Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crop this saturday

I don't know if I put this on the email this week, but we have a crop this saturday and we will be open. We have enough signed up to stay open to 11. So, let me know if are interested in coming so we can add you to the list.

I should have the samples done by then. I've been a little crazy working on the tons of emails for 2 days including several emails with shipping information. Like the CI order that is arriving on Monday and the Webster's Pages delivery that arrives on Friday - oh la la all the stickers and embellishments including the gorgeous ribbon and cameos and more - those alphabet stickers will be guaranteed to fly out the store on saturday. Remember we are closed this friday but sat we are open from 11am to 11 pm. Come check it out!!! Oops almost forgot the Pink Paislee christmas has also shipped - if not friday - then monday. Plenty of pretties.

write soon,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not bad...

I did so good with my 5.99 kit samples that I sold out today. So, I am working on another kit for you all to drool over. The samples are still available at the store for you - I used some pretty christmas paper. But, this one is going to be a variety of different albums. But, just like the first kit - you can make 3 minialbums with one kit. At 5.99 you can't go wrong.

I will post samples here when I am done with these albums. I might get them all done tonight if not, wednesday - cause tomorrow is my hubby's birthday - he is turning
45. So, for you followers say "give me 45" tomorrow and get 45% off one item of your choice (excludes all kits and prima.)

We have 12 of these kits available so we should make it to the end of the week.

Also, those of you who have signed up for the birthday crop - the deposit is due by October 1st. So, don't forget to call the store with cc info or stop by and pay it in person to guarantee your spot.

Write soon,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two out of 3 ain't bad

Yep, I've got two out of 3 minialbums done already with the mix-it up kit. I haven't finished all 3 because I have been working on some other things but I will have the third one done tonight - they have been pretty quick to put together. So, although it's almost 6 I am pretty sure that I will get it done today along with all my laundry.

Yesterday, we headed over to Best Buy and replaced our conked out washer with a whirpool high efficiency top loader that fits 3 baskets of laundry at one time. I washed a week and a halfs towels for 6 people in 1 load. It's unbelievable. They are dry, folded, and in the linen closet already. It's beautiful. The kids comforters were next - 2 comforters and 2 sets of sheets at one time. Woohoo!!! I might finally get caught up with the laundry by the end of the week - come on I am realistic - two to three loads a day is all I can manage now - I keep forgetting to put them in the dryer every hour. Oops - if they could only invent something to do that....I would be first in line. Plus, I have to save some time for scrappin.

On another note, I will be at the store tomorrow since there is no school. So, stop by and visit me and use your 40% off coupon. I will also be showing off my 3 minialbums. Instant inspiration. I also have some new prima layouts I got done...come check those out. Also, for those of you who get the scrapbook trends and or cards if you have not picked them up they are at the store.

Well, I'd better go, I think an hour has been up since the last load - I might need to get it in the dryer in this lifetime.

Write soon,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where did the time go....

I can't believe that a week has gone by since I last blogged. It is amazing how fast time goes. Sorry ladies!

As for what's happening, I must tell you that I am in love with the chipboard albums from Fancy Pants. I am working on one for a christmas gift with some of the new and old CI christmas paper and it is so easy. I always hate to put these things together - because they can be a real pain and lately I've been all about the layouts but I've decided this year to give some homemade presents (haven't we all) so I decided to give them a try and it has been easy going (unbelievable - huh?).

This is what I did and see how I got my moneys worth.

First, the mixed up kit has enough chipboard in there for 3 different types of albums - a small square one, a small rectangular one, and a mixed up shapes one. Or if you feel adventurous you can mix them all up. But, the answer is always the same you can get 3 mini albums out of one. Woo hoo.

Next, the chipboard is the pop out kind which means you have a template to use to trace from. This means that the paper will fit easier and a lot less distressing, filing will need to be done - who doesn't love that????

Finally, choosing the paper was easy - CI's christmas lines are awesome. I love it. It has several diecut papers, a glitter one, and several flocked ones and the script and musical notes one is gorgeous.

Putting the paper on the chipboard I thought was going to be the real issue - since my 7 year old used up my glue stick and put back in my bag without me realizing it was empty.(anyone else ever have that happen?) So, you should have seen my face when I went to stick it down and it was empty and I was miles away from the store. I twirled my bag around and opted to use my brushable glue - what the hay, it can't hurt - I have nothing else. And although I had tried their glitter and their other glues I had never tried the brushable glue. What was I going to do? Let me tell you, I went for it and I love the look of it. It's durable, easy to apply, and is undetectable.

