Monday, November 24, 2008

What next???

Well ladies now that we have had our Christmas Crop the next and only big crop for this year is the Girlfriends crop in December. This will be our 3rd annual crop and it is absolutely my favorite crop of the year. I laugh my butt off. You guys are just hilarious. My favorite part has to be the Girlfriends version of the Newlywed game. The questions are straightforward enough - it's the answers that just keep me going. I love to hear the chitter chatter, all the a laughter and the funniest answer without even trying.

Have I told you that my favorite part of scrapbooking is the socializing. It crosses boundaries. Your age is just a number at our crops - 20 year old's sit next to 50 year olds and talk about real life - we talk about it all from S-E-X to kids, grandkids, shopping, our addictions (to paper of course), the subjects are limitless. The conversations are always flowing and yet we always manage to get some scrappin done - not as much as you would expect at a 6 hour crop - but that is neither here or there.

I must admit I have made some wonderful friends, some that adopted me quickly and some that have recently joined our ranks but damn it if they are just not amazing.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches I am thankful for all my new and OLD friends - thanks for hanging out at Dee's, thanks for sharing your lives with us, thanks for shopping with us, and thanks for being you - you are all amazing!

Write soon,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's a party going on...

I am so excited about tomorrow's crop. There are a whole bunch of gals coming to celebrate with me. Although my birthday isn't until Saturday, I did not want to spend my birthday night with a whole bunch a ladies - you get what I am saying :)

So, for the first time in my life I am celebrating early - which for us superstitious Puerto Ricans is completely unheard of - I could die tomorrow and have celebrated something that didn't happen yet. But, what the heck this is my last year in my 30's. Then, I gladly move on to my 40's. Yippee.

Really, I do love being in my thirties and yes they were so much better than my twenties but I am a follower of Oprah's philosophy that it only get's better. So, I am looking forward to entering the next ten. I have to tell you that really, I have loved my 30's so much more than my 20's. Perhaps it was the uncertainty of being single, or still being in college, starting the first REAL job, trying to meet that "PERFECT" man - by the way there is no perfect man but that's a post for another time, etc.

Now, I am a bit more stable or perhaps unstable. I have 2 jobs that I really love, and the best kids in the world (when they are sleeping - LOL), and a great husband, not perfect, but great nonetheless, awesome friends, and a great life - wow I should scrap that. Unfortunately, we have had many losses these last 8 years, like my great grandma, my grandma, my cousin, my mother-in-law, my dad's surgeries, and many, many others but I was better able to handle them now than I ever could have ten years ago.

So, yep I am looking forward to what the 40's have in store but I am totally going to be celebrating this last year in my 30's starting with tomorrow's crop. So, check it out - this year we will have way more fun than ever. I'm giving this year the good old college try - so get ready for some partying. The fun is only starting tomorrow and next weekend the crop will be even better - I went a little crazy - you will never believe until you see it, so if you can't make it - a very limited number of kits will be available for purchase - and believe me you don't want to miss this -celebrate in style.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday. You guys rock.

As for Heather's question about the Prima order - you must see the viola felt and the transparent tape, or a little bling that came in from them - it's totally awesome.

Finally, the question about the designer challenge:
The kit contains $40 worth of product and we sell it for $25. You get several weeks to work on your projects from cards to altered, to layouts, to minialbums you choose what and how much you want to do. Then you submit it by the deadline which is December 16??? and we put it on the display shelves. Every single customer that comes in between December 17th and December 27th gets to vote everytime they make a purchase during that time. The designer with the most votes win and becomes a store designer - which means free goodies, opportunities to teach, and attend CHA Orlando and so much more!!!

Like I said there are no rules for your projects and their is no wrong way to scrapbook. So - crop on dude.

Several people have been known to purchase the kit because of how eclectic it is and how much you save. So, you can purchase the kit for the deals but let us know - because we would really like to have atleast 3 people in the competition to provide our customers with several choices.

Well, I'd better go the little angels are trying to kill each - not really but ohhh so close. Also, I did a layour last night that I am so proud of - I can't wait to show it off tomorrow.

Write soon,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the winner is...

Yep, we pulled the name out of the hat yesterday, as witnessed by Renee and Rebecca, and a drum roll please...

The WINNER is Heather F. Congratulations!

