Sunday, May 31, 2009

The count

Lo 226 The Two of You Just Have Natural Beauty w/ Crate Paper
Book 5
LO 227 The Adventure - Mother's Day 2009 - Chatterbox, Doodlebug, bobunny, etc
LO 228/229 Happiness Is w/ Jillibean Soup
LO 230/231 Dream w/ mm, chatterbox, basic grey, cosmo, and more

heather count 173
day count 151

Wow, I'm beating the counts either way. Oh Yeah.

Write soon,

Ok, Ladies...

I'm here.
Yep, this is my Sunday to open - but I am not a fool - it's also my sunday crop. So, stop by and hang out for a while. I plan to get some stuff done. Actually, I got here early and have been working on changing displays and putting new samples up and more so come in and check it out. Plus, don't forget we have 3 coupons today - one 40% - ONE 30% - and one 20%.

Write soon,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wow, that was fast

I can't believe how fast this week went by. It is Saturday all over again. I wish I could say that I was busy scrappin all week. But, I haven't. THIS has been the busiest week I've had all year. Since Monday, my life has not been my own. You know, those pesky little kids are into everything. Tuesday - I worked late - the end of the school year is nuts. Wednesday I had to actually wash some dishes - why do I have a 20 year old at home? Just kiddin Albert. But, once I cooked dinner, got a couple of loads done and folded, HELPED Nikolas with his homework, it was time to put the kids to bed. Another day shot. Then, Thursday was the Talent Show - my girls are Alva cheerleaders - oh yeah! Then, Friday was Career Day - I had 30 minute sessions with various classes. The funny thing is the boys really got into it. In every single group except my own class - the boys were the last ones to leave. Why??? I figure it gives them a chance to be creative and not be stigmatized about "girly scrappin." They have to do it - it's Career Day. I actually had a 5th grade male student - who I had several years back in my class tell me that he still has the journaling book that I gave him years ago. Every year I give my kids a scrapbooking journal to work on over the summer. It meant so much to me to know that he kept it - not his mom or grandma - he kept it. Are boys becoming more sensitive??? Well he certainly made me feel good.

Then, we had a good crop last night - lots of talking but no real scrappin done. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. A croppin day. Yep, tomorrow we have another crop from noon to 5. The store is open so come in and shop or hang around with us. I will be croppin'. We still have room.

Well, before I go, here is my count:
LO 218/219 Field Day 06 (1-2 split)
LO 220 My grandma
LO 221 My boy w/ basic grey
LO 222/223 You're the coolest friends
LO 224/225 Laugh

Heather Count 169
Day Count 31+28+31+30+30=150
I'm rockin it!

Write soon,

Monday, May 25, 2009

just a quick little note

I did get some stuff done this weekend - but, you'll have to wait until tomorrow for count.
I am just trying to scare Heather - is it working???

Tons of new stuff coming in the next couple of weeks - the sepia collection is gorgeous and so is the south seas (and half of it is double sided- the others are foiled - aahh) the palm tree page is my favorite. I have big plans for all the new stuff. I'm hoping to have atleast 10 new layouts by the end of the week - hoping. Plus, I need to get my homework done early this week - can't do it Saturday. But, so far so good. I have even gotten back positive comments from my instructor and perfect 20 scores!!!

Sometimes I wonder how I get it done. But, where there is a will there is a way.

Write soon,

P.S. Sometimes it doesn't get done - and that's okay too (I am trying not to be such an A).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's here...

Yep, the damn Prima is here!
Unbelievable - but it might not be everything I ordered - but we did get the paper that Prima promised me for the NSD crop.

Everyone who came to the NSD crop - please make sure to stop by the store and pick up 3 sheets of your choice from the Signs of Spring Collection - that's right your choice. Most of the canvas stuff made it here. It's our featured product - 20% off all the canvas stuff - but we all loved it so much that several of us are working on projects to show off on Friday - so come in and check out the new product and see the awesome projects - mine won't be in till later in the evening but it will be damn cute - I've got an idea in my head!!!

