Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where oh where does the time go?

The last month has been absolutely CRAZY!!! This weekend is the end of the birthday mayhem in my house. On 2/1 Nik turned 10, on 2/16 Al turned 21, on 3/6 Mimi turned
12, and this weekend my baby girl will turn 8. Yeppers the big 8.

Every birthday with Amanda has been more difficult then the last. Maybe because she is the last one in the set and they are so close to each other - I just feel like time is flying by - in a month they all get older. Plus, by now I am emotionally and financially drained - absolutely exhausted. Wow, what a difference a month makes.

So, I have been going through spurts of creativity and madness and whipping out layouts in manic moments where I feel the pressure to catch up. But, lord knows that I will never ever catch up so the feeling quickly subsides. But, in those manic moments I have managed to add a boatload of layouts to my albums including all of the following:

Book 3
LO 77 Sweet ( a little change- update)
LO 78/79 Giddy Up
LO 80/81 beauty
LO 82/83 Gotta (heart) them
LO 84/85 Love
LO 86 A True Heart
LO 87 P.S. I Love You
LO 88/89 My Boy
LO 90 Serious
LO 91 My Sweet
LO 92 Miami
LO 93 Sweet
LO 94 (Nameless) new prima paper
LO 95 glasses
LO 96 Stout

Book 4
LO 97 The Stare
LO 98/99 These are the moments
LO 100 /101 Florida Pool Homes
LO 102/103 Makeup Madness 2008
LO 104/105 Big Brother
LO 106/107 Spaghetti Lover
LO 108/109 Old Friends
LO 110 Live, Laugh, Love
LO 111 Make your dreams come true
LO 112 Backyard
LO 113 Dream Big
LO 114/115 Make Everyday Beautiful
LO 116/117 The Brides of Tigger
LO 118/119 Play
LO 120/121 Timeless Beauty
LO 122/123 Nameless (MM paper)
LO 124 Infinity & Beyond
LO 125 Out of this World
LO 126 Reach the Stars
LO 127 What
LO 128/129 Rock On!
LO 130/131 Slow Down
LO 132/133 Busch Gardens
LO 134/135 A Box of Chocolates
LO 136 Giraffe

Book 5
LO 137 South Beach
LO 138 Fun with Titi Cindy
LO 139 fun
LO 140/141 Cutie
LO 142 Turning 7
LO 143 dreamer
LO 144/145 Barbie Princess
LO 146 Bathing Beauties
LO 147 Pure Innocence
LO 148/149 Happy Birthday – sept 07
LO 150/151 Having Fun
LO 152/153 Autographs @ Disney
LO 154/155 Got Characters?
LO 156/157 Minnie
LO 158 Now u see it – now u don’t
LO 159 Cute

But, the fun doesn't end there - this weekend is our Betty crop so come in and check out all the new pretty stuff from Webster's Pages - you would not believe how gorgeous it all is. The embellishements keep getting better and the cameos are a great deal. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so they will be out in the NEW section at Betty's just in time for the crop.

Plus, next weekend I am planning to finally empty out my cupboards and have a garage sale at Alva - they are having a community sale from 7:30 to 2:00 pm so after a thorough house cleaning I have enough stuff to fill up 10 booths but 2 will have to do. So, come in and check it out - there will be a ton of stuff from paper, to food, to furniture - so check it out plus it is a school fundraiser - some come and support our 4th grade. It will be at Alva Elementary right off of 80 on Broadway - email me at for address/info etc.

Well, I've got some birthday plans to confirm.

See you all soon,

P.S. I feel like a spurt coming on....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Where have I been???

at Betty's. We had another crop on the 30th. Those damn chairs were incredible. I don't even know what it is, even my table seems bigger. That crop room is a nice one. Then, to top it off Juli's son Jonathan (the chef) made lunch for us. WOW!!! I have eaten some of his food before but who would have thought that he could make chicken salad seem like a gourmet meal and the dessert was of course my favorite - a concoction with whipped cream, coconut shavings, chocolate, and oreo cookies. Oh my.
We all just chipped in a few dollars and called a win-win. I definetely came out good on the deal - any other place would have been double the amount and we would either have to wait an hour for delivery or waste even more money to drive over and pick it up.

Then, to top it all off I put a huge order together for Betty and it ALL has been ordered. Of course it all comes down to Prima sending it all but it's supposed to arrive just in time for our crop on the 20th - so if you have not signed up yet - you'd better do it quick because this crop should fill up fast and bring your money because theses are all must haves!!! and as always items only come in 6's and the paper only comes in 10's so run don't walk to the crop or you will miss out. Of course I will have plenty of layouts for you to copy including a couple of wedding layouts, some baby girl layouts (my niece) and a few more topics including a beachy layout.

