am also taking pics today of all the new double dees and my 2009 layouts for the year. Yeah!!!

Write soon,

keeping track

I just finished
LO 4/5 - family layout with pics from 2004 using chattorbox
LO 6 - beach bum layout - ci - 2 pics of sanibel
LO 7 - CI Abels now and forever layout
LO 8 - Cute - CI old and new cousins layout
LO 9 - pieces of me w/ mm addie circles

I'm going to bed now I am exhausted and I have to be up early for the store tom.
Don't forget about our 5 cent paper sale - it ends on Sunday. More paper added - tons of paper gone - it was hit pretty hard with about 50 lines gone for GOOD!
Also, on Sunday we have a free crop from noon to 5 pm. This is the only Sunday we will be open for January - so take advantage.

We need to get rid of the inventory - we don't want to count it. Don't forget that all other new product is 25% off until Sunday. Some of the christmas paper is completely gone - so don't wait too long to scrap those holiday photos.

Write soon,


P.S. A new resolution - to put more of myself in my layouts
Reso 2 - write dates on my layouts - I know when some of them were taken now but who knows in 20 years.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am so looking forward to this year, you wont believe how much!

After all the chaos at the end of the year with dad and a delayed Christmas, I am so glad that we are starting fresh again...more layouts, more classes, more challenges, more designers, more everything.

For example, I am trying to keep track of my layouts for the year to see if I am getting enough done. My goal is 365 layouts for the year which translates into 1 a day. With 3 layouts under my belt and this being the second of the month I am well ahead of the pack.

LO 1/2 - A two page layout with the new CI paper and thanksgiving pictures of the kids

LO 3 - A chatterbox layout with photos of my sister in law and her stepdad.

I also started a few yesterday that I hope to finish before the end of the week, because once I go back to school next week I will be off the grid for about a week. So, I have to make extras so I don't fall behind.

For Jen S. this has translated into a 365 class where the goal is to combine journaling and photos for each month and create a layout to reflect on what's occured that month - it's kind of a take on the photo a day - which for most humans is impossible - but she hopes to inspire you to get as close as possible. She is hoping to have her samples in a couple of weeks. The classes will result in 2 double page layouts each. The first class is sheduled for January 24 at 4 pm - let me know if I should sign you up.

Sharon, one of our newbie designers, is also working on a 3 pages & 3 cards class for $23.00 which is awesome - great price. So, those of you who are afraid to try cards or vice versa you can take a crack at it and see how it goes while still working on a layout/card and not be totally out of your element. This is also an awesome class for beginners to pick up new techniques - so if you are short on the new techniques then you can try this out and see how you like stamping,etc.

Also, I have revamped the customer rewards program to increase in 1% increments for every hundred dollars:

Spend $100 ---- get 1% off for the rest of the year
Spend $200 ---- get 2% off for the rest of the year
Spend $300 ---- get 3% off for the rest of the year
Spend $400 ---- get 4% off for the rest of the year
etc all the way upto 1500 and 15% off for the rest of the year.

But it doesn't end there. When you get to the $1000 mark you will get a $25 dollar gift certificate to Dee's. Get to $1500 mark and get a $50 dollar gift certificate to Dee's.

Oh and that's not even the end of this entry.

Jen S. came by today with not 1, or 2, but 3 double dee's for this week. Let me tell you that they are all awesome. I am so impressed by the girls. I can't believe how amazing they have become - they were good before but damn they are fantastic. My favorite double dee has to be the blue and yellow layout with the butterfly paper. It's absolutely beautiful. I forgot to take picture today, but I will take pictures tomorrow and put them on flickr for you all to see. But, don't wait too long we already sold some of them couldn't be helped they were ready and the girls couldn't contain themselves. So, they are already in limited quantities. My favorite thing about these double dees were the color combinations. I would never have put them together, but because she did I was so super impressed by how they look together. I love to see how things come together and challenge me to think outside the box, whether it's with color, photo techniques, positioning, embellishing, etc. Anything that stops me from making 50 layouts that look like each other is awesome.

Well, I am going to finish up a couple more layouts before bedtime and I am trying not to stay up to 4 am again. I have to get back into the school zone.

Happy New Year!

Write soon,