Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where oh where does the time go?

The last month has been absolutely CRAZY!!! This weekend is the end of the birthday mayhem in my house. On 2/1 Nik turned 10, on 2/16 Al turned 21, on 3/6 Mimi turned
12, and this weekend my baby girl will turn 8. Yeppers the big 8.

Every birthday with Amanda has been more difficult then the last. Maybe because she is the last one in the set and they are so close to each other - I just feel like time is flying by - in a month they all get older. Plus, by now I am emotionally and financially drained - absolutely exhausted. Wow, what a difference a month makes.

So, I have been going through spurts of creativity and madness and whipping out layouts in manic moments where I feel the pressure to catch up. But, lord knows that I will never ever catch up so the feeling quickly subsides. But, in those manic moments I have managed to add a boatload of layouts to my albums including all of the following:

Book 3
LO 77 Sweet ( a little change- update)
LO 78/79 Giddy Up
LO 80/81 beauty
LO 82/83 Gotta (heart) them
LO 84/85 Love
LO 86 A True Heart
LO 87 P.S. I Love You
LO 88/89 My Boy
LO 90 Serious
LO 91 My Sweet
LO 92 Miami
LO 93 Sweet
LO 94 (Nameless) new prima paper
LO 95 glasses
LO 96 Stout

Book 4
LO 97 The Stare
LO 98/99 These are the moments
LO 100 /101 Florida Pool Homes
LO 102/103 Makeup Madness 2008
LO 104/105 Big Brother
LO 106/107 Spaghetti Lover
LO 108/109 Old Friends
LO 110 Live, Laugh, Love
LO 111 Make your dreams come true
LO 112 Backyard
LO 113 Dream Big
LO 114/115 Make Everyday Beautiful
LO 116/117 The Brides of Tigger
LO 118/119 Play
LO 120/121 Timeless Beauty
LO 122/123 Nameless (MM paper)
LO 124 Infinity & Beyond
LO 125 Out of this World
LO 126 Reach the Stars
LO 127 What
LO 128/129 Rock On!
LO 130/131 Slow Down
LO 132/133 Busch Gardens
LO 134/135 A Box of Chocolates
LO 136 Giraffe

Book 5
LO 137 South Beach
LO 138 Fun with Titi Cindy
LO 139 fun
LO 140/141 Cutie
LO 142 Turning 7
LO 143 dreamer
LO 144/145 Barbie Princess
LO 146 Bathing Beauties
LO 147 Pure Innocence
LO 148/149 Happy Birthday – sept 07
LO 150/151 Having Fun
LO 152/153 Autographs @ Disney
LO 154/155 Got Characters?
LO 156/157 Minnie
LO 158 Now u see it – now u don’t
LO 159 Cute

But, the fun doesn't end there - this weekend is our Betty crop so come in and check out all the new pretty stuff from Webster's Pages - you would not believe how gorgeous it all is. The embellishements keep getting better and the cameos are a great deal. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so they will be out in the NEW section at Betty's just in time for the crop.

Plus, next weekend I am planning to finally empty out my cupboards and have a garage sale at Alva - they are having a community sale from 7:30 to 2:00 pm so after a thorough house cleaning I have enough stuff to fill up 10 booths but 2 will have to do. So, come in and check it out - there will be a ton of stuff from paper, to food, to furniture - so check it out plus it is a school fundraiser - some come and support our 4th grade. It will be at Alva Elementary right off of 80 on Broadway - email me at for address/info etc.

Well, I've got some birthday plans to confirm.

See you all soon,

P.S. I feel like a spurt coming on....

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