Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been a while

I know it's been a while, but with so many computer glitches lately I haven't had a chance to do anything. But, never fear, I am back and with a vengance.

Actually, I've been reading other blogs and realized how much of themselves are in their blogs. Then, I remembered an article I had read that said something about using the journaling in my blog for my layouts and that gave me an idea...I am going about this all wrong. I get the most responses when I talk about my life and the stupid things that happen to me because people can connect to that. That's what a blog should be about. That doesn't mean that I am going to stop talking about the is my baby, but I do want to include ME, my life, the ups and downs that make me me and along the way you too might find some off yourself in it. We are really not that different. We have problems and triumps, moments of weakness (mine all revolve around chocolate), but mostly we live, we breathe and we learn. I know that sounds kind of weird, but every single day I do I really do learn something, even if it that I should never ever do something again. You know what I start off with all the best intentions and before you know it, something goes totally wrong and you think (to yourself of course) I will never ever do that again. It's kind of like when your a teen and meet a hot new BAD boy (who your parents hate) and you think I can tame him, ladies that really doesn't happen, but you try it anyway. Then, half way through you realize this is just too much work and give up. You take your lumps and learn your lesson and hopefully don't do again for a while (teenage girls are just so hard headed= they might have to go through this a few times before they really learn their lesson). But, damn it's fun (oops I let my teen side escape for a second).

Speaking of teen sides, today, I spoke to my aunt. We tried to call her last night at midnight (to wish her a happy birthday) but she was out with her husband (at midnight). I asked her how 43 felt and she said she felt like she was 28. That's my lesson for today to all of you...don't let age stand in your way of doing what you love. She's out celebrating her birthday...whether it's 43 or 403 shouldn't you go out and celebrate your birthday...shouldn't you have some fun, aren't you still alive. I have lost so many in the last few years, that sometimes you get all caught up and don't realize that these are the best years of your life. It's a beautiful day, go out and enjoy. But, don't forget to take pictures. You don't want to forget to scrap those great moments in your life.

And, let me know what you did.