But, the story doesn't end there. I've decided that these two are an awesome mix - so I want to share it with you. I have the mix-it up kits at the store right now for just $5.99 each and if you want to try the glue out we can special order it and get it to you by the end of the week for just $3.99. So, for $10 dollars you will get enough chipboard to make 3 albums and enough brushable glue to finish all 3 projects. That's what I call a christmas present that keeps on giving!

The base for my sample is done and I hope to have the sample ready for you all to see on Monday. Come in and check it out or check out our blog - I will post pictures here. Let me know if you want the christmas deal. The paper is already available at the store for you to purchase - we can also pull some of this if you like and believe me I think you will like!

Well, I'd better go finish up the last minute details on my christmas project.

Write soon,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Need to get up early...

cause I have so much stuff to put in the computer - 7 whole boxes. We were short on staff today so we couldn't open but my dh was able to sneak over for long enough to receive the packages from the UPS man and taunt me with the number of boxes - 7!

I can't wait to get in tomorrow. I've already informed my hubby that I will be leaving early in the morning - because I have some URGENT business to take care of - my scrapbooking stash is calling for replacements - including some new princess thickers - adorable. I can't wait.

Then, I need to get the September kits together and I can smell some PRIMA in them, ahh the places you'll go...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


work, work that's all I have been doing for the last few weeks and it has felt so good to focus on school but the last couple of days I've been home by 5 because I have had urgent business to take care of at home - prima stuff is calling to me - just waiting for me to scrap with it and last night I got a couple of layouts done with some gorgeous prima paper, prima flowers, and prima bling. But, that's not all, I have an idea for another prima layout that hopefully will become a reality tonight. Then, I was talking to my friend suze and I remembered that that I have AC Thickers arriving Friday and some bobunny. OMG what's a girl to do. Those are like comfort foods for a scrapper - whatever the problem, the issue, the stress, there is always a box of goodies that has just arrived or on its way to keep me from losing my sanity. So, scrap on and scrap your worries away - I do.

Well, I'm off to make that layout I imagined in my minds eye.

Write soon,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On another topic...

As you all know we have been running a skeleton crew at the store for weeks now and we are in desperate need of help. We are looking for someone to work Fridays and here and there as neccessary. So, if you are interested get back to me at or call me at 334-4333 or stop by the store - I will be in from 11 - 7 pm on Saturday only. Great Fringe Benefits!!!

On even another note - this email of some of our cheap dates goes out to Tara in Ft. Lauderdale. I hope this helps, if there is anything else I can do just let me know

Write soon,

P.S. Oops I almost forgot American Crafts is scheduled to arrive on Friday - a huge box of stuff - 58 pounds as well as some bo-bunny and some CI - so if you can't make it to the Prima Party atleast stop by and check out all the pretties - you will love them.

listening to chilldren talk

always make me so old. Their problems, their conversations, their thoughts are just so simple - it is really heart warming. Only if these days were so simple. With this economy and life itself it's hard to think about any little thing is just so sweet.

In the car on the way home this afternoon my two little ones were talking and this is how it went -

Amanda "my brother got me a a high school musical book from the library"
Nikolas "I took it out for you but I need to take an AR test on it"
Amanda "I'm already on page 4 - I want to take an AR test on it too"
Nikolas "I'm on page 6 - I took it out for you but I still need to take a test for AR - I know what I will do I will read it to you. Tonight, me and you I will read to you"

Problem solved, the earth continues to spin, and my son is doing something awesome for his baby sister. He picked a book that he knew his sister would love. Then, he worked it out so that they could both take a test on it and meet their goals.

Sometimes, not often enough, I feel like I am doing right and today was one of those days. It really shows me that I am doing right by them. Who can ask for more than that? So, hug your loved ones a little tighter because sometimes simple doesn't exist. But, for those moments that it beams on you, it's priceless.

Write soon,

wow, they look so much prettier in person...

yep, they all do. But, my hands are down in admiration over the eline stuff. I can't believe the deal they are. I was telling the girls today that the boards with the samples we saw were half the size of the actual product. For just $1.50 you can't go wrong. Don't fret, we have so many colors and styles that the only thing you will need to worry about is how many of each you want. The bling color combinations are phenomenal and so are the embossed flowers. But, then there's also the paper and it's all gorgeous and the coordinating flowers. I have to tell you that their product just keeps getting better. I can't wait until my next delivery - yep I still have product that hasn't arrived - and I know that it will be just as awesome. So, come pick up your favorites before they are all gone...because once they are gone they are gone for good. Don't forget it will all be out tomorrow and you will be able to get your grubby little hands on all my goodies. They are not guaranteed to last and we got hit pretty hard today - so hurry in. Saturday, we will have some samples for you all to take a look at if you can wait that long or if you can't make it till then. We still have room for our freebie crop saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Should be a heck of a prima event.

