Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm sorry...

I know I have neglected all of you. But, life is hectic. I was silly enough to think that going back to work wouldn't change a lot of things in the store, silly, silly girl. I actually have had extra servings on my plate because of some online classes I have been taking, my wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday and my oldest just turned 21. Plus, we have been overhauling the store. We have new racks and displays, the kids room is gone and we have a bigger more airy crop room. The bathroom is next, but the husband has been super busy and he is getting cheap with his time. I think with my self-diagnosed ADHD that the store will always be in a state of change. I think change is good, and I think others like it, too. New is always good...besides I have to make that paper look pretty enough for you to buy it.

We've gotten tons of new stuff, too but I have to say that the shop hop registrations have been a big hit. Do you guys know about the shop hop? Let me give you the low down info:

The Shop Hop event runs from November 2nd through the 16th and includes the 13 local stores from Bonita to Sarasota. You purchase a passport for $15.00 (includes the tote bag with goodies). You get 15 days to visit all 13 stores and get your passport stamped at each store (a minimum purchase of $10.00 at each is neccessary), and you are entitled to 10% off at each store (cannot be combined with any other specials), if you are one of the first to register and get a tote bag, and you take it with you, you also get another 5% off all your purchases. Plus all the stores have some specials or events going on. So, it will be awesome.

I know it sounds kind of weird sending my customers off to another store to spend their money, but it's a really great event. With so many paper companies out there it's really hard for one store to carry everything. I do want you to love scrapbooking and the experience so you can keep coming back. It's also great to support the small business owners. Scrapbooking stores get lots of competition from stores like Michael's and Jo-Ann's and if we can team up together we can offer the customers better more knowledgeable sales people and products that they just don't carry...the real specialty stuff you crave. It's really about offering more quality service to get you to come back. So, if Desi or Diana are not "acting right", you just let me and I'll whop their butts (just kidding Desi and Diana, I know you ladies are just the best).

But, I must digress and get to the real fun....the Pajama Crop next weekend. That's right ladies our 2nd annual pajama crop is next weekend. This will be one heck of a crop, with door prizes, new games, hourly specials and so much more. The $30.00 includes dinner and an awesome goodie bag. Tons of new product coming this on the lookout. HOT!

I hope to have it all in and spend the whole weekend croppin with ya'll. Cause, I am falling way behind. But, I am in the process of finding a few good pediatric neurologists. As many of you know, my son Nikolas is ADHD labeled, but he never got a neurological evaluation. And, now as the need for medication is obvious I need to get that done, but I do not have health coverage for my son and I will need to pay for it all. But, I want someone who knows there stuff. I was told a Dr. Morales was phenomenal but I don't know of anyone else.

I know you are thinking medication...and I know that it sounds scary and it is. I worried, fearful, distraught, but at this point I feel we do not have a choice. When, my son was first diagnosed at 3, I was adamant that he would never take any "drugs". I am a teacher, I am educated there are other options and for the last few years I have been able to keep him safe and progressing along academically. But now, as every doctor me and my mom could get our hands on, predicted the time has come that we need to consider it. He is not making any gains academically. It's not the teacher, she is awesome. My daughter had her in 2nd grade and truly she cares about her students and their progress. She does admit that he can get to her, but she has made allowances for him, and we both see so much in him. The potential is all there (I have the IQ test to prove it) but he's not. He's all over the place. Homework gets done and it doesn't find it's way to class. There are days when he just downright refuses to do it. I know you think he might need a good butt whoppin, but that doesn't work, taking things away doesn't work (he is currently toyless, tv less, gameboy less, PSP less - you get the picture and still. As a mother I just can't sit around and let him repeat the year. I have to try this, maybe it won't work, but I can't sleep at night if I don't atleast try it. I know this is heavy, but I am doing this as a therapy for myself. Most of you are not just my customers but my friends and being a former northerner that's all I have down guys. Thanks for letting me put this on paper. As I am typing I am crying so I know that it's helping me. But, mayb you know someone in the same boat, or you have gone through similar moments yourselfs. E-mail me, give me your thoughts on the you know of something?

Well, it's been over an hour that I started this e-mail and I am finally able to come back to it. I want to end this on a good note. So, I am reminding you all that life is truly is. I am blessed with my family (at home and with you guys).

Thank you,