Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where have I been???

at Betty's. We had another crop on the 30th. Those damn chairs were incredible. I don't even know what it is, even my table seems bigger. That crop room is a nice one. Then, to top it off Juli's son Jonathan (the chef) made lunch for us. WOW!!! I have eaten some of his food before but who would have thought that he could make chicken salad seem like a gourmet meal and the dessert was of course my favorite - a concoction with whipped cream, coconut shavings, chocolate, and oreo cookies. Oh my.
We all just chipped in a few dollars and called a win-win. I definetely came out good on the deal - any other place would have been double the amount and we would either have to wait an hour for delivery or waste even more money to drive over and pick it up.

Then, to top it all off I put a huge order together for Betty and it ALL has been ordered. Of course it all comes down to Prima sending it all but it's supposed to arrive just in time for our crop on the 20th - so if you have not signed up yet - you'd better do it quick because this crop should fill up fast and bring your money because theses are all must haves!!! and as always items only come in 6's and the paper only comes in 10's so run don't walk to the crop or you will miss out. Of course I will have plenty of layouts for you to copy including a couple of wedding layouts, some baby girl layouts (my niece) and a few more topics including a beachy layout.

I also wanted to post my layout count for 2010 - I know a litlle late but's it better than never:

Book 1-2010 (BOOK 13 – 2009)
LO1 together
LO2 crafty
LO3 pool butt
LO4/5 Merry Christmas
LO 6 puerto rico
LO7 Free to be me
LO8/9 You are such a girly girl
LO 10/11 I wanna see it all!
LO 12/13 Universal Seuss
LO 14 School pic’s 05
LO 15 Monkey Love
LO 16/17 Turning 13
LO 18/19 Alva Awards 2008
LO 20/21 Dinosaur PJ Yeah!
LO 22 Good Day Sunshine
LO 23 Easter Egg Hunt
LO 24/25 Celebrating 13
Lo 26/27 The Carnie
LO 28/29 Absolutely Magical Sea World
LO 30/31 Our Family
LO 32/33 Science AR Party Fall 08
LO 34 Generations

Book 2 -2010
LO 35 my handsome boy
LO 36/37 Manly Man
LO 38 Those Eyes
LO 39 Things I love
LO 40/41 Mini Me
LO 42 Wonderful
LO 43 Pure Love
LO 44 You
LO 45 Hilarious Faces
LO 46 This Boy
LO 47 Gotta Love Him – no really
LO 48 Fly
LO 49 All Smiles
LO 50 – No photos or name yet
LO 51 - No photos or name yet
LO 52 dino love
LO 53 perfect
LO 54/55 Outtakes
LO 56 You five are so different and so much alike
LO 57 Cool
LO 58 3 Reasons
LO 59 Perfect
LO 60 Timeless
LO 61 The Four of Us and Nik
LO 62/63 - No photos or name yet
LO 64/65 Utter Love
LO 66/67 Innocence
LO 68/69 My Superstars
LO 70/71
LO 72/73 So You
LO 74/75 Sea World
LO 76 Best Friends 07
LO 77/78 Beauty

The goal this year is to beat last year. Although I got to a bumpy start. I am making up for lost time. I will photograph my favorite 5 or 10 and post them here - especially the ones with the gorgeous basic grey or the beautiful prima papers Betty has at the store. I love those too.

So, come check out the new ones on the 20th. Don't forget to call Betty's and reserve your spot - this crop is sure to fill up fast and don't forget Juli's son is making lunch again so if you are interested don't forget to bring some cash to throw in the pot.

Write soon,