Well, I'd better go. Lions club is meeting today so I have an evening of scrappin in front of me. Oh yeah - I am once again bo-bunny inspired. I found some 3 year old photo it just went perfect with - oh yeah.
Let's see what else I get done - my 9 year old is working on a gorilla for school project - which means I'm working on a gorilla and becoming more patient - LOL.

Well, the gorilla awaits.

Write soon,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the count...

Almost forgot....

LO 206/207 Mother's Day '09
LO 208/209 In the Kitchen LOL
LO 210 signs of spring
LO 211- 8 It seems like it was just yesterday w/ cherryarte
Lo 212/213 - Birthday '04 w/ may challenge kit
Lo 214 Blow w/bo-bunny
Lo 215 Blow w/bo-bunny
LO 216 Totally awesome w/ scenic route garden grove
LO 217 Castillo w/ bobunny DOT paper

Heather Count -164
Day Count - 31 + 28 + 31 + 30 + 25=145 (May 25th)

that's it for now - but this is a long weekend so you never know I might just get some done.

Write soon,

Woo hoo

Yep, I am celebrating. I love it when a plan comes together. All year I have worked like a dog to get my kids where they are supposed to be. So, you wouldn't believe how sweet it is to get their grades this week. It is awesome. I have a 100% pass rate. Yep every single child in my class either got a meets or an exceeds. Actually 15 of my 18 kids got an exceeds. Eighty three percent of my kids got the highest level possible. I am so proud of them and the parents and the school. Because school is a team effort - it really is. You need to work at it - you need the support of the parents and the administration, other teachers, and most of all the children. The kids worked so hard. They really worked hard at everything and they wore me down. There were days I was sure I was talking to the wall. But they pulled it off -so those classes helped and all the professional development and all of you - my support staff. Because I put it out there and you guys listen and just pat me in the back. I always have funny stories or crazy stories about my class and you guys just let me ramble. Believe me I am so grateful - because it gave me a chance to get it out and work through it. So, thank you one an all. We did a great job! Oh yeah!

Write soon,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love looking at the goodies


I just don't know what it is. everytime we get in some new stuff I just have to use it right away...I can't wait until I have the right photos or what theme I am going to use. I just need to use it. Yep, I am one of those backwards scrappers. I create layouts and then I find pictures that go and so on. Really, I am not kidding. I do it backwards and as many of you have mocked me I have gotten a tough skin on the topic. But, what really makes it worthwhile is when someone else tries it and it works.

Really it does.

But, you need some basic guidelines to do something like this.

For example, you have to have tons of photos. See, for a person like me who has 1000's of photos - you are always bound to have a photo that matches - believe it - I have scrapped 10 year old photos this year - it works.

Another neccessity is being an embellishment Ho-ar. Why you ask? Because you are guaranteed to have stuff that matches in your stash - and isn't the goal to use up your old stuff so you can get new stuff???

Another thing is that you have to invest in alphabets. You wouldn't believe how many layouts get their finishing touch from the perfect alphabet - but you have to be wise about your stash - using them and then forgetting about them is not "getting your money's worth". You must learn ways to alter letters so that you can get more for your money - like using an h as an r or f as a t - of course depending on the font. Another tried and true way to use up that alphabet is to create altered alphabet titles. You have it in you stash so get the most out of it. If it's not in your stash - thickers are a great investment and if you are on a budget just use the coupons on them. I get so much from thickers - the textures, the sizes, the colors. Doodlebug alphabet stickers are also a great investment - they are awesome and at a 1.99 very reasonable.

Once you've got your stash in front of you, find a great sketch - check out site from Becky Fleck. It's awesome. Then, create your layout. Finally, find some photos that match. While you are at it pull out some photos that call out to you and make a favorite photos layouts - no time wasted and two ideas are down in just a short amount of time.

Try it out and let me know if you still think I'm crazy.

Write soon,


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I hit 200...

Happy Mother's Day!!!
I am so excited - I really had the best Mother's Day EVER!!!