Stop by the store and pick out your own goodie bag - include 4 pieces of pattern paper, 1 sheet of cardstock, and 1 yard of ribbon all of your choice. That's right you pick it on your own. That way no duplicates, no stuff you don't like - you pick and you are guaranteed an awesome kit. I know I am amazing - I just act the way I would expect others to behave towards me. So, enjoy. As for the rest of you. I will post another challenge soon, so keep reading for your chance to be a winner.

On another topic, my Jen E., is in her last trimester and has temporarily (Hopefully)left our design team. So, what does that mean? That we are on the lookout for another designer to join our ranks - the pay sucks but the benefits are fantastic. So, if you are interested, stop by the store and pick up our newest Designer's Challenge Kit. It will be ready for pick up this Sunday. Remember the only rule is that you have to do as much as you can with it and hand it in by the deadline. The kit is worth $40.00 and is available for our future designers for only $25.00. We need atleast 3 of you to participate. You can't win if you don't participate. So, don't be a chicken - I don't vote on the winner the rest of you do. That's right, we display your samples on our shelves and every person who makes a purchase during the designated time will cast a vote for their favorite. The designer with the most votes wins. Can you believe it? It's that easy. Cards, layouts (in any size), minialbums, altered projects, anything - the sky is your limit - oops let me rephrase - you must use the product in the kit. But, you are allowed to add additional items to reflect your personal style. Please don't feel like you are so different from anyone else that you can't participate. That's what we are looking for - we want a fresh new designer that's not like our already existing designers.

Remember their is no way to scrapbook wrong, but there are different styles that we all tend to gravitate towards, different is not bad. We love that. So, come in and check it out.

Finally, we still have a few spots available for our Freebie crop on Friday. All purchases made by those croppers will be 39% off in honor of my 39th birthday. What's the point of a birthday if everyone can't celebrate. So, all croppers will shop for 39 off. Of course their are a couple of exclusions, like kits, classes, and services, but those are already hugely discounted and our brand new Sharon Ann Christmas Collection and our Prima order that arrives Friday - I am trying to celebrate not go broke. :)

Hopefully, I will see you then. As always you guys know I don't have any "REAL" family in Florida so I love to be able to celebrate with my SCRAPPIN Family. Thanks, for choosing Dee's.

One last thing (for real) - I will be downloading some more pictures of samples done this weekend. Some cute stuff from Jen S and myself. Enjoy. Don't forget we have most of that product in stock!

Write soon,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday News

Yep, it's almost time for my birthday again. But, this time there is a twist. In order to get the 39% off your purchase you need to come and crop with us. That's right, I am turning 39 and who better to spend my time with - other scrappers. So, email me or add a comment to this post and add yourself to the crop list. Remember we can only fit 20 - oops 16 of you in the crop room for each crop - so don't hesitate. First come - first serve.

The two time slots are Tuesday (tomorrow) from 10 am to 6 pm and Friday from 5-11 pm. I have people signed up for both of them already - so don't miss out. 39% is a lot off - the only exclusions are the Sharon Ann Christmas Collection, the kits, and all services - classes, etc.

On another note, we got two responses to the challenge about scrapbooking being a need or a want. So, since they both had great responses and I hate to pick, I will put both their names in a bag and pull out the winner. I will be doing this during the crop tomorrow for proof and publish the results here tomorrow as well as prepare the goodie bag.

So, Renee and Heather check it out late in the evening and find out which one of you won. You can pick it up anytime after Tuesday's posting.

On another note, I am just christmas crop crazy. I really love all of the paper that's out there for the holidays and all the stuff I have saved up and ordered is all so different from each other. These christmas croppers will love how very different all these lines are from each other. I am so excited. I can't wait to play with it all.

Well, I've got to go I am trying to get some layouts done tonight before the crop.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In my lifetime...