Well, I need to hit the hay before I pass out and sleep through the alarm.

Write soon,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The hours are just ticking ever so slowly

and the rain is making it worse. It's one of those days where you stay in bed - catching up on a lifetime moments movie or curled up reading a good book. Oh that's right I did both. LOL. Now, I am putting in some much needed computer time and the next thing left is to scrap or nap. It's a hard choice I am not sure which way it's going to go - especially since I need to use up some more of my prima stash to make my purchases tomorrow a neccessity!!! Oh well, it looks like it might be a prima night - oh the horror - having to use up some of my flowers and bling the travesty against humanity - oh that's right I love all things prima. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those lovelies - I know that the samples for saturdays prima party are just going to be awesome!!!

Well, I've got some prima layouts to get done...the horror!!!

write soon,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the countdown has begun...

in just a couple of days all your prima dreams will become reality. I will have prima paper, prima bling, prima lace, prima flowers, prima, prima, prima.

But, that's not all Creative Imaginations christmas line is supposed to be here this Thursday, Bo-bunny is supposed to arrive Friday and the fun just continues. I can't wait!

Don't forget we will be open till 7 pm on Friday so that you can come by and pick up your pretties. But, remember the prima product will not be in the computer till 4 pm. Don't miss out - some of these are guaranteed to walk right out the door.

Here's my count update:

407 Kindergarten christmas program
408/409 October - fall in florida
410/411 my animal lover
412/413 my pedicurist my toes scary
414/415 look at whose three in nyc
416 sweet
417 I used to be normal
418/419 camera shy 7
420 goodbye
421 lions club initiation
422/423 super cutie
424 family fun
425 al 16
426 you still give me butterflies
427 kindergarten graduation
428 cute
429 prekindergarten graduation party
430/431 turning 34
432/433 nik's prek crush

I am so close to my goal - who knows what I might get up to. It's kind of late now - 10:34 but I still might get a couple of them done today. Only time will tell. I am feeling rundown again - so a nap might be in order. But, tomorrow is Sunday. Yippee!

Write soon,

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Prima on the mind...

Yep, if you are wondering what is coming in I've got some sneak peaks. It's impossible for me to post the entire 140 skus that have shipped (in multiples of 6-10). That's over 900 individual pieces. OMG!!!!!!!

So, I didn't just want to shock you with all of them. Here are some that are sure to fly out the door. Remember that most of these are coming in in a variety of colors - anywhere from 2 to 6 different colors. Also, some of these are e-line items which means that they retail for just $1.50. SO, if you are shopping in a budget - these will be a must have for you - don't miss out - who knows when they will be back in stock. Also, some of these have lots of preorders so if you really must have one of these you need to come in and preorder this weekend. The order is expected and confirmed for Monday.

I am planning on being at the store on Monday afternoon to get everything in, prepare all the pre-orders and sell, sell, sell. In other words, if you come in Monday evening you will be able to get your hands on all the pretties first. If my plans are a go - I will be in the store for a few hours on - atleast till 6 maybe 7 pm. So, check the blog for details. I probably won't know till that morning - but as soon as I do - you will too.

Write soon,

P.S. Let me know what you think of the sneaks, want more????

Monday, September 07, 2009


I love getting an extra day off. My husband, being the great guy that he is, always lets me just chill when we have extra days like this. Today, was no different. I slept till 10:30. My dh slapped lunch together and made a barbecue for dinner. I scrapped the entire day and completed 14 layouts - that's right 14 layouts in one afternoon okay from 2 to 10 - like 8 hours. I needed it - I go back tomorrow and I need to be refreshed and scrappin helps - I should be nice and refreshed for tomorrow. I am so excited. I have a whole bunch of testing to start tomorrow, but I will be alright. Busy day - I needed to reboot.

Well, I'm off to bed - so I can stay refreshed.

Blog soon,

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What do you think???

Changed the site a little with the help of They are easy and FREE and look how cute it looks. I love it. Let us know what you think???

A keeper or a lose it. Let me know.

Write soon,

P.S. Now, if I could just figure out how to add music - we'd be rockin' Tips ladies???