Every year I give my husband hints for months before Mother's Day of what I want and every year my husband doesn't get it or rather "tries his best".

But, this year he actually hit most of my wishes right on the nose. For example, I got paper and ink for my new printer - so, hello - I will have 140 new photos to crop this weekend - oh yeah.
Then, I got an itunes card - music - oh yeah. I got a whole bunch of new tops which is great because he bought me 6 new pairs of pants a couple of weeks ago. But, enough about me...okay one more - my husband did my favorite thing - a seafood barbecue. I love lobster, crab legs, and shrimp on the barbie. You should see what I ate. was sinful.

But, I digress.

I am here to claim my 200 chip. I actually passed it. But, I had to. Tomorrow my next ESOL class starts so I will have a lot less time to just chill. So, I just scrapped the evening away...

Here's the count:
LO 192 -all american w/ new ci
LO 193 - graduate w/ Kaiser aire fairy
LO194/195 us w/ new Bo-bunny love shack
LO196/197 the little black dress w/luxe designs
LO 198 Sisters w/ love shack
LO 199 self-portrait w/ bobunny and ci
LO 200/201 Dirt my favorite color w/ bobunny
LO 202 daredevil w/ci
LO 203 my little superstars w/ ci
LO 204/205 airport visits w/ bobunny

Well, like I said Happy Mother's Day - oh yeah.

Dee count 205
Heather count 155 - wow 50 double page layouts
day count 130

Oh, Happy Day!

Write soon,

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Taking Advantage

Yep, I'm taking advantage that I sent my kids to bed and my husband to Walmart - which means scrappin time. So, this isn't a long post - I'm just stating the obvious I'm getting er done. Stop reading and go git er done.

Surprise is store for this week to celebrate Mother's Day. Stay tune for the details......

Write soon,

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Book 4

LO 172 Dream Big w/fancy pants
LO 173 this crazy life
LO 174 WaterPlay w/ titi Cindy
Book 4
LO 175 Dress Up w/ fancy pants
LO 176 Cute w/ scenic route and CI
LO 177 No way w/ fancy pants
LO 178 Beautiful - new Scenic Route
LO 179 Family w/ CI
LO 180 Share w/ Fancy Pants
LO 181 dance w/ fancy pants
LO 182 Moment Captured w/ new scenic route
LO 183 Buried w/ new scenic route
LO 184 Dream Big w/ Kaiser challenge kit
LO 185 1st day of school w/ Kaiser challenge kit
LO 186/187 all american w/ new CI
LO 188/189 my pretty girl w/ new crate paper
LO 190/191 Nine w/ cosmo cricket

Dee Count 191 woo hoo - Let's see if I can get to 200 by the end of the week...
Heather Count 145
Day Count 129

Well, I am way ahead of the day count no matter how you look at it.
But, I'm going to bed now so the rest will have to wait until tomorrrow.

Write soon,

I did it...

sometimes the best laid out plans don't work out. But for once, I actually had time to do what I wanted. I actually finished 3 double page layouts so I have to update my count - I am already on book 4 so I know I have to be around 180. Wow, I am almost half way there. I might get 500 done this year - wouldn't that be amazing. But, you know what is more amazing about it, its that the more stuff I use the more new stuff I can get. Really, it's true. The more I scrap the more room I have for new stuff. Really, that's my excuse I use it - I use it all. For example the new Prima flowers - well I've already got several layouts done with them - it's true. I'm like those people that get something new and they must wear it right away but with scrappin stuff - I just can't contain myself. But, I use it - that's the important thing. I know us scrappers tend to be collectors but with all the crops we have - especially the free ones -there is no reason why you can't get it done. Git 'er done!!!

Believe me I know that life is complicated and busy and just crazy but that is life. If I didn't scrap I think I would be crazy. For some reason it grounds me - it brings me back to reality - all my problems find solutions, and all that jazz. It's weird but if anyone asked me what helps me relax I would have to say things like scrappin with my kids or my friends or just reading a good book (usually a Nora Roberts or scrapbooking magazine lol). Naps are good but most times I don't get a solution to my problem through a nap - sometimes I actually feel more exhausted and that's not good.