Yesterday, once again, history was rewritten. No matter which way it went yesterday, we would once again have changed history. That made me think about all the things that have happened in my lifetime. Yes, it's true I'm old and judging by the amount of things that have happened in my lifetime you would think I am a zillion years old. But, technology has had the biggest changes. For example, pay phones are a thing of the past - I don't even know of one in Florida...anybody??? As a teenager I had a beeper glued to my hip. Forget visa, I never left home without it - yet only doctors do now - or is that only on Grey's. Computers were not a household item. Now they are tiny. Oh, and do you remember the first cellular phones. Those 2 guys from Saturday Night Live made that club movie where they have one of those phones. They were not $600-1K when they first came out - now you can get them for 50 bucks with a plan and they can fit in the palm of your hand. Damn, I feel old. That's just the tip of the iceburg, but those were the good changes. I have seen such sadness as well. For example, I still lived in NYC when 911 happened. I will never ever forget that day - I won't forget where I was and how scared I felt or how life has changed for me and millions of others. Then, there's the death of Elvis - I am not sure how old I was when he died but I know that when we moved from our 20th floor apartment to out 8th floor apartment my mom made me through out my Elvis cards because he was dead and I couldn't marry him anymore - so I had to through a WHOLE drawer full of cards. Don't laugh at me crushes are everything as a child - okay I might still have some crushes in my lifetime - but that's okay. My husband says that we can look - it's the touching that's not an option. Lucky we are not the jealous type. For him it's easy - if the man's not bald he doesn't even fall into the spectrum of hotness for me except for maybe MacSteamy - but he does steam my glasses.

Well, my DH just brought me a pint of chocolate ice cream and a hershey's candy bar -so I've really got to run. Yes, he's a keeper - so I guess my history is pretty written.

Respond and tell me about something that has happened in your lifetime - technological or not. Refresh my memory after all I am a zillion years old.

Write soon,


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Okay, I hope this works...

Okay, so I've been trying for over an hour to upload these photos, but no go. So, I finally broke down and did the flickr thing and let me tell you it's a breeze as long as you can remember the password which for me is a joke - because between my personal accounts, school accounts, and store accounts, I am just all passworded out. So, I've got them up and running on the slideshow. I am so proud of myself.

Also, I want everyone to know that some of those samples I added on were made with this month's kits. I am uploading those tonight so you will be able to see all the new kits. And, yes I really stretched the his kit this month - Mr. Snowman counts!!!
It's a boy. LOL.

Also, I've read the comments on the latest challenge - awesome 2 responses in just a few days - that's awesome. I'm sure I'll get a few more - right???
Is anyone out there??? If you are respond and you could be our winner this week. Well, I've got to go. I've got to get those kit pics up on the website before the month is over.

Oh, and don't forget that we have a freebie crop on Friday - yep FREE! from 5-11 to kick off this years shop hop. Don't forget big discounts for participants - 15% off for the entire time of the shop hop. We still have passports - so reserve yours now!!! Even if you just use it in the west coast or at the 7 in the local area you are sure to find lots of things. We are all so different and we carry so many different things - you would get an eye full and a bag full at a great price. So, happy shopping.

Write soon,


P.S. Check out the new kits on line later tonight!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Yep, more to say

It's true I have more to say, I rarely don't. Maybe I just like to hear myself talk.
But, actually today I have tons of photos to add to the blog - including the beautiful double dee that Stephanie did this weekend, but I am having computer issues. So, I've given up for today. Tomorrow I will try it again - including the latest kits. Maybe it's too much space.

Write tomorrow - maybe it's me maybe I'm broken - after the two days I spent with migraines I can believe it. Well, my DH is screaming about I'd better go investigate what the emergency is.

Write tomorrow,


Saturday, November 01, 2008

How's it going???

As for me, I have a layout in my head I need to get out. Have you ever had that feeling or rather urge to do something NOW? Okay, maybe it's just me, but I tell people this is not a luxury for me - scrapbooking is a neccessity. I can see the headlines now - Local Teacher and Mother of 5 KILLS... Not for nothing, but life is stressful - whether it's the job, deadlines, a business, the spouse, children, or even planning a party of any kind - nerves can become frazzled and frayed. I need to have down time - some time to just think about the PRETTY PAPER or the COOL NEW TOOL or to put life into perspective. Sometimes it's hard to see the silver lining in things and then I sit and scrap and have an epithany - really that's how it works for me. I really believe in signs - as I scrap I think through my day, the week or even about the month and most times things will become clearer. I will finally get that comment he or she made or the weird phone call I got or the next big thing or crop that I need to do for the store. It really is weird but that's how it works for me - I am enlightened. I have the answer or maybe more questions to clarify things. I can breathe, solve, anticipate, correct, or just let it go - because god knows there are times where you just have to let it go, where you have to take a deep breath an move on with your life.

But, today is really one of those days, where I know that if I get that layout done, I will have an answer, I will know what to do next, I will continue to breath. So, yes I NEED to scrap. I NEED to do it. Okay and maybe some chocolate too. I NEED it.

Do you NEED it???

Respond to this blog entry and your answer could win you a gorgeous goodie bag. I'll give you all a week - how does next Sunday sound???

Write soon,