I also wanted to post my layout count for 2010 - I know a litlle late but's it better than never:

Book 1-2010 (BOOK 13 – 2009)
LO1 together
LO2 crafty
LO3 pool butt
LO4/5 Merry Christmas
LO 6 puerto rico
LO7 Free to be me
LO8/9 You are such a girly girl
LO 10/11 I wanna see it all!
LO 12/13 Universal Seuss
LO 14 School pic’s 05
LO 15 Monkey Love
LO 16/17 Turning 13
LO 18/19 Alva Awards 2008
LO 20/21 Dinosaur PJ Yeah!
LO 22 Good Day Sunshine
LO 23 Easter Egg Hunt
LO 24/25 Celebrating 13
Lo 26/27 The Carnie
LO 28/29 Absolutely Magical Sea World
LO 30/31 Our Family
LO 32/33 Science AR Party Fall 08
LO 34 Generations

Book 2 -2010
LO 35 my handsome boy
LO 36/37 Manly Man
LO 38 Those Eyes
LO 39 Things I love
LO 40/41 Mini Me
LO 42 Wonderful
LO 43 Pure Love
LO 44 You
LO 45 Hilarious Faces
LO 46 This Boy
LO 47 Gotta Love Him – no really
LO 48 Fly
LO 49 All Smiles
LO 50 – No photos or name yet
LO 51 - No photos or name yet
LO 52 dino love
LO 53 perfect
LO 54/55 Outtakes
LO 56 You five are so different and so much alike
LO 57 Cool
LO 58 3 Reasons
LO 59 Perfect
LO 60 Timeless
LO 61 The Four of Us and Nik
LO 62/63 - No photos or name yet
LO 64/65 Utter Love
LO 66/67 Innocence
LO 68/69 My Superstars
LO 70/71
LO 72/73 So You
LO 74/75 Sea World
LO 76 Best Friends 07
LO 77/78 Beauty

The goal this year is to beat last year. Although I got to a bumpy start. I am making up for lost time. I will photograph my favorite 5 or 10 and post them here - especially the ones with the gorgeous basic grey or the beautiful prima papers Betty has at the store. I love those too.

So, come check out the new ones on the 20th. Don't forget to call Betty's and reserve your spot - this crop is sure to fill up fast and don't forget Juli's son is making lunch again so if you are interested don't forget to bring some cash to throw in the pot.

Write soon,

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have crop room envy.

Yesterday was our first crop at Betty's and it was heavenly. The crop room is huge and comfortable. I am so glad that Betty's welcomed us with open arms. It was a great day and I got my hands on some new PRIMA. The basic grey was gorgeous and we got our hands on some gorgeous ribbon, too.

I want to thank all the ladies and Kale who came and hungout with us at Betty's. A great time was had by everyone. In fact, they had such a good time that they signed up for Betty's $5 crop on the 30th, so if you missed out, give Betty a call and get your name on that list. They have space but it is very limited.

Our crop next month is the 3rd Saturday of the month, February 20th. Give Betty a call and sign up for that. I am not sure if I can make the one on the 30th but I will definetely be there for the one on the 20th.

Also, the new Fancy Pants should arrive this week, so if you missed the crop come out this is week and pick this up. It's gorgeous.

Write soon,

P.S. I still have not had a chance to get my layouts from storage so I can update my 2009 count but I will update my 2010 count sometime this week if not later on tonight and post some of my samples with the new paper at Betty's.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's so beautiful...

I just got my hands on the new Basic Grey Origins and I must say it is beautifullll. I am not sure what I love more the blooms, the pops, the sparkling rubons, the writer's blocks or the doilies...oh and the american crafts thickers are ooh, la, la and about 4 of them match the bg collection. OMG.

This is a drive by blog. I need to get out now and scrap. I should have quite a few samples with it on saturday at Betty's. Don't forget to stop at Betty's for our crop and to check out the new stuff including bg's Origins collection and some more top secret picks.

Write soon,

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is unbelievable that 2010 is here.

With that comes random thoughts and random blessings:
the dr gave us good news - it is not growing at all!
my sister in law is having a boy (she has a girl)
Veronica is having a girl (she has a boy)
my husband is in good spirits
the store is so empty - it's weird
got some confirmations and things are on their way for our first crop at Betty's
the crop is full
the product is fabulous
I got to scrap the last few days
I have to go back to work on Monday
I need to update my count for 2009 - had layouts at the store that I need to add to my books - will have to do this soon.
I need to start a count for 2010. My goal is once again to get to 365. But, with all this extra time who knows what mayhem I might get myself into.
I will get a license this year.
I will go on a cruise this year
I will finish my ESOL endorsement this year.
I will finish my reading Endorsement this year.
I will cherish my friends.
I will laugh even more.
I will, will, will...

I know it sounds kind of lame but I am doing self-actualization. I think that's what they call it. If you believe that you will do something the positive energy will help you get it done. Oprah had a boatload of people bragging about this and meeting spouses, getting new jobs, pregnancy, etc. So, I'm going to try it. It's like if you build it they will come - if you believe it you will do it. So, here is to believing!!!

Write soon,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yep, tomorrow we are closing our doors for good - but we are squeezing one last sale out. From 8-11 am and 3-6 pm we are doing our final sale. Come in and get 60% off every single item in the store.

We still have some fixtures available.

Cash only sale.

Write soon,

P.S. Space is already limited for the crop on the 9th. We only have a couple of spots available. Call now to reserve your spot.

Monday, December 28, 2009

OMG...we are making a dent

Can you believe it?
We are starting to make a dent...
You can actually walk around the store and not trip over the racks.
But, we still have a ton of THICKERS and I know that there are plenty of you alphabet lovers out there- so come and get it and at $2.00 each you can't do better than that.

I've also made a wall of paper the 4 for a $1.00 wall. So, come in and check out what other deals you can get. It must all go. Really!