So, skip the nap, you can sleep tomorrow and git 'er done.

Write soon,

P.S. Don't forget our punch of the month is now available and the challenge kit will be available tomorrow night as well as our his and her kits and the double stuff. OH yeah - I am so psyched to get more NEW stuff - git 'er done.

P.P.S. I will be taking Prima Preorders tomorrow from 5 to 7 and all day Saturday - so don't forget to stop by. Git 'er done.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guess What

I actually have time to scrap this week - so as soon as I get off this blog I am hitting the scrappin road. Yep, I usually manage to get some scrappin in between life anywhere from 3-10 layouts a week. But, this week I had my PDP or IPDP and orders to place, kits to create, etc. I just knew I wouldn't get any ME time. But, guess what it's over and done with and it's really me time. The kids will be here in a few minutes and I will feed them, talk to them, pretend I like them - you know the usual.

Then, before I know it the chicken wings will be in bed and it will be MMMMMEEEEEE time. Wow, I really needed that. I have all these prima flowers calling me and asking me to use them and believe I am so happy to oblige. Although I really, really, really, can't stand Prima - their stuff is amazing and wait till you see what else is coming.

Also, I found a new little company - as you all know those are my favorites - support all your local small businesses - that I'm getting in.

And of course some old favorites - CI - more fantastic CI!!!
Basic Grey bling
Awesome Crate Paper
NEW Webster's Pages
oh my gosh I think I am drooling.

Another thing that has me drooling are the new punches. I don't think I can wait a whole month to get both of them. The punch for this month is AWESOME - I can't wait to get my grimy little hands on it - but before I do I need to make sure they sent enough for everyone. So, I'm checking the list twice these are my current punch members - if I have left you out pleas email me asap so that I can add you on.

Laurie Morris

Any other takers???

Okay, the brats are here - got to go feed them - it just means it almost time for bedtime for them and ME time for ME. Oh yeah. If I get a chance I will post what I get done this week - but maybe I won't. Real Scrappin Time is very sparse in this house believe you me.

Write soon,

ave already finished all the whole group lessons for the Read Well Program and we are working on a sea animal theme project. Plus, I placed all my orders for this month - so what's left - me time. No classess this week - my next class actually starts on the 11th so I have a few free days. Dinner is in the oven - life is working out as planned - so what's the problem - nothing and that worries me - usually somethings wrong - someone is doing something they are not supposed to,

Friday, May 01, 2009


Yep, whenever you place an order with Prima you have an oops moment. Although I love their stuff (you should see the little ducky), between their ship times and their screwups they always put me in a jam. So, I ordered a backup from Cherryarte just in case and guess what - they screwed up too - kind of. I had a really nice surprise planned and then, they screwed up too. But, I know people - so we came up with a plan C -so although it won't be perfect - FREE goodies (okay free to you not free to me) are FREE goodies.
So, you'd better be ready because I have a heck of a day planned for everyone. I'm so excited. Of course, I still have a thousand things to do in the morning - but we, puerto ricans, live for the parties. We really do. So, I've got some tricks up my sleeve. Plus, since I am home early, I am supposed to have a good nights rest so I should be all peppy and if not I've got chocolate. Really, I have it already - it's sitting on my counter. Oh yeah - chocolate, scrappin, and a party - damn that's good. Plus, I have some awesome ideas in my head for layouts, so I should be able to get some layouts done tonight - especially with our beautiful new flowers from prima - dang cute oh and the rubons from cherryarte oh and the CI felt ribbon and the flamingo from prima is running through my head and the stitched paper oh I need to stop too much info you will just have to wait until tomorrow to see.
The store will open promptly at 9 am. Sorry, I will be in early but I have a few things I need to finish so you will just have to suffer till 9 to get in. I want everything to be perfect. Okay - perfect is impossible - but pretty dang close.

Well, it's time for me to get a crackin on those layouts.

Write soon,

See you in 10 1/2 hours