Yep, I had some fun scrappin last night. I LOVE crop nights. I was so inspired too. I got a whole bunch of stuff done. So, I am updating the count. Yep, I am on my way to getting to my goal of 500 maybe I will even raise that in a few weeks. With all the pretty new stuff I have just become a croppin loon. I even did a two-pager with 10 photos with some of the new amber road from pink paislee. I love their new alpha stickers. They might not look like a lot in the packaging but once you use them - they look awesome down and for $1.99 they are a steal. Stop by this Friday and preorder some prima and come take a look at the samples I made with it.

the count
386 be happy
387 lots of love
388/389 document: beautiful
390 i love you giraffe
391 adorable
392 fly
393 what a mess
394/395 you made me love you
396/397 big cake
398 my babies
399 girly nails
400/401 4 the love of shoes
402/403 baking with grandma
404 elmo chicken dance
405 happy
406 why

Yeah, I am almost 80% of the way and I've got 3 months to go. I am way ahead of the game. Any takers??? Been scrappin like a loon lately???

Anyone feel like they can deal with a 7 day challenge. Here goes:

Get one layout done every single day for the next 7 days and get a chance to win a PRIMA goodie bag. Yep, a prima goodie bag. A random winner will be chosen from all those completing the task. Post on your blog or email me a photo of your layout every single day this week from tomorrow Monday, September 7th till Sunday, September 13th to go in for a raffle for a prima goodie bag.

Remember there's no use buying it if you don't use it - so use it!!! Besides, it gives you a reason to keep on buying.

Oops, I don't want to forget that space is already limited for our Birthday Crop. So, if you are interested come on in or call us with cc info to guarantee your spot. A $40 deposit is required by October 1st. It will be a memorable event.

Write soon,

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Guess who just emailed after weeks of waiting...


Yep, guess what's in a box with all your names on it. So, as always if there is some Prima you need to get your hands on right now, come in on saturday and prepay for your preorder to be guaranteed your would not believe how much stuff is ready to ship - I need another job to pay for it all. Oh that's right I have another job. hahaha. I am so excited. I can't believe I got a response back because I hear it's been crazy over there. I was one of the first orders on the first day and I was still waiting. So, fortunately, our time is now and we are getting paper, felt, words, pearls, studs, bling, lilies, hydrangeas, essentials, and so much more. Remember ladies the only way to guarantee that you get it is to pre-order it. The order should be here in time for Fridays Freebie Crop next week. So, you might want to sign up for that crop at your earliest convenience, because I am sure that after being here until 11 pm not much is going to be left lying around. And then, who knows when the next order will ship. They take weeks and they are expecting products to arrive in their warehouse all the way through until November. So, you'd better get your fix now, because it might not even hit the floor. Oh yeah.

It always feels like Christmas when Prima blesses us with an order. Although I have said it before and I will say it again their customer service sucks I get crazzzy when I hear from them. It's like being 7 and unwrapping the big gift and knowing its the big gift and the silly grin you get on your face when you get it. Like it's the best thing in the universe. Yep, I love that feeling. It makes me giddy. I want to wrap/roll myself in it (like indecent proposal). You still remember that toy till this day - the toy you might still have or used until it broke apart or have passed on to a child or grandchild....

Well, I'd better go, if I don't call with that cc info I might never ever hear from them again and have my order put back in the bottom of the pile - oh no. Save your pennies and come check them out. Friday will be awesome. We still have room for that crop too so call us or email and come in and roll with it.

write soon,

P.S. I've got some scrappin to do. I feel so inspired now...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oh yeah...

we've got a bunch of scrappers for saturday night. I love it when we get a good sized crowd -the tunes are catchy, the conversation is flowing, the laughter is contagious and the good times keep on rolling. Since school has started I have put in, a minimum of an extra 20 hours per week and the last two weekends we have had crops that have kept me going. Really, this year I feel more organized, more caught up, more ready then ever to face the little ones every day. But, I really think that the fact that I have scrapped both weekends has helped me get throught the first couple of weeks without going insane. I have to admit that I just love the personal aspects of it. Really, good conversation, great tunes (100.1 rocks) and laughter have been the highlights of these crops. I am so blessed and greatful to have such awesome scrappin friends and so many of you have become even more than that. You've laughed with me, cried with me, sung with me, and listened to me and I consider myself so blessed. Thank you for reading my inner madness and being who you are. You all have really enriched my life.

Random idea: I am always listening to song verses and thinking they would make great titles so I am hoping to post some here and then having a chance to actually scrap them.
Today's verse: "tonights going to be a good night" (blackeyed peas). Love the song - think a crop night, a girls night out, a male strip revue...

I'll leave you all with that thought - wouldn't that make a great theme crop :)

write soon,

P.S. I got some more layouts done this week to share - so come check them out we will be open till 11 pm on Saturday. See you all then!